Where We Serve

Chicktime Richmond is proud to serve at Hilliard House, a division of Housing Families First. Hilliard House is a short-term shelter for up to 30 children and adults who are on their way to a permanent home but need a safe and supportive stopover. Families experiencing homelessness have the chance to work with supportive staff for a month or so while they regroup, regain control over their lives, and plan their path to housing stability.

Families making Hilliard House their temporary home may take advantage of meals – breakfast, dinner, and a snack each day – as well as laundry facilities, a clothing closet for people of all ages and sizes, a computer lab with internet access, and playgrounds for the children. These meals and onsite amenities free families up to save money, look for permanent housing, and prepare to quickly move back into the community.

When a family arrives at Hilliard House, they meet with a Family Housing Case Manager and take an inventory of the strengths, assets, needs, and challenges affecting their housing. Then, they work together to create a housing action plan that builds on their unique strengths and addresses their barriers. Common housing-related goals that a family works on include increasing income, tackling childcare and transportation challenges, and securing benefits that support lasting stability.

A majority of families experiencing homelessness are headed by single women, and about half have been victims of domestic violence and physical or sexual abuse. Families with special needs, such as domestic violence counseling, mental health services, or support in addiction recovery, have the opportunity to connect with counselors and specialized services while at Hilliard House.



Current Needs:
TOP NEEDS NOW: Mattresses, New Pillows, and Snack Food Items
Pillows (new)
Individually wrapped snack items
Individually wrapped breakfast food items
Toilet paper and paper towels
Large black trash bags
Full-size toiletry items (i.e. shampoo, deodorant, soap)
Plastic shower curtains, shower curtain rings
Bath towels, wash cloths
Twin sheets, blankets
Brooms, mops
Laundry detergent, dish soap, hand soap
Household cleaners
Flashlights and batteries
GRTC bus tickets
Gift cards to K-Mart, Target, Walmart, etc.


If you would like to donate any of these items, please contact the Administration Office directly at 804-236-5800 or visit them online at housingfamiliesfirst.org today! You may also email terri@housingfamiliesfirst.org today!