Painting Party!

March Update:

We sprung right into spring time with making these wonderful birdhouses and windchimes for this beautiful weather!
A big thank you to Miss MaryAlice for bringing the houses for the kiddos to build and paint to show off their creative side. We had all different shapes, sizes and colors that these lucky birds will get to call home! And the windchimes were all unique as well, from rainbows to unicorns and dragons.
It was such a great time! We listened to music and even dabbled in a bit of finger painting but made sure to clean off before getting into some chips and rice crispies also provided by Miss Mary Alice. We had a couple of kiddos mention how much they appreciate their time when Chicktime comes and were asking if we could come more often. It truly is bittersweet.
Thank you to our new volunteers as well, Cheryl and Jasmine, for helping us to put on a successful workshop! You all really made the kids feel loved and we couldn’t do this without you!