Ombre Paper Chain Wall Hanging



 Astrobrights cardstock
Paper cutter 
Curtain Rod or Dowel Rod

Here are the specific Astrobrights colors I used to create the ombre effect:

  • Outrageous Orchid
  • Planetary Purple
  • Gravity Grape
  • Venus Violet
  • Blast-Off Blue
  • Celestial Blue


Make 1″ by 8″ strips of cardstock. A paper cutter or fringe tool works great for this, but you can also use scissors. You will need 80 strips of each color (about 8 pages of each).

Starting with the first color, make a loop and staple it together. Add another piece of of the same colored cardstock through the loop and staple. Continue until you have 4 loops of the same color and then move onto the next color of cardstock in your ombre design. You have then made your first chain.

Make a second chain using the same steps as above, but this time add one less chain. Repeat this step to create another matching chain. Continue making a set of two chains, with one less loop than the previous chains.


Once you have made 19 chains, hang them from a wood dowel or curtain rod that is long enough to hold the chains. Adjust the paper loops as needed to hide any staples.


Here are the printable instructions for this cool wall art!