November News




Thank you so much for your concern.


We have included the women groups in the  people we reach out to. We strongly believe that the women are very strong forces in the society. We enlighten them on the need to lookout for and to help the future generation (children).


We also have included a fight for morality in schools and churches. We give seminars in schools and churches encouraging especially our youths to shun social vices and  immorality. In these schools, we form clubs in which we go for follow up visits to encourage the club members to live responsible lives.


Presently, we have over 3000 club members all over Ghana. Also, we have increased the number of the less privileged children who we support with their fees in schools. We need God’s  providence to be able to take care of as many of them as possible.


Our challenges include:
– extending our visits to more motherless babies homes across the country.
– getting more volunteers to help us reach out to our club members in various schools.
– reaching out to other parts of Africa.
– getting more resources to cater for more less privileged mothers and children.


Please do continue to pray for us as we try out best to show love to those in need of love.


Much love,
Emmanuela Ndukwu
Founder, Chicktime Love Forum, Ghana