About Our Chapter

Welcome to Chicktime Phoenix! My name is Mary Schneider and I am the Founder and Leader of our chapter. My vision for our chapter is that we will be a group of enthusiastic and loving women who simply want to share themselves with others.  Our main goal is help develop all who become involved with our chapter from the children we serve to the women who join us volunteers and leaders. All our volunteers believe that every child needs support & love and we enter their lives as caring members of the community who are focused on their restoration and just doing whatever we can to bring a bright spot to their lives. What makes Chicktime so great is how easy it is to get involved.  You can volunteer once or as much as you want.  There is no pressure.  It is wonderful to get a group of friends to host an event, or just contact us and we can connect you with an event.  If you’ve been wanting to get involved with helping abused children, this is a great place to start.  We invite you to join us! Please check our events page or the Chicktime calendar and sign up to join one of our monthly Chicktime workshops.

Mary Schneider
Chicktime Phoenix

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