About Our Chapter

Our History:

Chicktime Richmond was founded by London Dobbs is February of 2018. London founded her chapter shortly after becoming a mother herself. She began to become aware of the number of children who not only did not have this love in their life, but who were actively suffering or hurting. I was unsure how to help, or where to start. That’s when she found Chicktime. The question quickly became not, can she do this but instead, she HAD to do this so “how can I”? When she discovered Chicktime, she knew she had to find a way to be involved. Without a chapter in Richmond, she was determined to get one started and give back to our community, and hopefully inspire other women to do the same. London’s goal for Chicktime Richmond was a simple one… to pour as much love as possible into the children of this community who so need it, and hopefully, to inspire others to do the same. We thank London for founding this chapter and for her desire to be of service to her community.