Meet The Leaders

Anna Bulgarides
Chicktime SA Central Managing Leader


Why I serve a leadership role with Chicktime:

I was born into an orphanage in Athens, Greece and adopted when I was 23 months old. I serve a leadership role because I have an abundance of love, empathy and compassion inside and I want to share and make a difference.

My passions and gifts:

My biggest gift (aside from my amazing son) is the amount of love I have inside that needs to be shared, Strength to overcome obstacles despite adversity and like a Phoenix, rise from the ashes. My intuition and ability to “feel” others pain, as well as my absolute desire to give back and make a difference in someone’s life. ¬†
Hobbies & interests:
I love to travel back to Greece and Cyprus and have a special fondness of the sea. I enjoy horse riding and love dogs and cats.



Chicktime San Antonio Central:
Volunteer Coordinator- Donnette Tyler (until new leadership arises)
Facebook Manager- Donnette Tyler( until new leadership arises)
Website Monitor- Anna Bulgarides
Calendar Manager- Donnette Tyler (until new leadership arises)
Treasurer- Anna Bulgarides
Rising Managing Leader- Pending New Leadership