Ombre Paper Chain Wall Hanging



 Astrobrights cardstock
Paper cutter 
Curtain Rod or Dowel Rod

Here are the specific Astrobrights colors I used to create the ombre effect:

  • Outrageous Orchid
  • Planetary Purple
  • Gravity Grape
  • Venus Violet
  • Blast-Off Blue
  • Celestial Blue


Make 1″ by 8″ strips of cardstock. A paper cutter or fringe tool works great for this, but you can also use scissors. You will need 80 strips of each color (about 8 pages of each).

Starting with the first color, make a loop and staple it together. Add another piece of of the same colored cardstock through the loop and staple. Continue until you have 4 loops of the same color and then move onto the next color of cardstock in your ombre design. You have then made your first chain.

Make a second chain using the same steps as above, but this time add one less chain. Repeat this step to create another matching chain. Continue making a set of two chains, with one less loop than the previous chains.


Once you have made 19 chains, hang them from a wood dowel or curtain rod that is long enough to hold the chains. Adjust the paper loops as needed to hide any staples.