Sprinkles Please!

August Update:

We had THE best time at ChickTime today!!!
The rain surely didn’t stop us.
We started with a prayer circle in which we prayed over the kids and their lives.
The question for the day was if you could be/do ANYTHING, if there were no obstacles at all what would you be/do
I got lots of answers
Some wanted to be a princess
A súper hero
A mermaid
A soldier to serve his country
A welder in the army
A music producer
A teacher/ counselor
Another soldier
I asked them to reflect that in their art.
Here are some of the things they drew
The angels were a hit and I don’t even know how they got in my arts supplies because I don’t remember getting them. BUT hey that is how God works sometimes
So yes THIS is why we ChickTime
Like Prina said “everyone should come to ChickTime grandma it is so much fun”
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