Meet the Leaders


Chicktime Smalltown leaders

Chicktime Smalltown leaders (l-r) Gaye Morris, Kim Huffstutler, Dixie Radicke



Gaye Morris

Chicktime Smalltown Volunteer Coordinator




Why I serve a leadership role with Chicktime:

God has placed in my heart a strong desire to help where He tells me to and to be open to someone else’s vision.  I am motivated to seize opportunities in motivating and encouraging others to share their gifts as they feel led.  I like the idea of empowering young women to be leaders of relevance.



My passions and gifts:

My unique passion is most definitely sharing hope with others and to listen to them so I can pray for them. I have a strong desire to help others see that God is for them and nothing is impossible to them with Him.  I also love to serve up some good food and good conversation.



Hobbies and Interests:

I am a mother of 3 grown married children with wonderful spouses and beautiful children, 6 grandchildren total…so far!  We enjoy occasional weekends, family birthdays and holidays together. My hobby/job is running Live Oaks Bed and Breakfast in Uvalde which keeps me busy and motivated to be ever growing in various ways.  I love the idea that every day I have the opportunity to plant a seed in the heart and mind of someone whom God loves and has sent my way.  I also partner with my husband in Double M Helicopter and help him with the lesser exciting part of the business, “the books”!




Kim Huffstutler

Chicktime Smalltown Treasurer and Mentor Program Leader




Why I serve a leadership role with Chicktime:

Starting a Women’s Impact Group in Uvalde has been a dream of mine for years.  Hooking up with Dixie and Gaye has been a blessing and together we have celebrated 2 years of Chicktime Smalltown where we and 80 local women “go out and find the pain and do something about it!”



My passions and gifts:

Bringing together amazing women to do God’s work “on purpose” is my gift.  Being the “hands and feet of Christ” is my passion. Both are happening for me and I am completely fulfilled.



Hobbies and Interests:

I adore my husband and children. I enjoy mentoring young adults and teaching financial literacy.  I love to hike, golf and read.  And I am quite fond of sleep





Dixie Radicke

Chicktime Smalltown Membership Coordinator/Co-Founder




Why I serve a leadership role with Chicktime:

When asked this question, it really made me think about myself and why I do what I do within Chicktime. I believe that it’s because my heart and beliefs in life have lead me to encourage others to follow their dreams and most importantly, their heart. I love being able to stand beside a wonderful group of women and see the changes we make in other’s lives individually and as a group.




My passions and gifts:

I have many passions in life so this is tough one, I really had to dig deep within myself and find the most meaningful is first and foremost, serving God, without him I would have no passion. After that, I’d have to say lending my heart and shoulder, to those less fortuante in the world. It’s something as simple as Seeing a smile on a little child’s face because I just gave them a hug or spent a little time loving them. And of course, my family, they are my foundation and support in my desire to serve others.




Hobbies and Interests:

Hobbies come in many forms, but a few of my personal favorites are horseback riding, baking, sewing, reading, walking. I love my job as an aircraft interior designer; I get to put together many unique planes. I have the opportunity to meet and work with many interesting people.