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Chicktime Spring Hill is currently in need of a Managing Leader to help bring this chapter into its next phase of life! If you have a heart to serve the almost forgotten children of our community, please contact us at info@chicktime.com today!

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May Update:

Our workshop leader had to cancel due to a family emergency. So with those “lemons” we made lemonade…Literally!

We played icebreakers and made strawberry shortcake and Lemonade!!! We cut up fresh strawberries and raspberries to add to our lemonade for a special summer treat!!

Hope to see you next month….

April Update:

At our  Chicktime April Workshop, our leader, Michelle, a Belly Dancing Teacher, taught us how to belly dance! The kids at the youth shelter had so much fun! We also had a flower crown craft -using flowers, headbands, and a hot glue gun (operated by us of course) !

To finish off the day, we had Greek food (as well as American ??)! What a beautiful morning! Please join us in May! Our workshops need you, but more importantly, the teens at the youth shelter need you!

February Update:

Our Chicktime February Workshop was a success! We had the pleasure of hanging out with 13 kids placed in the New Beginnings Youth Shelter. Thank you to Shannon, our newest volunteer! Remember we meet the third Saturday of each month, please contact us  if your interested in helping. It can be as little as 3 hours a year! Or every month.

Thank you and  xoxox,

Spring Hill Chicktime Leadership Team

January Update:

She was sitting in the corner of the room when we arrived for Chicktime today. Her hair was brown and her eyes were heavy as if she had been carrying around her pain for a hundred years. You could tell today was not a good day. Her lips… as if they had been frowning all her life.

I watched her quietly for a few moments. As we began the day’s activities and the longer we were there, I saw her anger begin to slowly fade away. Almost as if a Phoenix was rising up from the ashes from where it once was. At first, she was slow to engage. I just kept thinking, “She probably has the voice of angel and when she finally uses it, all the world will know her name.”

As she continued to emerge from her shell and let us into her world, I saw the change happening right in front me. She smiled and my heart sang a sweet hymn. This precious child who has spent her whole life building walls around her heart was laughing and participating in the days activities.

This is Chicktime. This is the power of sharing God’s love with all we encounter. This precious child has no idea that she is worth more than rubies but the more that we pour into her, the sooner she will realize it.

So many children, so little time, but His work will be done!

December Update:

Last minute change in workshop activity, but oh what YUMMY fun!

The chance to sit and visit with the awesome teens that we serve and decorate cupcakes was such a wonderful way to relax and breathe in Christmas!

We are busy planning our 2018 calendar! Please join us one month or we would love for you to lead a workshop!

Contact us for more details!

November Update:

Our November workshop took us to a Mac~n~ Cheese Festival! Yep!! Mac~n~Cheese!!

Needless to say, there was good food, great live music, and even some pet friends!

The kids had a blast!

We have another outing planned in December! Join us!!

October Update:

Lots of love went into decorating these beautiful care packages.

Pay close attention to the details and obvious time and hard work too!

We broke out paint and other crafting supplies and had so much fun getting these together!

Our intent was to teach gratitude even in the midst of heartache. The recent hurricanes touched the lives of Chicktime Chapters in Texas and Florida(and our Chapter being one of them) and so that’s where the “love boxes” filled with goodies are going!

We hope everyone walked away from this workshop with hope in their hearts and a desire to be connected by love with the nation!

September Update:

Do you see our smiles? You can be this happy if you come out to volunteer with Chicktime Spring Hill!

Our “Civic Engagement Day” was informative and got us up to date on current events!

Next month we are going to learn to have grateful hearts!

We would love to have you join us!

August Update:

I get excited every time I get to lead Chicktime Spring Hill ! Serving at New Beginnings Youth Shelter is easy and life changing. This month we were suppose to have an Art party, but played Theatre Games instead. The reality is the kids don’t really care what we do they just want us to show up for them.

I would love to see you next month as I really need your help, but most importantly, the kids really need your love.

~Jesus loves you this I know….for the bible tells me so!!

July Update:

This is the place where Chicktime Spring Hill shows up every month to help offer hope and exactly what the sign says….

New Beginnings!!!

This month our workshop was simple….board games and encouragement!

Thank you to our volunteers who stepped up to lead this month while leadership was away!! What a joy it is to share this ministry with ladies who believe everyone deserves to be loved!!

Please join us next month as we have an Art Party!

June Update:

We had so much fun making journals & sharing some of our favorite poems and stories with the children this month at Chicktime!

We hope to see YOU at Chicktime next month!


May Update:

This month, we took the kiddos on a field trip to Brooksville Lanes for some bowling fun! It was nice to get out and enjoy our community for the afternoon and the kids had a BLAST!!!

April Update:

This month, we took the children on a Chicktime Filed Trip to the Botanical Gardens. They had a blast and LOVED it! It was so nice to get outside and enjoy the beautiful gardens!




We had such a great day at the park with the kids last month! Stay tuned for details as to what we are doing this month!






Chicktime May will be lead by Ms. Kathy Bogie. She is planning an afternoon for the children at Crews Lake Park with kick ball, hiking, and lunch. We will meet at the park at 11am.

16739 Crews Lake Drive

Spring Hill, FL 34610-8040

**Please note the above address as we are meeting at the park instead of the shelter**


Thank you to Ms. Pat Hubbell for leading this months Chicktime event and everyone who volunteered!  We had 6 kids and 5 leaders. It was a beautiful day the kids enjoyed getting out of the shelter for the afternoon. Thank you to those who invest in these kids and thank you for making the Chicktime Spring Hill Chapter a success. For anyone interested in joining us please contact us. We mentor the kids that have been placed in the New Beginnings Youth Shelter. We spend the 3rd Saturday of each month with these kids showing unconditional love and acceptance. These are great kids that need to see the good in people and also need to see that they have a place in our communities.

Thank you so much to Jessica for leading a great Chicktime March event! We got to spend our Saturday with 12 fantastic kids from New Beginnings Youth Shelter. We enjoyed an afternoon of roller skating and pizza! We are so excited for Chicktime April and we hope YOU will be there!






March event information

This month we will be cooking with the kids.

Date: March 21, 2015

Time: 9:15am – 1:00pm

Location: New Beginnings Youth Shelter

18377 Sheriff Mylander Way, Brooksville, FL 34601


February Highlights


Amy Holliday Chicktime Spring Hill Founder

Amy Holliday
Chicktime Spring Hill Founder

“I can do all this through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13


Hello, my name is Amy Holliday. I am excited to start this new adventure. I have a passion for helping people of all ages, especially children. As a mother of three I know the importance of a positive influence in a child’s live. I have been blessed with the opportunity to partner with Chicktime. As a community we can reach the children who need us most. We have found a great group of kids to serve being cared for by New Beginnings Youth Shelter. Together we can show unconditional love and make a positive influence in these children’s lives.


We will meet together on the 3rd Saturday of every month at New Beginnings Youth Shelter in Brooksville. During our time with the kids we will enjoy a variety of activities such as cooking classes, arts and crafts, sports, dance, etc.


I hope you join me. To receive our invitations to Chicktime Spring Hill events, please click the ‘join a chapter’ link in the left column, make sure to select our chapter in the drop down menu. You are welcome to contact me for more information.




Amy Holliday


Chicktime Spring Hill Founder