Rock Painting

There are two different projects in this post, so scroll the way to the bottom!

Project 1

Rock Painting Free Design


You could purchase a rock painting kit (at local craft stores and Five Below)
and it will come with everything you need. The kit is not necessary, however.

Below is what to purchase if you do not have a kit.

Rocks (river rocks are very smooth and great for painting)


Cups for Water

Tempera Paint



Paper Towels

Plates for Paint


Squeeze various colors of tempera paint on a plate.

Make a plate of paint colors for each person.

Give each person a paintbrush, cup of water to clean brushes, and a paper towel on which to wipe brushes

Give each person a rock and have them start painting.

After they are finished painting their rock they can decorate with glitter, stickers, ribbon, or any other decorative items you have provided.

Lay rocks on paper towel to dry.

Project 2

Rock Cacti in Pot

River Rocks
Paint Brush
White Marble Accent Stones
Clay Pots
Dark Green, Light Green, and White Acrylic Paint
1-Get a few different sized river rocks to make a varied size cactus arrangement. Paint each rock in light or dark green paint and allow to dry completely.
2-Use the handle end of the paintbrush or a paint pen to add dots of white or green to create the spikes on each cactus.
3-Fill the clay pots with small white pebbles, then wedge the rock “cactus” in place.
4-Place on your desk, table, or windowsill for a fun pop of (low maintenance) greenery.
Here are the printable instructions for this rockin’ craft!