Updating Your News


This is the feature leaders will use to update their ‘news’ page. Leaders have the capability to edit the news page using the edit function, but this is much better (and only available on your news page).


Here is what you do: (you MUST be logged in to the website)


Step 1: Go to the ‘Posts’ menu and choose ‘Add New’ as shown below.



Step 2: Write your post (as shown below) inserting the appropriate title and content.



Step 3: Find the category box on the right hand side of the page (shown below). Choose to which chapter news pages you want to send this post by clicking on the appropriate categories. Categories are organized so that the state abbreviation is followed by the city or chapter name. For example Charlotte, North Carolina will have a category called ‘nc-charlotte’  (no spaces, no capitals). You may have to scroll up or down to select all the chapters you want to send the list to.


Note: there is one ‘dangerous’ category listed as ‘Global Post’. If you select that category, then EVERY chapter will get the news post. NEVER SELECT GLOBAL POST!!!!!




Step 4: Click the ‘Update’ button on the right hand of the page to send your post to all the Chapters whose category you selected.

Your done! That’s it!


What if I make a mistake? If you realize after you clicked on ‘Update’ that you sent your post to the wrong chapters – no problem. Just go back to Step 3, select or unselect the categories corresponding to the chapters you want and click ‘Update’ again. The posts will automatically ‘erase’ on the unselected categories and ‘appear’ on the selected ones.


Special Notes (only applies when adding a new page so most of you may ignore this):
You may notice that your News Page has two new lines at the very top of it (or just under the movie if you have one). They look similar to this:



These lines of code force your News Page to search for and display the news posts. Don’t erase them.
If you are setting up a new chapter page, make sure to include the lines above exactly as written EXCEPT, change the word ‘yourchapterscategory’ (highlighted in the example above) to the category for your chapter …. which will be abbreviation of your state followed by the name of your town or city.