Meet The Leaders

For each leader of your chapter, please post a recent photo, your contact information and the answers to our three survey questions: (by leader, we do not mean the monthly leaders, rather the chapter founder if she is still leading and the one or two other women who serve with her to ensure the operation of the chapter)

Why I Serve a leadership role with Chicktime

My Passions and Gifts

Hobbies and Interests

Steps to updating this page (begins after you click edit this entry):  Repeat the steps for each leader.

1. Select add media.  Choose the picture of the leader and on the lower right hand side select thumbnail.

2. Center the picture on the page.

3. Add leaders name centered under photo.  If desired, you may add title (i.e. founder, leader, co-leader, etc)

4. Add the email information and make sure you create a link for the email.

– highlight email address (i.e. lori@mlrhodes.com)

– copy email (ctr/c on PC, command/c on Mac, or right click and select copy from menu)

– click on the link button (looks like a chain in middle of first line of edit options)

– window will come up asking for url address for link.  You must overwrite the url.  Type (mailto:) and then paste the email address you copied.  Make sure you also check the box that says “open link in a new window/tab”.

5. After that information is entered, enter the answer to the three questions listed above.  To make it easier to read, please highlight the questions.

6. Repeat for each leader, then click update.  Your Meet The Leader Page is done!  An example of how it would look: