About Our Chapter

First, thank you for visiting the Chicktime Richmond chapter site! I am so thrilled that Chicktime will be launching soon in Richmond and hope you will join us on this amazing journey we are about to embark upon. In 2016 my beautiful daughter was born, and my eyes and heart were opened to how innocent and joyful children truly are. Shortly after I became keenly aware of the number of children who not only did not have this love in their life, but who were actively suffering or hurting. I was unsure how to help, or where to start. Over the past several months, my life has seen some drastic changes, giving me the feeling that I was starting over. But also, the opportunity to choose where I wanted to go from here, and the life I wanted to lead, and the example I wanted to set for my own daughter. Thankfully, I found Chicktime. The question became not, “can I do this”, but instead, I have to do this so “how can I”? My goal for Chicktime Richmond is a simple one, to pour as much love as possible into the children of this community who so need it, and hopefully, to inspire you to do the same. Please join us!! Please contact me if you would like more information about getting involved with Chicktime Richmond! Click the subscribe button below and follow the prompts to join Chicktime Richmond!

With Love,
London Dobbs
Chicktime Richmond Founder & Leader