Positive Affirmations!

February Update:

The 3rd Saturday of every month is sacred to us. We plan our personal agendas around our committed time with the girls who live at Boysville. We don’t want to let them down. They’ve been let down way to many times in their life.
February is sacred to our workshop leader, Kelly Hoog. For the past SEVERAL years she has committed to leading a cooking or baking activity
( her passion) in honor of her birthday month. Kelly understands the importance of what Chicktime has set out do…. Help the girls feel valued and empowered to live a life of purpose!
Kelly’s cooking worship this morning was making homemade pizza. All we can say is YUM! The girls got to eat the fruits of their labor and top it off with caramel brownies made by Kelly. I think the girls described them as “heaven”!!
Coco Maradiaga purchased the girls earrings as a special treat. The girls were so excited and immediately put them on! #blessed
We pray that their hearts are as full as their tummies today.
As always- we ended our time together with a circle prayer. One of the teen girls said the prayer and it was simply beautiful!
God is good . All the time. God is good.
See you next month.