Post a jpg of your annual schedule here.

Please post your events on the Chicktime.com calendar!!!

This page should be updated at least 1x per quarter, but once you get the hang of doing it, the actual update takes less than 1 minute, so in order not to forget and let the page get outdated we recommend updating it immediately after you do your news each month.  It looks like a lot, but again once you have done it the actual process is very quick.


Steps to update Events: (You will need two windows open, one with your events page and the other with the Chicktime calendar.  Make sure you are NOT logged into the calendar – it will create links you do not need)

1. in the edit window, click return to create a space.  You MUST make sure the put a space BEFORE next step.  This will make updating in the future much easier!
2. Open the window with the calendar and select your chapter from the Sort By drop down menu.  Place your cursor before the first event listed, click and drag down to the end of the third event (so you will highlight three month’s worth of events):

3.  Copy the highlighted information.  Go back to your events page in the other window and paste the information below the space you made.  It will look like the sample below.  Notice the date is hard to read because it is black font over the dark pink.  The final step is to highlight each date and change the text to white.  See second photo below.

After font changed to white:

4.  Update the page.  Now you can see why we follow this awesome new procedure!  When you go to your events page, you will notice that the links for each event are active!  This allows people to send emails or ask for reminders without having to go to additional pages.

If you do more than three months of events, this page will become quickly dated and not as functional.  That is why it should be done each quarter, though again doing it each month after you update your news is very fast and easy and will insure you don’t forget each quarter!