OKC South News


OKC South Chapter On Hiatus:


Due to some unavoidable circumstances, the Oklahoma City South Chapter will not be meeting the next few months.  Keep checking back!  We will start back up as soon as we can.


September Highlights:


The kids had so much fun making their bracelets and they turned out great! Thanks SO much to Jake Kramer for coming to help.  Could NOT have done it without you!


IMG_0602  IMG_0605  IMG_0606





September News:


This month the kids will get to make their own special, original cord bracelet and/or keychain.

                                                                                                                          bracelets     keychain



And then we’ll play fun fast paced game of Hedbanz before we stop for snacks!


Remember our new time: 10:00am – 12:00pm, the second Saturday of every month!


August Highlights:


What a wonderful time the kids had with Art for the Heart!  Such creativity!

 IMG_0584 IMG_0585


And here’s Andrea, our fearless leader, IMG_0589 getting everything ready to make 5 minute ice cream…..which turned our GREAT!!  Blueberry – strawberry – peach.  YUM!!



August News:





This month we will be helping the kids express their dreams and desires through Art for the Heart!





And we’ll be making 5 minute ice cream!  Really!


blender      ice cream2

Please note our new time:  We now meet the second Saturday of each month from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm.  Come check out the 5 minute ice cream!




July Highlights:


Super time playing Pictionary!  The kids had so much fun drawing and guessing!  And they loved receiving the journals and sketch pads.


IMG_0563 - Copy              IMG_0568 - Copy                 IMG_0565



July News:


Our theme for this month is going to be……..


                  bubble ****What are your thoughts?**** bubble


So…. Get your

crayons     pencils     pens

and drawing skills ready. WB



We will be playing a fast paced game of  Pictionary!!


journalAnd the kids will be given their own journals to write their thoughts, emotions, hopes, and dreams.


Come join us for a special time with these wonderful kids!!



June Highlights:


In June  we made bongos and chimes and then played beautiful music! Thank you so much, Corrine, for your wonderful leadership.




SAM_2886    SAM_2876


June News:


It’s all about music in June! musical notes

We are going to get to make an instrument  and learn some history of music. And of course we’ll get to play!   Come join the fun!


May Highlights:


The stained glass pictures were a lot of fun if only because we made such a mess making them!


SG1     SG3     SG2   SG4   SG5



May News:


In May we will be making some “stained glass” pictures.


April Highlights:


The kids had so much fun painting their vases and then planting their flowers when the vases were dry.  And they turned out so great!

SAM_2658blurred          SAM_2667           April flowers1


They also made Easter lilies from cutouts of their hands.  Pretty cool!  SAM_2668   Then we played an Easter egg race.  And on hindsight…..maybe we should’ve used plastic eggs…..!  SAM_2674



April News:


Come join us in April for a celebration of Easter!  We will be making Easter lilies and planting spring flowers!  Games will be played….will they involve eggs???  Come and find out!




March Highlights:


What fun we had at our Mad Scientist party!  We made a concoction that was liquid unless you hit it – then it was rock solid!  Weird…..

SAM_2613blurred Then we made bouncing balls out of borax and glue…. SAM_2615.

And of course our snacks had to be a strange, scientific experiment as well…….



March News:

It’s going to be a MAD scientist party!! mad hee hee hee!!!  Spine-tingling experiments  will be done, intriguing games will be played and tasty & yummy snacks will be eaten.  It is definitely the place to be for fun and excitement.


February Highlights:


Thanks, Brigette, for the wonderful time we had in February.  You did such an awesome job!!


First the kids made beautiful Valentine frames.  They are all so creative!

               SAM_2563 cropped          SAM_2561blurred                           SAM_2580       SAM_2564      SAM_2571blurred

Then we had a fun fast-paced game of Guesstures.  The kids had a blast. Team 2 was the winner of a very competitive game! 


The kids had to take part in a rousing dance of the Cupid Shuffle before eating their snacks!



February News:


What a great & exciting time we’re going to have in February!  It’s the month of the heart – including our heart health.  Come join us for some spirited and energetic fun.  There will be instruction in zumba zumba & a fast-paced game of  Guesstures.guess copy  There will also be crafts and of course a heart-healthy snack!  Don’t miss out on this time of fun and games and time with the special kids at Crossroads!


January News:




We will not be meeting in January but are looking forward to seeing everyone again in February!


December Highlights:


What a wonderful Christmas party!  The kids made candy cane &  wreath ornaments, decorated reindeer cupcakes and most special of all, made Christmas cards for our troops!


SAM_2365                         SAM_2362

SAM_2388                         SAM_2377


December News:


Join us in celebrating Christmas with the wonderful children of Crossroads Youth and Family!  We are going to be making ornaments and also creating Christmas cards to send to the troops.  We will also have a little “party” with snacks and music.  We will be meeting December 14 from 2-4pm


November Highlights:


Our first Chicktime OKC South event went GREAT!!  The kids (and the volunteers!) had lots of fun making turkeys, with what they are thankful for on the “feathers” and corn on the cobs – made with real popcorn that was munched on too!!  Below is a picture of the kiddos with their turkeys:

Chicktime 11-9-13




Join us for Chicktime OKC South chapter’s first event! We will have an afternoon of fun with the kids at Crossroads Youth & Family Shelter on November 9th from 3:00pm – 5:00 pm! We will be doing Thanksgiving activities and crafts and, of course, having yummy snacks!