Sewing Pillowcases!

June Update:

This month Chicktime San Antonio celebrates our 12th year as a chapter serving teenage girls in our community who can not live safely in their own home. We feel blessed to be a blessing and grateful for all of our workshop leaders and volunteers we’ve had over the years who believe in our mission and we look forward to serving with you for many years to come….
Today we showed up at Boysville to paint terra-cotta pots and plant succulents with the girls. We love offering a special time for the girls each month to get out of their cottage and do something they normally wouldn’t get to do.
The girls were so creative and detailed and it was such a beautiful thing to watch them encourage and support each other and speak positive vibes to those who needed to hear them! We role model this and know our workshops are the seeds we plant in hopes for moments just like that ….
And this-
After our group prayer and most of the girls were back at their cottage… we were hanging out with two girls … one of which just needed a little more time to complete her terra- cotta pot! They had just returned from church camp where they accepted Jesus Christ as their personal savior. Our conversation was on worship – We talked about every minute of every day is a moment to worship God!!! How we react to people. How we do this or that…
We told the girls that’s why we show up every month – as believers we believe it’s our worship to God to let them know people care about them!
We got an “amen”!
We just can’t think of a better day and way to celebrate our 12th birthday but right here at Boysville!
We pray you will join us one month! Next month we are sewing pillowcases!
All our love,
Annette, Donnette and Letty
Chicktime San Antonio Leadership Team