Where We Serve

St. PJ’s is licensed for short-term emergency shelter for 20 domestic children and youth from birth to 17 years; and 82 international children and youth from birth to 17 who are victims of abuse, neglect and human and sex trafficking. Individual and ongoing assessments are conducted on each child during their stay, as the shelter is an assessment center as well.

St. PJ’s is also licensed by the State of Texas as a long-term facility able to accept placement of up to 38 children and youth, ages 5 to 17. Beyond meeting the basic needs of the children in their care, such as food and clothing, they also provide a structured and therapeutic environment. While children are in their care, they are committed to providing them with every positive experience a parent would give their own child. Children are able to stay at the home until they complete high school. One of the unique characteristics of St. PJ’s is the number of sibling groups that call St. PJ’s “home,” due mainly to the broad age range served by the home. The average length of stay is 13 months.

Chicktime SA Central believes that EVERY girl needs support from those who love her and we enter their lives as caring members of the community focused on their restoration and just doing what we can to bring a bright spot to their lives.

***Please note for the safety of the children, St. PJ requires that all volunteers complete a background check and provide proof of identification. Proof of identification includes a drivers license or government issued ID. Your social security number will also need to be verified by St. PJ’s; therefore, you will be required to bring your social security card for verification purposes only.


Donation Items Needed

Pajamas (Girls/Teens)
Pajama bottoms (Boys/Men)
T-Shirts (All sizes)*
Basketball shorts (All Sizes)*
Flip Flops, sizes 7-12
Low-Cut or Ankle Socks –7 –12
Athletic Shoes –Toddler –Men’s Size 12 (Boys & Girls)
Undergarments* (Boys and Men’s Boxers and Girls and Teen Underwear)
Appropriate Teen Clothing (jeans, shorts, shirts, all sizes)
Boys & Girls Robes
Face Wash
Deodorant (Boys / Girls)
Disposable Razors
Shaving Cream
Towels and Wash Cloths
Feminine Hygiene Products
Pony Tails Holders/nylon headbands
Baby Wipes/Baby Shampoo
Plastic Hangers
Spanish Bibles
Laundry detergent, HHG
Detergent for infants
Twin Bedding * (New)
IPod/MP 3 Players


If you would like to donate any of these items, please contact the Counseling Center directly at 210-954-3494 or visit them online at stpjhome.org today!