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May News




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We, the ladies of Chicktime, are overwhelmed by the Love and Attention poured on us this month by the girls of Big Springs. Brianne, Teresa and their girls from the ranch showered us with love at a ‘Chicktime Appreciation Night’. Not only did they provide dinner and special ‘Thank You Cake’ for 20 of us, but the little girls cabin blessed us with an amazing singing and dancing performance, Zebranae performed an incredible piano solo and Cheyenne recited a poem written for Chicktime.


And to top it all off the girls presented each of the Chicktime women with a lovely figurine for us to keep the memory of these precious girls and their blessing fresh in our minds and our hearts.


Thank You Big Springs!









The boys of Big Springs were treated to a day of fishing, kayaking, movie watching, pizza and companionship by Conrad Huffstutler, Edward Fong, Aaron Sutton and Julie Lewey from Uvalde. What a blessing for all involved. And lots of fish were caught!!



February News


Week-Night Bible Study with Big Springs Girls


Beginning in February we will meet monthly on a week-night with the Big Springs girls for bible study and dinner.  Please contact Kim Huffstutler (kim@sijet.com; 591-7776) or Dixie Radicke (dixieradicke@sbcglobal.net; 275-3494) if you are interested in joining us.


Upcoming Event

Chicktime with the Big Springs Girls

When: March 23, 2013

Where:  St. Phillips Episcopal Church, Uvalde

Time: 10:30 a.m.

Volunteer email to follow


December News


Making S’mores at Big Spring Christmas Party

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When: December 12, 2012

Time: 6:00PM

Where: Kim Huffstutler’s Home
317 Ham Lane

Please RSVP to: dixieradicke@sbcglobal.net



Smalltown is pleased to announce that we are in our 4th year of service. We have the distinct honor of being the 1st “Branch” on Chicktime’s Tree. After Lori started Chicktime in Canyon Lake she was wanting to branch off into other locations. Through God we were connected and the rest is history!! Chicktime Smalltown is more than 50 women strong and committed to “Going out and finding the pain and doing something about it”. Every year, once a year, our members get together and donate $250 to Chicktime Smalltown’s Grant Fund or $100 to the General Fund. This year at our Annual Party Smalltown presented two checks for $2500 each. The first grant was awarded the “Win’Win Literacy Project” run by Sister Dolores. It’s a “Win-Win” because the children of Uvalde get tutored for free and the college students get to earn money for their time tutoring. The grant awarded to C.A.S.A. will aid in the local efforts of providing volunteers to advocate for children removed from their homes due to abuse and neglect.


At Smalltown we have found that every child has a story. When you look at a child you don’t know if theirs is one of joy or sadness, hope or disappointment, or pain. Many of the children we meet have a story of pain and loss, suffering and disappointment. The volunteers of Smalltown spend their time mentoring, loving and sharing a healthy relationship with the children at the Big Springs Childrens Ranch. So much can bring a child down and we want to lift them back up.


Please join us for one of our monthly visits to the ranch. You are always welcome. Contact Kim Huffstutler at 830-279-0088, Gaye Morris gayemorris2@yahoo.com or Dixie Radicke dixieradicke@sbcglobal.net


Below is a note from one of the girls living at Big Springs.


Hi I’m Zebranae, and I want to write an article about what Chicktime means to me.  Well, I have only been on the ranch for a short time and I have experienced a lot of things with Chicktime that have been useful to me.   For instance, one day Chicktime came by and showed us how to do household things and had us participate in activities that can benefit us like sewing, cooking, arts and crafts.  I thought that they were the nicest most generous people and they did this out of love.  They didn’t have to.  Some of the Chicktime women, like Miss Dixie and Miss Ruth, are mentors to the girls and take them out one-on-one.  They sometimes take us to dinner or spend time just talking about things that interest us the most or about our day.  I like Chicktime because it means something to me, and it makes me feel like I have someone to go to when I need them the most and can’t get that one-on-one  time I need  where I’m at. The Chicktime women do so much and never ask for anything in return. They should get a raise by their boss but hey what ya gonna do.


Wall Initials



Monster Day at Big Springs



It was Monster Day at Big Springs.  After reviewing a few basic sewing skills, the girls made little personal stuffed monsters.  These girls are very creative!  The big girls helped the little girls, and the monsters are adorable!


CTS traveled to Big Springs Ranch for Children Saturday January 28, to share in a service project with the bright eyed smiling faces of 15 plus lovely young girls. We made blankets and cards for wounded soldiers who are currently hospitalized here in the USA. It was a true blessing all the way around.
Thank you to all the volunteers who took time to share their love with the girls and thank you for those of you who remember Chicktime in your prayer time. God bless you for your roll, whatever it is, in Chicktime Smalltown, you make it happen.

Gaye Morris

Volunteers Needed

Please contact Gaye Morris via email at gayemorris2@yahoo.com or at 830-591-4787 to sign up for a month!


Blankets for wounded Soldiers




Best said by Elisa Morgan when she came to Uvalde:


“Most of us care.  We really do.  We care about our own lives, for sure, and also those around us.  We care about poverty and injustice, about orphans and the sick.  We care about the folks who live and work alongside us and about what happens in their families and their hearts.


And yet, weighed down by everyday responsibilities-bringing home a paycheck, putting food on the table, shuttling the kids around-we question our ability to make a difference.  When we’re bombarded by the latest celebrity-help-the-world-athon, we shrug our shoulders in futility.  Me? How? Faced with the seeming insignificance of what we have to offer, we don’t offer anything.


Maybe it’s because we think that in order for it to count, to make a difference that matters, we have to do something big, or everything we could do, or something no one else has done.  But that’s not true.  Five little letters that can change the world…SDWSC: She Did What She Could.”


Chicktime is committed to encouraging its members to use their unique gifts for the purpose they were placed in us…to serve others.  Chicktime Smalltown believes that by joining together we can make a big difference by pooling our collective talents and resources.


Thank you Chicktime Smalltown members for all you have done and continue to do.  Because of you, for 3 years now we have been blessing the boys and girls of Big Springs Children’s Ranch, a home for neglected and abandoned children.  These boys and girls just want to feel loved and they look so forward to Chicktime’s monthly visit.  They know we are there because we want to be there, not as paid employees of the state.  That means so much to them.


And because of you, Smalltown has donated over $25,000 to our local Child Abuse Advocacy Center, providing volunteer advocates to be there for abused children when they are removed from their homes.  Also due to your donations we have been there for those in pain and in need during their times of trouble…for example-the Bastrop Fire victims.


If you’re interested in becoming involved in Chicktime’s future blessings to others please join us!  Contact Dixie Radicke at dixieradicke@sbcglobal.net or at 830-275-3494.


Volunteers Needed


January is here, a new year with a new beginning!!  An opportunity to do new things, right wrongs, take a chance that you have dreamed of taking, reach out in a different direction or maybe simply push forward with a renewed energy!  Whatever your thoughts and prayers  are we hope that Chicktime Smalltown will somehow be a part of your plan.


Please come at least one Saturday of this new year to Big Spring Ranch for Children, we promise you will be glad you did.  It’s so enjoyable being with the girls and sharing in their lives. Two volunteer leaders for January and February have graciously stepped forward but after February we have no leaders signed up.  If you have any hobby or idea that we could help you lead; call me to sign-up for one Saturday this new year.  Please don’t worry that you don’t have an exciting idea, the girls just want to be with us…the activity is a bonus.  We have funds to help you if materials need to be purchased so call or email today to get your choice of Saturday’s.


REMEMBER…Change a girl’s life and you change the life of a generation to come!


Big Spings Ranch Christmas Party






Chicktime Smalltown is pleased to announce that the local, non-profit Court Appointed Special Advocates program (CASA) is the recipient of Chicktime’s $10,000 grant.


The award was presented at Chicktime Smalltown’s second annual celebration on November 2 at Live Oaks Bed and Breakfast, the home of Gaye Morris.  The evening celebration was attended by more than 50 members and guests.


After a social time and hors d’oeuvres, the grant was presented to CASA director, Dawn Parnell, who spoke to members about how the grant will be used.  CASA trains and supports volunteers who represent the interests of children who have been abused or neglected and removed from their homes.


Chicktime members were very pleased to have Sandy Ross as the guest speaker.  Sandy inspired us to make a difference where we are, and with what we have been given.  As Sandy said, “With what is in our hands.”


Chicktime is a service organization created to help women use their unique gifts and talents to serve others. The Smalltown chapter was started three years ago to encourage Uvalde-area women to find their passion and help make a difference. For the past two years we have been focusing our time and our blessings on the Big Springs Children’s Ranch, a local home for neglected and abandoned children from all over the state of Texas.


If you would like more information about Chicktime Smalltown, please contact Dixie Radicke at www.dixieradicke@sbcglobal.net or call 830-275-3494.  For more information about CASA, please contact Lisa Dorsett at 830-278-7733.


Volunteers Needed


Chicktime Smalltown is all about Getting Together, Getting Involved and Doing Good.  Once a month a group of volunteers head up to Big Springs Ranch for Children in Leakey where we meet with a group of 18 young women to share in an activity and spend time loving them.  Watch for an email to come from Gaye about our monthly plans or check Chicktime Smalltown on facebook, click like and you will receive the posts.  The girls of BSRC love the program and we’re told they really look forward to our visits.  Our heart’s desire is to reach out to these young women with the love of Christ.  Our volunteer program is a “NO GUILT” volunteer program.  It’s there for those with the desire and the time. Please contact Gaye Morris via email at gayemorris2@yahoo.com or at 830-591-4787 to sign up for a month! Please call to lead one Saturday this year. Any idea that is fun…works!  It doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive and we are here to help you with anything you might need. Know, ladies of Chicktime Smalltown, you are truly lovely givers and your reward will not be over looked in anyway.