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Chapter Goals:
First Chicktime event for our chapter: 4/26
Charity partner engaged: 3/22
4 monthly workshop leaders engaged: 3/22
Co-leader #1 engaged: 3/26
Co-leader #2 engaged: 4/16
Calendar filled for the 1st 12 months: 4/26

October Update:

Thank you all who donated to both our September🍁 and October 🎃 drop offs for the families at the Ronald McDonald House! 💕 Your kindness means so much to us and the families that we serve, and we cannot do it without you. 💕

Although we cannot return to in person activities yet, we will continue to serve our nonprofit charity partner by providing them the support that they need through donations.

Please stay tuned for our November drop off. 🦃 💕

October Update:

We wish you could of seen how fast this beautiful child ran to us in pure joy that we came by to make a visit at
East Valley Charlee House!
Chicktime Rancho Cucamonga has made a commitment to show up once a month to show love and encouragement at East Valley Charlee House and by the mad dash to us~ we think we are making a difference! We have things planned for the rest of the year with a little covid distancing… and get this…
We have ALL of next year planned with different workshop leaders sharing their passion as we fully believe we will be back on campus doing amazing in person activities with the girls! Join us for one month or 6 months or all months. Donate supplies or pray for us. Whatever you choose~ You will be changed forever! Extra thanks to the Bingaman Team for the gift basket to the girls! We say this all the time…
                                                                           It takes a village.

October Update:

Amazing things are happening with Chicktime Tulsa and we feel grateful for those of you who have joined us on this beautiful journey. We hope more of you will jump on the bandwagon as we are just getting started! December we will have our first in person workshop at our new charity partner!

October Update

Yesterday was such a fun SUGAR RUSH with the girls at Miracles OutReach!
We made Halloween themed chocolates and decorated cupcakes.
We were so impressed with the creativity and talent the girls displayed!
Don’t forget… this month is our VIRTUAL 5k!
We are raising money for these kiddos and hope to offer them a bit of normalcy.
Some of them come into the group home with nothing more
than the clothes on their back.
Having a place to immediately walk in and pick out clean
clothes, socks,undergarments,
and shoes for themselves is so important and gives them a little bit
of self worth during the hardest moments of their lives.

October Update

We FINALLY got to see our girls today!

It has been 8 months since we were last able to see them.

They were so excited about the fall fun we had planned for them.

Candy, cornhole, giant Jenga, a cake walk, and more!

They just kept thanking us for coming.

One girl said that she had been in many different group homes,

and no one had ever done anything like this for her before.

Another girl who had been relocated to Elks during Covid

(and had not actually met us yet) said she was so excited to say thank you to us in person

for all the drop offs and love we have shown from a distance over the last few months.

We are so thankful we were able to connect with them in person today.

Thank you to everyone who came and volunteered

or donated and helped make this possible!

October Update:

Look at All the goodies!

Tara donated supplies for the girls at both cottages we serve to enjoy a snack while decorating their own prayer journal. She also donated a little pamper bag and a bible for each girl to have of their own! Nothing will stop us from loving the girls we have come to love and we will always support the Children’s Home that gives them a safe place to live.
God is good!

October Update:

Today was Chicktime Bulverde Saturday and it is….TO BE CONTINUED!!!
Chicktime Bulverde is fortunate and blessed to be able to host the 3rd Annual Halloween Bash this year. Yes, it’s going to look A LOT different than the past, but as long as we get to celebrate with our Charity Partner, we will do it “COVID” style.
This morning, each house was visited with breakfast goodies and NEON COLORS TO GLOW. The Party theme is “Glow in the Dark” so the workshop was to designing your Neon T-shirt to be worn on Halloween night. They were also given Zentangle Pumpkins to Neon color for use as decorations for the party. It looked like they were having fun. I sure had a blast.
If you would like to help out with this party, we are looking for candy and individual snack donations as well as gift cards to H.E.B., Wal-Mart, Hobby Lobby, Samm Club or anywhere we can help make this a Wonderful Memory for these kids.
If you have any questions, please feel free to message me. Thank you in Advance.
…Stay tuned! We will return on October 31st!

October Update:

Food, Fun, Friends and some amazing Fall weather! Today was a good day!

October Update:

Our first in person workshop back since Covid hit was canceled. The Leadership team

was so looking forward to being back at Safe Landing, but the cancellation circumstances were beyond our control. We feel grateful that we get the opportunity to be on campus again in November and December and then the goal is for all to be back in January.

Chicktime Akron drop off donations of crafts and games have been a blessing .

October Update:

For our “October Drop off”, Natalie took the lead as we gathered shampoos for the homeless community at Dorothy’s Place.
Thank you for your planning and selflessness ❤️❤️❤️
Join us next month as we prepare for our “November drop off”: Travel sized toothpaste
Reach out to me if you want to get involved and follow our page for continued updates!!

October Update:

October ( Covid style) workshop was dropped off today compliments of our workshop leader, Tara Johnson!
 Tara donated supplies for the girls at both cottages we serve to enjoy a snack while decorating their own prayer journal. She also donated a little pamper bag and a bible for each girl to have of their own! Nothing will stop us from loving the girls we have come to love and we will always support the Children’s Home that gives them a safe place to live.
God is good!

Grateful for another day to be His hands and Feet.
Today the family crisis center will have pulled pork sandwiches
Chips and cupcakes made by my sweet friend Rosemary!!
They will also receive an encouraging note from my friend
Catharine Darst Knight


I want to thak all of our chicktime Angels that make this possible every week.
Really none of this would be possible without you.
If you would like to support us
Or want to donate a meal one day during the week
Please let us know.

October Update:

Chicktime New Braunfels dropped off a baking basket donated by prayer, bible study and friend group~ God’s Girls!
What fun the teen moms will have baking for their kids and bonding over YUMMY treats! As long as we can’t have in person workshops we will do things just like this!
If you have an idea let us know. We would greatly appreciate your love and help.

October Update:

The moms from Dayton Urban Young Life-Teen Mom Program were blessed by Chicktime Dayton workshop leader, Amber Evans. Amber led another workshop on self-care entitled “Empowerment”~ and she shared tips to keep us empowered and safe. This perspective of self defense and being mindful of our surroundings for safety in and out of the home was very inspiring.

The pictures posted are part of a video Amber created equipped with powerful music and empowerment tips that the young moms and all present enjoyed discussing.


September Update

Rock crafts, paints, water guns and candy for the kids at Callen-Lacey.
Missing them so much!

Boo! We miss our in person workshops and can’t wait to be back at Saint John’s Program for Real Change~ However, we are still showing love. Today we dropped off treat bags and haunted houses for the kids to decorate. We’re also dropped off Chicktime cookies for the staff.

Hello Chicktime Katy I hope everyone is keeping distance and wearing their masks. We had a great Microsoft Teams workshop today with Anime Voice Over Actor, Greg Ayres. He talked about his career, working a regular job until he bravely decided to follow his passion. He talked about Anime and how the process works and then he showed the girls some of his work. It was very well received. It even prompted the Art work seen below! Thanks so much to Greg and all our Chicktime Workshop leaders who take their time to provide vision to the Krause girls.

What a fun time today at Chicktime. Thanks to our great volunteers that showed up to spend time with the girls. Lori showed the girls how to make a beautiful flower arrangement~

The girls also made Birthday cards for a little girl named Tina in Virginia with special needs.

What’s a party without snacks? We made cupcake spiders and “pumpkin punch”. The girls were energetic and enthusiastic about Chicktime today!

October Update:

October workshop☑️
Today we dropped off canvas totes for the girls to decorate with fabric markers donated by @patrickheathpubliclibrary Children’s librarian Ms. Constance Kermes

candy 🍭 was donated by

Denise Stout
hope the girls enjoy the halloween 🎃 treats
ghost poop👻 (marshmellos) Jack o lantern teeth (candy corn)
pumpkin poop 🎃 (cheese balls)
And spooky jello or pudding cups.

Halloween love and fun dropped off this month!

Such a blessing when we can make a difference this way!


If you find yourself here and disappointed Chicktime doesn’t have volunteer activities you are in a good place to explore the idea of building a team and re-launching the chapter! The children miss our workshops and we feel the call to find a new leadership team to continue the legacy started there. The children have faced many hardships and Chicktime workshops offer them hope and encouragement and of course lots of love and laughter.    

If you have a heart for children and/or  if you have supported Chicktime from the sidelines and want to do more….now is the time to act! We will give you all the training you need and help you transition into the leadership role.  

Please contact, Lori Rhodes, Chicktime Founder, at info@chicktime.com for more information. Feel free to look up chicktime.com and find out more about being a leader Chicktime leader. 

Come be blessed by being a blessing!

September Update:

Don’t you wish you could see the faces of the foster families that are going to get one of these donated gift cards? We will continue to collect ice cream gift cards for as long as you want to send them to bless these precious families who take care of the hurting children in our community.

September Update:

Managing Leader, Merrilee, loves to make the youth at SJRC spicy crackers. They love them and ask for them every month.

Just look at the pictures and know they are so grateful for your donations.

September Update:

This month Taylor really wanted to focus on toiletry items and so she took the lead and found personal face and body bar soaps to donate to Dorothy’s Place!
Next month we hope to continue on toiletry items and we are open to your suggestions and donations!
Please feel free to reach out to me or any of my co-leaders if you’re interested in getting involved.

September Update:

Dropped off a little “sun” shine for the kiddos at Connections… this is how easy it is to just spread a little love during a time we can’t be there in person! Chicktime New Braunfels Downtown shows up no matter what!!

September Update:

So many good- for – you meals the kids at Big Spring Ranch could make with these simple things! Banana smoothies…baked potatoes… cucumber slices with a little lime or lemon juice sprinkled on top…
It’s the little things we take for granted that they desire so much. We will keep asking for your help because we love them that much! Dropping off fresh veggies and fruit is the highlight of our month on behalf of Chicktime Smalltown…

September Update:

Our September workshop was in person and let us tell you…our hearts are full.

We planned fun outdoor activities for the girls at Youth Villages and got so wrapped up in the day and all it meant we didn’t take a ton of pics! Getting lost in the loving and serving  is what Chicktime Nashville is all about ….you should join us one month!

We are promoting this again….it’s a good thing!

September Update:

Incentive Bags… We just love the concept! A gift given out to celebrate the good! Immerse hands them out to the teens who in all honesty probably haven’t had a lot to celebrate or someone to recognize the small or big accomplishments in their life…
It’s the little things that could be the very reason someone moves forward!!

September Update:

Excited for our girls for their September workshop of SELF-LOVE. We all need it. We all want it. Let’s go and get it! Through Amazon we were able to get the girls some supplies. Can’t wait to see them again in person!

Let’s help out our other Chicktime San Marcos chapter out!

September Update:

Can you see the smiles behind our masks?? We can’t have in person workshops, but we smile because that won’t stop us from dropping off a little love each month until we can see the girls at East Valley Charlee!
Join Us One Month!

September Update:

t’s a beautiful day today and the youth and staff at Bokenkamp got to enjoy a little surprise along with some sweets (donuts, empanadas, maranitos and conchas). The staff were once again thankful for our ongoing support during the Covid-19 pandemic and hope to have all our volunteers come back soon.

7 kids got to choose several gifts from the gift bags we supplied too. Thank you to #HEBHelpingHere during each of our monthly workshops! We are so grateful ♡

September Update:

Wrapping up the summer with our September drop off!! Hoping the kids at My Sister’s Place enjoy them as much as we enjoyed getting them !

September Update:

Any kind of Arts and Crafts that you run across on sale… grab it ! The kids at Safe Landing will use it! This is something we dropped off for them and would be glad to meet you to get anything you want to donate to them!
Thank you for understanding what we are trying to do… to make sure these great kids have all the support and encouragement they need to move forward!


September Update


Sweet treats and sweet words were delivered to the girls at Elks Aidmore today!!

We dropped off supplies for an ice cream bar which we know the girls will love.

We also were able to drop off 20 pieces of art created by Misfit Art
just for the girls at Elks.

My dear friend and talented artist, Kelley, prayed over each piece of art a

nd prayed for the girl that would receive that particular piece.

If you have not checked out Misfit Art, you definitely should.

Kelly takes pieces of wood that have imperfections and she makes them beautiful.

Just like God takes us with our imperfections and makes us beautiful.

On the back of each art piece she writes a scripture.

What an amazing ministry!

I know the girls will feel so loved when they receive their pieces of art!

September Update:

Plans to drop off the cuties for our cuties at Bridgeway will not happen today! Managing Chicktime Chapter Leader, Jennifer Richter, is sick, and needs to rest and heal at home. She will make one big drop off in October as soon as she is able to leave her home.
Prayers for her healing please!

September Update:

We had the best time today at McWane Science center with our friends! 🧪 

thank you to all who sponsored our trip and made it possible! 💗

So much fun!

September Update:

Grateful for women like Mittie Miller who believe in the Chicktime Mission!

September Update:

Healing through Journaling…..

What a special September drop off for the kids at Safehaven.

September Update:

We are so excited to “see” our kiddos on Zoom today! When I dropped off their workshop supplies for our Nail Polish Art (decorating pencils with nail polish). We also supplied them with some flower pots, foam to put in them, paints to decorate them and some cute flower stickers. We gave them a sweet treat. My eyes started to water when I pulled in – so wanting to be back in person but not until at least December.

September Update:

Butterfly kisses Arts and Crafts~

A huge thank you to this months workshop volunteers Zooey and Barb. We miss everyone so much but we are thankful we an still show our love in small ways!

September Update:

Super Mega Special shout out to Amber Evans, who led Chicktime Dayton’s workshop & helped us show up strong for our partner, Dayton Urban Young Lives – Teen Moms Program today!! 📣📣
Amber taught the importance of self-care, reminding us all that self care is not selfish, especially when you’re caring for others. The moms followed along in the workbooks Amber created for them!! It was so exciting watching the moms take notes & really soak in what Amber shared!!! 🙌🏽
Our charity partner is excited for Amber’s Part 2 of the Self-Care Workshop. 🙌🏽
I am so excited as well & truly thankful for the planning, researching & extremely organized work & successful workshop delivery by Ms. Amber!!! The moms appreciated it too!!!

September Update:

Chicktime Katy had a successful Zoom meeting with the Krause girls. We made greeting cards. Quana from Krause said “they’ll be able to mail out the cards…so it was a great idea…to give them the opportunity to send a nice card.”
Chicktime is about sisterhood. When the leader of this workshop had an allergic reaction to a Shingles vaccine and was bed ridden for days, Maria totally stopped up to the plate and hosted the workshop. Thanks, Maria.

September Update:

Just dropped off our September workshop kit at Boysville. Thank you to St. Padre Pio Ladies ACTS Team for sponsoring this month’s workshop. It consists of rock-painting kits and yummy snacks. The teen girls can use their creativity to paint something artistic or write inspirational messages that they can leave around campus to provide hope and cheer for others.
“The Lord is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; my God is my rock in whom I take refuge, my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.”
—Psalm 18:2

September Update:

Thank you to generous donors… Chicktime New Braunfels dropped off for each girl at SJRC New Braunfels …a pack with 3 coloring books, a sketch book, pencils, markers, and candy.

September Update:

Dropped off coloring activities we collected from August and September.

Such a good feeling to give the kids who are Ronald McDonald House something to do!

Let’s keep supporting these precious families!

September Update:

It’s a beautiful thing when people come together to help others.

Generous donations keep coming in to supply all the needs for the family who get to live in the apartment we are sponsoring!



September Update

We hope everyone has enjoyed their weekend as
much as the girls enjoyed the water inflatables!
It was the perfect way to cool down from this heat! 🥵
Thank you to all of the donors who made this event possible.
We couldn’t have made this possible without your contributions.



September Update:

What an awesome day at Newlife! We were finally allowed to send a handful of volunteers to love on these beautiful girls! Fun science experiments, including making hand made ice cream!

Thank you Liz for all the prep and planning

September Update:

Pizza party for the kids at Saint John’s Program for Real Change.

We just had to drop it off, but hoping soon we will get to have our monthly workshops again!

September Update:

Thank you to our Amazing Chicktime San Antonio Central volunteer, Vanessa Williams, for being our “drop-off” workshop leader for September. She dropped off supplies for the girls to make bracelets yesterday and as you can see the girls wasted no time getting started. Vanessa, you are a blessing!
Vanessa has a passion for serving others ( especially teen girls)… so much so she has already agreed to be a workshop leader in 2021 and share her passion of gardening with the girls when we are back to face to face workshops!
Do you have a passion you want to share? Zumba, crafting, writing? Card games or sewing? Reach out to us and let’s get you signed up to lead one of the monthly workshops in 2021 and make sure you finish up some volunteer requirements that St. Peter/ St. Joseph’s requires before you can volunteer on campus for the safety of all!! Not that big of deal when you consider the precious time we get to spend with the girls!

September Update:

September workshop items have been dropped off to our girls
👩🏻👩🏼👩🏿👩🏽 @meadowlands.We have not 🚫 visited with our girls since March and I am aware😥 that some of them suffer from stress, depression😞, loneliness🙍🏻‍♀️ or at times unloved💔 due to Covid 19 we as adults battle the same health and mental illnesses so I wanted to make sure that our girls have tools 📚to help them cope with. This months volunteer was Laura Peters kuddos to her for providing each girl with their own small stress box🗳️ and materials each girls has their own slinky ring 💍 to help them ease their anxiety, a tiny squishy🧁 to calm them down, bubbles💭 because who doesn’t love♥️ to blow bubbles to help them relax🧘‍♀️ by inhaling👃 and exhaling, in order to release some stress and a book📚 with tips to help them cope with their feelings.😖😕😓😡😤😱

School supplies,🏫 ✂️📁✏️📝🖊️🖍️masks😷 and bag packs🎒 were delivered a wide variety of candy also

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

by Tamara McKelligan lastly several board games were donated by @BrandyGuerraPetty @PatrickHeathPublicLibrary donated some DIY make your own skyline #NYC🗽🍎🚕

Looking forward to October🎃🕷️💀🦴🧡 hopefully we can visit the girls soon

August update:

Chicktime Little Rock took a little detour from dropping off a meal in August for the kids at Immerse! As it turns out, there were no meal opportunities for us to help with ( Thank you Jesus for your provisions) !! So…
we collected items for incentative bags that the kids get when they accomplish something BIG in their life…. like get a job or navigate the bus system successfully!!
We absolutely love this idea so will do it again for September and October. Stay tuned for details! We need your help!!

August Update:

Ordering school supplies is so much fun when you know you

are blessing the kids who will get them.

Thanks to all who helped with the drive!

September Update:

Just look at all the goodies stuffed in these goodie bags!

We just want to  keep showing up for the girls at Vista Maria and grateful for volunteers who believe in the Chicktime Mission!

August Update:

We had a hold up with drop-off clearance for one of our volunteers and were not able to drop off off our August goodies! We are forced to double up next month.

2nd Stop

THIS is why we CHICKTIME!!!
That smile brought tears to my eyes.
Life gets rough sometimes. But I tell you when we remain faithful He fills our hearts.
They callUs their blessing but I tell you that they bless our hearts more than we could ever bless them.
We love our babies and their families..
101 served today.
God is so so good and He always always provides.
Next week we are looking for donations of sweets for about 100 people.
We do not need you to provide it all we operate in the “stone soup” concept
If we all just give one ingredient we will make a great soup.
Thank you Chicktime Angels for all that you do!!!

1st Drop off

As  I drove down to Galveston to drop off dinner to the family crisis center I was reminded about a scripture about Joy
Yes joy even in the face of the impossible
Joy through the tears
Chicktime Galveston feels so grateful to be able to serve the families.
It truly gives us a JOY rhat compared to nothing else.
It is so nice to get there and see the children excited to see us, to call us by name and to run to us to give us a hug…
We love our babies and will continue to serve them through this pandemic.
We also delivered donated clothing and schools supplies.
If you would like to donate a meal please send me a message.
Chicktime Angels as always NONE of this would be possible without your continued support.

September Update:

Dropping off a little love for our potential new charity partner!

We are hopeful we can serve the kids that live here.

Covid, covid go away! Chicktime Humble is ready to play!

August Update:

We had some difficulty making contact with our potential new charity partner. We believe we are set now for smooth social distance drop off workshops and grateful to be working out the kinks!

Looking forward to face to face activities with the kids!

August Update:

What fun!!!

Our painting workshop was a complete success!!

August Update:

Oh the fun things you can make with arts and crafts supplies!!

August Workshop:

It’s not summer without watermelon! 🍉🎉Thanks to your generous donations, co-leader Filseta was able to drop off a few watermelons and bring some sunshine to our friends at MSP on this rainy day! Stay tuned to see how you can participate in our September drop-off 💗💗💗

August Update:

Our August Drop off workshop …May the women at The Wheeler Mission’s Center for Women and Children!

August Update:

Chicktime Conroe wrapping up August by “popping” by Bridgeway to share a popcorn snack

with the kids!




August Update:

Saturday was Chicktime Bulverde Saturday at SJRC. Still not able to hang out with our Peeps, but we want them to know how much we love them. They were treated to lunch which included: ham and chicken sliders, chips, Merrilee’s crackers, brownies, tea, lemonade and watermelon. Each house also received a basket full of goodies to keep them happy throughout the weekend.
We sure do miss you guys and just remember…You are LOVED!!

August Update:

Baskets delivered for our poetry workshop on Saturday…complete with some yummy cake pops! 💗💗💗


August Update

Water balloons and some yummy Bojangles for the kids
at Callen-Lacey Children’s Home!
We miss spending time with them so much!

August Update:

Today is the 3rd Saturday of the month and the staff of our charity partner, Bokenkamp Children’s Home got to enjoy a pizza party on behalf of Chicktime CC volunteers. They were so grateful and appreciated us so much. Just melted my heart. We will always be there for them, and when the time comes, we will be ready to enjoy the kids once again. There was only 1 girl in the entire facility and we made sure she was spoiled with gifts. Thank you to all volunteers who helped make this possible. Thank you H-E-B for your continued support too! We are so blessed. #HEBHelpingHere

Please join Chicktime Corpus Christi and our mission to

spread love !

August Update

How amazing that our volunteers filled multiple tables
with school supplies for the girls and Elks Aidmore!
We even had one volunteer who coordinated
getting backpacks for every girl and
having each girl’s name personalized on her backpack.
These volunteers are so incredible with their beautiful hearts!
Thank you all so much for your donations of supplies
and funds to help the girls at Elks Aidmore
get started on the right foot and
getting prepared for a good school year!

August Update:

Zoom calls are the most fun when they are Chicktime Zoom calls with the girls from East Valley Charley House girls.
We can’t wait to see the girls face to face again and when that happens…. will you join us for a fun activity and snack! You can lead the activity or just come for love and support! We need you! They need you!


August Update:

August’s workshop was hosted by Ms. Anna  and it was ‘sponsored’ by the letter P….Pizza, Pop, and Pampering!

August Update:

Dropped off some goodies to Dorothy’s Place staff and volunteers.
            See you again next month with a lovely donation for the homeless community ❤️

August Update:

Loving the kids at Big Springs Ranch for Children is so much fun.

Thank you to all who make this drop off possible.

Feeling so grateful!

August Update:

What a jammed packed discussion on our Zoom Call with our charity partner, Dayton Urban Young Life~ Teen Mom Program last night. We talked about breastfeeding following a question on that specific topic. Also, the question of nursing while working was answered in detail with solutions and experience from. Discussed social distancing and community resources available if facing hardships for day to day survival.
Isn’t this wonderful? So much support and love for the teen moms is what we love about our partnership with DUYL-Teen Mom Program. Even during Covid there are ways you can help us and of course post Covid we hope you will join our mission!

August Update:

With covid restricting us from seeing our girls (and now boys) at Safe Landing, we decided to get some crafts and activities to drop off. We can’t wait to be able to do crafts with them, but for now this will do! ❤️

August Update:

So bummed we couldn’t stay and have ice cream sundaes with our teen moms, but apparently the goodies we took today went over well! Can’t wait to see them again and hug their necks!

So very excited!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! The announcement has been updated with the latest needs because our list just got smaller since yesterday!!
….Can you help us knock some other things off the list?
Look at the things we purchased with the latest donation…

Our September “drop-off” workshop is being planned( still not able to have face to face workshops). We are so excited about this one! Self-Reflection and learning to love ourselves is a good thing! We hope this workshop will be heart- opening and life changing for the girls!
Would you be interested in sponsoring( come up with the idea and providing the supplies to carry it out) our drop-off workshop for October?
Please reach out to Amanda Garn at 314-5408197 to discuss your ideas! We are changing lives one workshop at a time! Be part of the mission!
August Workshop:
Dropped off cookies, milk and a movie for the girls at Ozanum!
We hope they have the perfect evening!

August Update:

Look at the awesome pots and pans that were donated! We can’t wait to see the family move into the apartment we are sponsoring!

God is good!

Hello Chicktime Fort Worth,

As a reminder, due to COVID-19 we are still unable to serve with Safehaven for in-person workshops but they are still in need of our help.  Here are 2 opportunities for us to still be a blessing to our charity partner and provide support.  If you are able to assist with one need or both, please know that your kindness and generosity are appreciated so much at this time.

Thank you in advance,

Denise and Jana

Back To School Drive

Our kiddos need YOUR help!

We’re heading back to virtual school, but we still need your help providing SafeHaven kids with the necessary supplies to continue learning! You can drop off any supplies at the location listed below or purchase items from our Amazon Wish List to ship straight to SafeHaven.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/30OBRTB

Or drop off at
Berry Good Buys
1701 W. Berry Street
Fort Worth
Hours: Mon – Fri, 9:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.; Sat 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

August Immediate Needs

83 women and children are currently seeking safety in our emergency shelters during the pandemic. Will you give them their daily essentials by purchasing items from our August immediate needs list?

You can drop off donations at Berry Good Buys or send items straight to us by purchasing from our Amazon Wish List! We can’t do this without you!

Wish List: https://amzn.to/31po5HX

Berry Good Buys
1701 W. Berry Street
Fort Worth, Texas
Mon – Fri: 9:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
Sat: 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.