Meal Delivery Again…

2nd Stop

THIS is why we CHICKTIME!!!
That smile brought tears to my eyes.
Life gets rough sometimes. But I tell you when we remain faithful He fills our hearts.
They callUs their blessing but I tell you that they bless our hearts more than we could ever bless them.
We love our babies and their families..
101 served today.
God is so so good and He always always provides.
Next week we are looking for donations of sweets for about 100 people.
We do not need you to provide it all we operate in the “stone soup” concept
If we all just give one ingredient we will make a great soup.
Thank you Chicktime Angels for all that you do!!!

1st Drop off

As  I drove down to Galveston to drop off dinner to the family crisis center I was reminded about a scripture about Joy
Yes joy even in the face of the impossible
Joy through the tears
Chicktime Galveston feels so grateful to be able to serve the families.
It truly gives us a JOY rhat compared to nothing else.
It is so nice to get there and see the children excited to see us, to call us by name and to run to us to give us a hug…
We love our babies and will continue to serve them through this pandemic.
We also delivered donated clothing and schools supplies.
If you would like to donate a meal please send me a message.
Chicktime Angels as always NONE of this would be possible without your continued support.