Meet The Leaders

Chicktime San Antonio Central is looking to add to their leadership team.
Please contact Donnette Tyler for more details.
Selina Angel
Chicktime San Antonio Central Managing Leader
Why do I serve a leadership role with Chicktime-
I love to help others and knew this was the perfect opportunity for me. Chicktime allows me to spread my knowledge and skills to younger generations. I want to be a mentor, inspiration, and motivation for the future leaders of this world. I want to be the spark that lights the fire and desire in a young heart. 
What are my hobbies and interest-
I love to paint and travel! Hiking and biking take my stress away. I love to write poetry and I cannot function without music. 
What are my passions and gifts-
I am an urban planner who specializes in historic preservation. My goal is to incorporate arts and creativity into the field of urban planning while preserving the rich culture of our cities. I was put on this world to make the world a happier, colorful place. 
Krystal Olivan
Chicktime San Antonio Chapter Co-Leader

Why I serve a leadership role with chicktime-

I wanted to serve as a chapter leader so I could be able to suport younger girls who need love,hope and kindess that they deserve but unfortunately fall short in. I have always felt like I needed to find some kind of calling/purpose in my life and finding chicktime I was guided into exactly what I was praying for. 
My hobbies and interests-
My hobbies include hanging out with my 2 dogs, working out, spending time outdoors and in the water but also relaxing at home and watching movies. I also love to bowl! 
My passions and gifts-
My passions include my faith, and serving others. I also believe in living a healthy lifestyle physically as well as mentally. I believe my gift is my empathy and patience for those around me- which is why I truly feel God crossed my paths with the wonderful women who built this amazing organization.
Chicktime San Antonio Central:
Volunteer Coordinator- Krystal Olivan
Facebook Manager- Selina Angel
Website Monitor- Krystal Olivan
Calendar Manager- Selina Angel
Treasurer- Krystal Olivan
Rising Managing Leader-Krystal Olivan