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A Bit About What We Do


We spend the 4th Saturday of every month at the Big Springs Ranch, where we come together with the girls of Big Springs for fellowship and fun activities.  We have enjoyed glamour days complete with a Mary Kay “beauty inside and out” lesson from Kyla Dodson and topped it off with Kristin Radicke doing a professional photo shoot of the girls.  One Saturday Linda Koehl and Anne Tarski spoiled us with a Mardi Gras celebration complete with Gumbo, a parade and of course the King’s Cake with hidden babies inside.  Thanks to Kimberly Ilse and Karla King we “floated on the frio”, such a nice break from the summer heat.  Angie Arredondo led the girls in a “Cross Fit” exercise program which was not only fun, but educational.  Nothing was more special than the Big Spring’s Prom and that was largely due to the “over the top” efforts of Linda Jordan and her daughter April.  These two ladies coordinated the girl’s dresses, the boy’s tuxedos, and the hair and makeup for everyone.  The boys and girls felt super special and had an amazing time.  Wow, we are having so much fun!  And these are only a few of the awesome Saturdays we’ve had thanks to so many of our members and their imaginative and fun projects.


Chicktime Smalltown is so very grateful for the blessing of a growing community of amazing women who have a heart to give.  Giving out of a sincere passion to live for more than our own interest is the burning desire which birthed Chicktime Smalltown in the first place.  Looking back on the incredible events that have taken place over the past year we give thanks to God for all the blessings.


Gaye Morris


Volunteer Committee





The membership committee is working on increasing our membership; our motto is “EACH ONE REACH ONE.”


So, if every member can get one new amazing woman to join Chicktime Smalltown we will reach our goal of 100 members.


Our membership count is at 80. We are also working on selling t-shirts and bracelets…and don’t forget we have onsies for the little chicks!


When we are volunteering or at a function we would like all the “Chicks” in a Chicktime T-shirt. Please contact us if you need any information regarding membership/pledge forms or t-shirts.


Dixie Radicke (dixieradicke@sbcglobal.net)

Membership Committee



Chicktime Smalltown Grants



The theme for Year One is “Transforming the Lives of Women and Children”.


Thanks to all our members contributing $250 each, together we are able to award a grant of $15,000 to a local non-profit!


The Grants Committee will get the word out to non-profit organizations (that our members recommend) to apply for a grant . Grant requests can be from local or surrounding area non-profits that members feel passionate about.


Please put on your thinking caps and let us know of a non-profit dear to your heart that’s involved in “Transforming the Lives of Women and Children” that you would like for us to solicit for a grant proposal.


Kim Huffstutler  kim@sijet.com

Grants Committee