How We Serve

The chicks go into Crossroads Youth and Family Shelter once a month to minister to the kids by playing with them, doing crafts and other fun things.


Ideally a Chicktime Chapter consists of 12 “monthly leaders”, one for each month.   Basically, the month you volunteer to lead is the only month you have to do any preparation.  The other 11 months, you can just show up and have fun, if you wish.


The programs need to be based on your passions and talents. For example, if you love to bake, prepare a program that will allow the kids to decorate cookies or cupcakes. If you love sports, play some basketball or baseball!


We like our volunteers to wear Chicktime t-shirts when serving.    These will be available prior in each event and we ask for a $20 donation, which will be used to help with various Chicktime activities.


ALSO, if you would like to help the shelter, but cannot commit to coming on a Saturday, there are various items the shelter is in need of, including:


Full size bottles of –

Body wash


Arts and craft supplies


They also are in need of monetary donations due to budget cuts



And also to consider:

Please respect the privacy of the kids and not ask for last names (or give our last names). We are to be on a first name basis only.


Please leave large key chains, purses, pens, and other sharp objects in your cars or locked in the office while in the facility.


We do not to ask where the kids are from or share where we live.


Anyone may volunteer ONE time at Crossroads without filling out a volunteer packet. If you want to come back you will need to complete an application, background check and provide 2 references.