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September Update:

Our cupcake decorating competition workshop was a lot of things-
competitive, creative, funny and oh so yummy!
The girls were told they could decorate four cupcakes and out of those four they could enter one in the contest. There were cupcake gift boxes to gift one to someone special when they left the workshop ! That of course left a couple for eating…
And wow!! All the toppings they ate while creating their perfect cupcakeI To be a teenager again! 
Our judge was Boysville’s Activity Specialist- “Mr. Frank”! He had a tough job but we believe he was adequately paid in cupcakes for his time! 🥰 🧁!
Always a blessing to end our time in prayer together. We hope they see Jesus when they see us each month.

Thank you to the ladies of Campanas Neighborhood for donating all the supplies and hosting such a lovely workshop!
Here is just some of the awards given out!! 
Join us next month~