Painting with Broccoli



Paint Brushes
Paper to Cover Table
Paper Plate


  1. Paint the whole canvas the light sky blue color with an actual paintbrush. I even paint the sides of the canvas to give the piece a more finished look when it is done and hanging on the wall or sitting on a shelf. Allow a few minutes for the paint to dry before continuing. Put some paper down under the canvas to keep the paint off your table!
  2. Now the fun Paint With Broccoli begins! Squirt some white paint out on a paper plate. Dip the head of the broccoli into the paint and then onto the top area of the canvas to make clouds. Dab the paint, don’t brush it around. Make the clouds light and airy with rounded edges. Try not to add more and more paint because they get too solid-looking. 
  3. Using some of the brown paint and a paintbrush, paint a trunk to the tree that starts at the bottom edge of the canvas. The trunk will extend about one-third of the way up the canvas and get narrower as it goes up.

4. From the top of the trunk make 4-6 branches that reach out to about an inch from the edges of the canvas. These branches will keep dividing and branching out into smaller and smaller branches. 

It may be a good idea to practice this on some newspaper before beginning to paint on the canvas. It usually helps get a better idea of size and shape on the canvas.


Place four blobs of paint on a clean paper plate using the two different tones of pink, the red-violet and the green paint. Place the blobs fairly close together so the head of the broccoli will dip into all four blobs at once. Remember to dab and not to brush the broccoli and paint around.

6. Paint the Buds on the Redbud

With a second piece of fresh broccoli, dip into the four blobs of paint and then dab the paint onto the canvas. It will make a mottled grouping of the four colors. The idea is to get the paint to look like the multi-colored buds of the blooming redbud tree. Again, like with the clouds, the idea isn’t to get a solid mass of color but a lighter more airy look. You should be able to see some of the sky through the buds of the tree you are painting.



Here are the printable instructions for this creative artwork!