About Our Chapter

Fallon Achas Chickitme Springfield Founder

Welcome to Chicktime Springfield! I’m so glad you found us!!

Three of my favorite words are “possible”, “opportunity” and “empower”.  I am an endless dreamer, always thinking of new ideas and I love to ignite that spark in other people. God has given us all unique passions and talents. EVERYONE deserves the chance to discover them and people there to cheer them on and help point them in the right direction!

Chicktime Springfield is an outlet to bring light, encouragement and opportunity to women that need just that. We expect that it might be the women we serve through our charity partner, but it could also be the charity staff or the volunteer standing next to you. Our mission is to go into our sessions so ready to have fun that it is contagious! Then, to ignite passions and dreams by giving each woman an opportunity to try new things.

Are you ready to get involved? Here are some ways that you can:

  1. Pick a month to be an Activity Leader! You will run the show that night, but there will always be a Chicktime Leader there to greet you, show you where to go and participate in your event.
  2. Volunteer to help out at the monthly events!
  3. Be present to love on these women, have fun and participate in the activity
  4. Contribute supplies or funds to buy supplies!
  5. This isn’t needed often, but occasionally an Activity Leader might need help gathering supplies or need a little financial assistance to get supplies.
  6. Spread the word!!

So you heard about Chicktime and you are all in! Or, maybe this isn’t the organization that you feel called to. That’s OK, but you never know, this might be exactly what that friend or family member has been looking for.

To join our chapter, please click the ‘join a chapter’ button and select IL-Springfield from the drop down menu. If you have questions or want to help by leading a workshop based on your passion, please reach out to me.

“As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend” Proverbs 27:17


Fallon Achas

Chicktime Springfield Founder