Meet The Leaders

Carmen Casares-Cernoch
Chicktime SA Central Managing Chapter Leader

Why I serve a leadership role with Chicktime:

I serve because I believe it is in the importance of capitalizing especially on the tribulations and adversities that are encountered in life and LEARN from them in order to grow stronger. I believe that if you find the positives and build those up, consequently the negatives get squashed. Through Chicktime women come together to share their gifts with the girls of St. PJs, girls who may not have a very large support network outside of paid staff. Investing in them now, letting them know they are worthy of good things and can have the power and tools within them be successful in what they do in life, is immensely rewarding. They are in fact our next generation. The same generation of my two daughters. The generation that will become in charge when we age out. Why wouldn’t I, or we, want to invest in nurturing them and helping to shape their lives and the future. To know that I and we, as women, can help those that come after us, find their place in the world, is food for my soul and hopefully theirs too.


My passion and gifts:
Helping others “learn” in their own way. No two human beings are exactly alike, therefore we don’t learn the same way. In the past few years, I have come to realize the importance of flexing to others’ learning styles to teach skills and make changes. Of equal importance, is finding out what is IMPORTANT TO a person and not just IMPORTANT FOR a person. “Important to” drives motivation and it takes a little time and patience and genuine interest in a person to help them discover it.


Hobbies & interests:
I am a wife and mother. Most days I feel like my daughters are my hobbies with all the things they have going on at school and extra-curricular activities. I enjoy cooking, crafting anything that comes to mind, running around with the girls watching them be kids and have fun, baseball and ballpark nachos in particular!