Test Page for SouthEast Chapter

Here is the content of the Chicktime HomePage for a particular chapter … say the Mobile Alabama Chapter…. but note the announcement at the bottom.
My Journey to Chicktime

I suppose my journey to Chicktime started when I was very young. I lived with an alcoholic and abusive father for the first 6 years of my life. Fear and intimidation were his most valued weapons, although he also favored a fist or a belt. I was one of four girls and we grew up under the watchful eyes of an angry man. We were fortunate to at least have a loving mother and to eventually be “thrown away” by our abuser. My mother learned strength and perseverance and it is a trait she has taught us over the years. Later in life my mother remarried a great man who became my Dad. We were scared and untrusting of “Dads” but he eventually earned our trust, our love and our hearts. Through the years the baggage of my childhood has crippled me and I have fought hard to overcome the effects of those years. Some days I am successful at this and some days I am not.
And so on….

February Update:

Hey Chicktime Syracuse! We just can’t sit still and not love the women at Chadwick Residence! We’ve decided we are going to drop off our monthly workshops since we can’t be there in person and miss the opportunity NOW to let them know we care! This month we dropped off Valentine’s Day boxes and goodies!! We sure could use your help in the next coming months ! We have several ideas for drop off activities we just need YOU to say yes to putting it together!