How We Serve

Dear Monthly Leader,

We are so blessed with your commitment to help our Casa teens feel loved and valued through leading an event fueled by your passions, gifts and talents. You are a true inspiration to these girls who are in need of a positive, uplifting experience to be seen and cared for. Thank you so much for being an Activity Leader. We would not be able to do this without you!

Here are some Guidelines and information to help you facilitate your event successfully:

  ~Choose an activity that excites you! Something that you really want to share with the girls. Whether it is from your love of food, crafting, resume building, succulents, positive affirmations, self esteem building, jewelry making, or soccer. Your passion is contagious and it will transfer to the girls and inspire them through your excitement. You are also more than welcome to lead with a girlfriend or a group of ladies

~As soon as you decided what your workshop will be let your Co-Leader host know. You will be contacted 8 weeks prior to your event to confirm what you will be doing and discuss the details and support you will need

~Plan on your activity being about an hour to an hour and a half.

~You are responsible for funding all your materials for your event. If you need help for fundraising support or advice let our leadership team know. 

~On average we serve 6- 15 girls at each event. They are anywhere from 14- 18 years of age. Some of these are pregnant teens and teen moms.

~No glass, sharp objects, or anything that could be used to harm some one can not be used. If you are unsure just ask your Co-Leader Host we will help you decipher  appropriate materials. 

Your Volunteers 

  • You are responsible to bring ALL volunteers needed to facilitate your programs. Casa de Amparo requires Chicktime volunteers to be female and at least 25 years of age.
  • Additional volunteers will join us on any given Saturday, but they will serve as mentors enjoying time with the girls. You may bring additional volunteers to come and ‘play’ in addition to your program facilitators! Bringing your own volunteers to run the programs also opens the opportunity for new volunteers to experience Chicktime!




  • Chicktime will create an invitation for your event. It is important that you organize your programs as early as possible so that we get the invitation out to the general public. Ideally, we would like that information 2 months prior to your event. We will be in contact with you to get the specifics needed to create the invitation.


  • Chicktime San Diego will create the invites for you and will send them out using our database to our regular volunteers. You are encouraged to send the invitation out to your circle of friends and family as well as print them off and distribute to your community if you desire. On that note, please encourage your friends to fill out our web form and sign up to join Chicktime San Diego. Simply click the subscribe button at the bottom of every page to open the web form. Make sure to select CA- San Diego from the drop down menu. You are welcome to send a link the web form to your friends, post it on your Facebook page, and even include it as part of your email signature!

What to wear:

  • Chicktime Shirts!!! We typically wear jeans, capris/long shorts and Chicktime t-shirts. We will have Chicktime shirts available prior to each Chicktime. T-shirts are available with $20 donation… we encourage you all to get one because it helps spread the word about Chicktime! 100% of the money goes to the Casa De Amparo Teens! This is how we raise money for special projects for the girls. If you are not planning to wear a Chicktime t-shirt. Casa de Amparo asks that the volunteers wear modest tops that show no cleavage, and shirts that stay tucked in or do not ride up past the waistline of their pants.  Same goes for the bottoms. Nothing to tight and so short.


Other things to consider:

  • We are asked to respect the privacy of the girls and not ask for last names (or give our last names). We are to be on a first name basis with the girls.
  • We are also asked to leave, purses (Unless you are wearing it all the time), pens, and other sharp objects in our cars while we are inside the gates. (If you need these items for your event we ask you to keep inventory of items such as these.)
  • Taking pictures of the girls faces are not allowed. We have regular volunteers that are asked to take pictures that exclude the girls faces for our websites at the events, but other than that it is crucial for our Casa girls to be protected.
  • If it is your first time coming to an event, you must sign a waiver. If you want to come again, there is a process, of orientation, background check, and education that Casa de Amparo requires. Please contact Joann Van Ort if you are in need of more information.