About Our Chapter

Chicktime promises personal transcendence for all woman who embrace the opportunity of changing the world, one action at a time. In doing so, through selfless giving of time, compassion, grace and love to neglected, and abused young teenage girls, eclipses the negative aspects of life. In return, ladies find the courage to grow outside of themselves, and arise for a deeper, rich, passionate, purposeful lives. The Dalai Lama once claimed, “Each of us must do something that makes our heart sing, because nobody will want to do it with us if we are not passionate and inspired.” Here at Chicktime our hearts sing loudly because we are passionate and inspired about making a difference in these young girl’s lives. Thus birthing a radical change in our own.


What brought me to Chicktime was the concept of sharing grace to those who are in most need of it. My best friend’s 13 year old sister asked me the definition of grace when I was telling her the evidences of it in my life. A deep sense of honest heartache washed over me knowing she, like many other young ladies, are unaware of its presence. Grace is a powerful, unconditional, pure, loving energy that reconciles all that is wrong with humanity. It has altered my existence, and I yearn to share my story of how it has redeemed me to living a peaceful existence.

Chicktime is about sharing the bounty of grace with young ladies who need a community of love, compassion, and acceptance. Providing unguarded moments of vulnerability opens a gateway of trust. It unlocks a dam of authentic beauty flooding the lives of everyone involved. Vibrant colors emerge as the vehicle of Chicktime empowers the recognition of your own value while you help expose the value of others through soulful giving. I know this because this is the vision I have for San Diego’s Chicktime Chapter.


I want to share my grace with each one of you and foster meaningful bonds. Some of you I may have already a developed relationship with and some I am welcoming the opportunity to meet you. Together, the community creating the Chicktime San Diego Chapter will be a platform for inspiring passion, love, creativity, beauty and a faithful joy through a deeper understanding of yourself.


If you are eager to start giving a few hours of your time a month and ready to be a part of an amazing community, I would love to meet you and start a wonderful friendship. Select a passion to share with our community of young ladies, and start making a difference in another’s life through the grace God has given you to share. Click the ‘join our chapter’ button and select CA-San Diego from the drop down menu. Please contact me anytime for more information.


With much love,

Phoenix Wetsel

Chicktime San Diego Founder & Leader