How We Serve

Dear Monthly Chick Leader,
As women, I know we carry the whole world on our shoulders. Innately we are helpers and want to say yes to everything and everyone. There are so many obligations in life that we commit ourselves to. I just want to express that Chicktime is a free of guilt zone! When it comes to volunteering in general or leading an event we never want you to feel coerced or guilted into coming or leading. You should be there because it’s a positive, uplifting, peaceful thing in your life. At the same time, we do respect that women honor their commitments. For unexpected events that do come up and take priority over your commitments, we are gracious of your circumstances and will do whatever it is we need to do to support you.

With that being said, we are so excited and grateful that you have taken the time and effort to lead with your passions, interests and talents in our monthly event here at Casa! We want you to have a blast throughout the whole process of planning your idea to executing it. The fruit of your labor will be plentiful in smiles, laughter, good conversation and connection with the teens and other women. We hope you find joy and value in this whole experience!

Before you dive into your event we want to outline some important factors for the best outcome of leading an activity here at Casa de Amparo.

Your Programs:
No matter what you choose to base your event around, it needs to stem from your passions and talents. Passion is contagious and we want the whole event to embody it. The best events are created from women who lead activities with the heart and love for what she chose to share. If you choose to lead together with your girlfriends the more the merrier! Plan on your activity lasting for at least an hour, no more than two. If you are struggling on ideas, please let us know we can certainly inspire the passion inside of you!

We usually have a pre-planned calendar that we put on paper in October for the coming up year. We ask that you be as detailed and specific in your idea when you put it down, but if you signed up for an event later in the year and you may have a change in your idea. We permit that, but please let Melissa Horning know so we can have the invite correct per your event. These Invites get posted on the walls of the teens cottages and posted on social media walls and our website.
As for materials in your event. Casa de Amparo does not allow any sharp objects or glass to be used due to the nature of the teens circumstances. If you have any doubt, you can ask us.

At each event serve about 15-20 teens on average. So be prepared for serving 20 in providing materials etc..

We also serve the teen boys, although we do not promote this blatantly, we just want you to keep this in mind, when planning events. Depending on the event they may or may not participate, but they do come join us for the beginning meal of the event.

The Teens are between 14 and 17 years of age.

You are responsible to fund all materials for your events. If you need any fundraising advice or support, please contact Phoenix Valdez.

Here in San Diego, our chapter values food as an integral part of each event. We find it that the women who love to cook, or like to go to the store and buy a necessary item to contribute to a community meal allows the teens to let their guard down and enjoy a sense of connection. Who doesn’t enjoy a good meal!?

Again there is no obligation if you cannot afford a main item or anything at all, we ask for your presence to be there above all else.

As an activity leader don’t feel obligated to bring anything. Leading the activity is more than enough.

This meal will be coordinated through our Food Coordinator. She will send out an email providing a general list of what we need in context of our meal theme.

Your Volunteers:

You are responsible to bring ALL volunteers needed to facilitate your programs.

Additional volunteers will join us on any given Saturday bringing something to create a themed meal we provide for the kids. They certainly can help with setting things up, but when it comes to facilitating the event it is your responsibility to bring the volunteers that will help you. If you ask an agreeable volunteer ahead of time to help you lead or bring outside women, or a talented person from the community to come lead that is great too! Helps Chicktime’s exposure through word of mouth.

Chicktime San Diego will create the invites for you and will send them out using our database to our regular volunteers. You are encouraged to send the invitation out to your circle of friends and family as well as print them off and distribute to your community if you desire. On that note, please encourage your friends to fill out our web form and sign up to join Chicktime San Diego. Simply click the subscribe button at the bottom of every page to open the web form. Make sure to select CA- San Diego from the drop down menu. You are welcome to send a link the web form to your friends, post it on your Facebook page, and even include it as part of your email signature!

What to wear:
Chicktime Shirts!!! We typically wear jeans, capris/long shorts and Chicktime t-shirts. We will have Chicktime shirts available prior to each Chicktime. T-shirts are available with $20 donation… we encourage you all to get one because it helps spread the word about Chicktime! 100% of the money goes to the Casa De Amparo Teens! This is how we raise money for special projects for the girls. If you are not planning to wear a Chicktime t-shirt, Casa de Amparo asks that the volunteers wear modest tops that show no cleavage, and shirts that stay tucked in or do not ride up past the waistline of their pants.  Same goes for the bottoms. Nothing to tight and so short.

Other things to consider:
There are several rules all volunteers must follow per Casa De Amparo:

We are asked to respect the privacy of the girls and not ask for last names (or give our last names). We are to be on a first name basis with the girls.

We are also asked to leave, purses (Unless you are wearing it all the time), pens, and other sharp objects in our cars while we are inside the gates. (If you need these items for your event we ask you to keep inventory of items such as these.)

Cameras are not allowed. I know we have the access of our camera on our phones. If you want to take pictures of the décor of an event or Chicktime volunteers flash away, but when it comes to the teens, we are asked not to take any pictures of them.

Casa de Amparo requires Chicktime volunteers to be female and at least 25 years of age.

If it is your first time coming to an event, you must sign a waiver. If you want to come again, there is a process, of orientation, background check, and education that Casa de Amparo requires. Please contact Joann if you are in need of more information.