About Our Chapter

Chicktime San Antonio Central is currently being managed by Donnette Tyler, Chicktime National Chapter mentor. We are currently looking for a leadership team.


Carmen Casares-Cernoch became the Managing Leader, in 2017.  She believed in the works that St. PJ’s does in the life of a child and that the Children’s Home serves as a safe place for children to start healing and begin their journey toward a better future. It was her  vision for Chicktime SA Central, to create opportunities for women from all walks of life to plant seeds in the lives of those that are served by St. PJs; seeds of hope, empowerment, kindness and compassion, love, healing, strength and resiliency. Nurture these seeds so that the girls of St PJs can see, recognize and embrace their own sprouting gifts to take with them as they journey on their paths of life and know that they are beautiful, strong, unique young ladies who are worthy of goodness and have the capability overcome challenges.  Carmen moved on from the leadership role after she started her own business. We are grateful for Carmen’s part in the legacy of Chicktime




Dawn Gayden~ Chapter Founder

Dawn Gayden founded Chicktime SA Central in 2014 with a belief that every person can positively impact another individual’s life whether we are aware of that impact or not. Her vision was to ignite a spark of creativity and hope in every child’s life that we touch; to inspire and impact their lives in a positive manner and for our children to walk away from our events feeling empowered with a sense of belonging and love. We want our girls to dream big and think big! In 2017, Dawn passed the Chicktime SA Central torch over to Carmen but we will always honor Dawn for her time, love, and commitment to Chicktime San Antonio Central!