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If you find yourself here and disappointed Chicktime St. Louis  doesn’t have volunteer activities you are in a good place to explore the idea of building a team and re-launching the chapter! The young moms at Fontebella miss our workshops and we feel the call to find a new leadership team to continue the legacy started there. The moms have faced many hardships and Chicktime workshops offer them hope and encouragement and of course lots of love and laughter.    

If you have a heart for the vulnerable  and/or  if you have supported Chicktime St. Louis from the sidelines and want to do more….now is the time to act! We will give you all the training you need and help you transition into the leadership role.  

Please contact, Lori Rhodes, Chicktime Founder, at info@chicktime.com for more information. Feel free to look up chicktime.com and find out more about being a leader Chicktime leader. 

Come be blessed by being a blessing!

January Update:

Chicktime STL started out with a bang in 2020! Miss Sandy & Miss Joy taught is how to get organized for the new year!! They brought date books for everyone, stickers, that cute tape (forgot the name), calendars & lots of support!!! Miss Sandy says she has family date book parties where some fam members get together w/ their date books and map out scheds, goals etc & then plan how to achieve them. Wow!!! 😍😍😍That’s one of the greatest ideas we’ve had so far, and we’ve had some good ones!

The littles were so cute. Some lil cutie enjoyed her whipped cream! Pennie came thru with awesome decorating ideas, as always, and our new friend LOVED making plans for her new arrival this year. Thank you ladies for an ♥️AMAZING♥️ evening!

December Update:

The Home was double booked on our workshop night so we did not get to have our workshop. We look forward to seeing the moms and their babies in January.

September Update:

This week we did a simple, cheap & fun craft project at Chicktime. We mixed bubble solution with food coloring in small cups, dipped straws into the solution & then blew bubbles on cardstock paper. The designs were so cool! We then cut the paper & made notebook covers for journals and school notes! We decided to team up and had a blower and a catcher because we found that some people just aren’t born to be bubble blowers.
We ate a vegan meal with Mac n cheese, salad, dips, chips & delicious strawberry cupcakes. Mmmm.

Our baby boy moved out so we have only girl babies to play with now. We are fine with that because they are so cute!
The mamas are doing a stupendous job at being moms, students & workers. We are beyond proud of them! 😍

August Update:

We had a great time wit our tiny friends this week. We made sensory bags with ziplocks, hair gel, and a variety of times to look at and feel.

We then tried them out with the dreaded tummy time by one of our littles. They were a big hit with both mamas and their babies!

Welcome Miss Gabriela!

July Update:

A great way to cool down is to make homemade ice cream! At our super great Monday Funday, we played an M&M game to help us get to know each other better. We also talked about how important it was to talk & communicate with your babies. Then we made ice cream!

We would like to quote our amazing Jr. Chick, Pennie, when she said, ” This is the best thing I’ve ever had.” How cool is that?! We have 2 more baby girls coming in a few months & can’t wait to hold them! Stay tuned as the mamas have requested we make flashcards and/or games to play with the littles in the near future.

June Update:

Chicktime STL was amazing tonight!! After we ate pizza & salad, we learned how to do acrylic pours in honor of Heather Stille. Heather donated her craft items & craft knowledge to Chicktime STL before she lost her battle to cancer in April. RIP & thank you for your gifts. ❤️

Everyone had a lot of fun creating delightful masterpieces and are excited to hang them up. It was so interesting to see how each of the canvases were completely different and also, completely amazing!

Here’s our recipe for acrylic paint pours:
1 part acrylic paint
2 parts floetrol
1 part water
Couple drops of silicone

Our visitor & cookie eater Isaac had fun making a canvas & even reported that “his circles were getting bigger.” He was right! The cells in his painting were expanding as the paint dried! It’s almost magical to watch. 😍

We were so happy to see our friends at Fontebella again!! It was a bright & cheery Monday Funday!!!! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

Now take a look at those projects 👀 WoW!

May Update:

April showers, bring May flowers, right?? Well we’ve had plenty of showers here in stl lately—and tonight at Chicktime, we dabbled with some flowers of our own.

In honor of spring and Mother’s Day—We had sub sandwiches, fruit, guacamole, and cupcakes! We painted our own little planters and planted some pretty flowers too!

We met a new friend also, Ms. Jenny. She jumped right in with the creative crafty stuff and baby snuggles! Great to have new volunteers with us! 

Thanks to our group leader this week and our returning chicks for all the fun tonight!! Check us out sometime!! We are a ton of fun. 🤩

April Update:

Happy Easter to everyone! 🐣🐰

Chicktime St. Louis had spring on their minds this month. Pennie (one of our favorite chicks) gave everyone a flower & a happy spring card. What a lovely surprise!! The group then made tissue paper flowers & painted on canvas. We added a new chick to our group. *Welcome Kathy!!* She fit right in and got her some cute baby time!!!

Can’t wait until our next event on May 13th! 😍

March Update:

Holy babies!!! We had 4 of the cutest littles to play with last night! It doesn’t stop there- there’s another on the way in a couple weeks! 😍Besides eating tacos, pizza, cinnabuns & fritters and playing with babies, we played with beads! march pic 2

Lots of amazing personalized creations happened in a short amount of time. Fun!

February Update:

We don’t know what makes our Chicktime workshops more incredible…the babies?

the crafts…..

and more crafts…

our volunteers…..

or the laughs, fun and love!

Our time together is special… join the movement!

January Update:

Our awesome workshop leader is just 12 years old. Using her talents to change the world.She Brough supplies for each of us to make our own empower posters!

We just love positive projects! The encourage such great conversation.

Jessica is our #1 baby holder and Ashton fell in love with the cutest 7 month old. We also got to snuggle a super happy 3 month old.

It was such a beautiful evening.

Our February workshop can’t get here fast enough!

December 2018 Update:

This week at Chicktime St Louis, we made cute fingerprint Christmas art! 🎄The mamas made some fabulous keepsakes & gifts that will be cherished for years! (We didn’t get many pics because we had so many babies to play with. Yay!! 😍) One of the fav projects (we actually loved them all) was a Christmas tree with Mama’s prints and the ornaments were baby’s prints. So cute!!!!!

This was such a simple & fun project that we have included some ideas that you can do yourself with an ink pad or paint. 🦌 *❤️ Merry Christmas everyone! ❤️* We’ll be back having fun, snuggling babies & being crafty next year! 😁🎊

November Update:

Due to dangerous road conditions our workshop was canceled. Please join us next month for holiday fun!

October Update:

Is this not amazing?? Love it!! We painted at Chicktime St Louis- and as you can see, made some awesome creations.

We had babies to play with & we had tons of girl talk.

Plus, we’ll have a new baby next month to goo goo over!!

Oooh and then Pennie started dive bombing and Ashton joined in. Impressive!

September Update:


We had such a good time with Andrea & Sam on our Chicktime day!!

They are a part of Boomerang Bags whose main objective is to reduce plastic & keep things out of the landfill. Andrea taught us a little about sewing and she gave us material & bags that we could decorate & use in place of plastic bags! What a great organization!!

We definitely thank them for sharing their time, talents & passion for saving the planet with us!!!

We also met our new baby! He was born September 7th & weighed a healthy 8 pounds & 5 ounces!! Mama is looking fantastic & we can’t wait to play with him.

Penni made a Ninja Warrior bag as she may try out one day to be a Warrior. We will be rooting her on & may we suggest the name “Chicktime Warrior”? 😁

 Here is some info on Boomerang Bags and pics of our fun time! https://boomerangbags.org/about/

August Update:

Monday Funday!!! We had so much fun at Fontebella last night! Felecia was our leader & she had amazing projects for us!!

She claims she’s not crafty but she really is!

♥️ A huge thank you to her for making our night so awesome!!♥️

We made trays & photo frames with paints, markers, stencils & shiny things.

Works of art were created, pizza was ingested & laughs were heard around the table.

We’ll have a new baby next month so you won’t want to miss it!! #chicktimestlouisrocks

July Update:

We love Chicktime St. Louis day! ♥️ Yes, that’s a thing. ?

Every second Monday of the month at Fontebella Maternity Home we get together & have fun!

??☀️THANK YOU JESSICA & PENNIE?♥️?for leading our evening!! You were amazing- as usual.

The crafts were so fun & the pizza & cupcakes were delish! We had a great time.

Thank you everyone for giving your time to such a great cause! ??♥️??♥️

June Update:

Wow!! We need a photographer bc the leader gets too excited & impressed to take good pics!

Tonight we made affirmation mirrors. We took a big pic frame and decorated them with bling & positive affirmations. Then we put a mirror on the frame so when we look in the mirror we can say our affirmations, take in the beauty & marvel at the creativity. And did they create!!!!! I didn’t even get a pic of Ash’s project cuz a mentor wanted it! There’s so much to say about our awesome group…

We have 3 babies coming soon!!! Pennie is safety monitor for her school & got fabulous new glasses. Peanut flipped a container of like 1000 jewels everywhere and then Pennie made him laugh so hard. We ate sammiches, pop rocks & pixie sticks. Yay Chicktime St. Louis!!!! It was a great night. ?????

May Update:

What a night at Fontebella!!!!! We met 2 new mommies to be (they were amazing) AnD…AND had 3 super incredible new chicks join Chicktime St. Louis! ? Welcome Rachel, Felicia & Renee!

We made banners tonight & they turned out so well!! Everyone was so creative and made beautiful banners for their babies. Maybe it was the dinner on a stick or the ice cream sundaes that sparked the creativity but it was so impressive!!

We love it when a plan comes together!

Thank you, everyone, for all you do to make our fab Chicktime fam so great!!!

April Update:

We had another great night at Fontebella!? We absolutely LOVE going there & getting to spend time with our friends. ♥️

We ate a BBQ spaghetti dinner ? (which was a hit) and then made salt dough. We pressed the teeny human’s feet ������ into a disc of dough & the Mama’s decorated them after they dried.? We also had dried letters & hearts that we decorated & put thumbprints on. ? So cute!!! Of course, our creative chick, Penny, made some adorable & super awesome think out of the box designs & went with a water theme.? She may have been dreaming of warmer weather like most of us are right now. ?

Thank you for another night of fun & laughs.?
PS our cool photographer chick couldn’t make it last night so the lady that talks & laughs a lot was forgetting to also take photos. (Good thing no one will know who we’re talking about )~

Chicktime St. Louis was chosen as the charity of choice for a monthly event in Belleville, IL.

We were so excited to share our chapter with the ladies at the event. We collected information and are sending our an email about how to get involved plus getting them in our system. Some brought crafting supplies for us to use at our workshops and we were also given a donation of 200 dollars for more supplies for our new moms and babies at Fontebella!! How exciting is that!

March Update:

There was luck in the air at St Patrick’s Day Chicktime St Louis!

Everyone had fun making decorations to bring the luck o’ the Irish to friends & family~   And we have a brand new baby girl to celebrate at Fontebella!! We get so excited when we get to snuggle another baby. Thank you to our active duty chick (& Peanut’s bff) for the incredible & generous donations to the new mommies. So amazing!!!! Thank you to all that support Chicktime St Louis & Fontebella. ?????

See you next month!


February Update:

We had a great Chicktime St. Louis night last night at Fontebella! Our leader was Beth & she chose super fun things for us to do for Valentine’s Day & brought treats for us to take home. We loved it! She also soothed a brand new baby to sleep so his mama could get her first break in a week. That is HUGE!! We had 2 other new chicks stop by & they were also a huge hit! Thank you Emma & Sam- you were a big hit & Peanut’s new bff’s!!! Thanks Jessica, Penny, Ashton, and Cassie for being super awesome devoted chicks. You rock! And I’m so happy we have our own gang sign now that we figured out how the “C” goes lol.


January Update

We had so much fun at our January workshop at Fontebella! First we started off with Big Mama’s BBQ and had we hear some of the best cookies ever! We then made homemade body scrubs and soap scrubs and then decorated our jars and containers. The smells were amazing and our favorite scents created were cherry lemonade and orange dreamsicle. Every ingredient was natural and we decided natural body care was something we were all interested in and will revisit at a later super fun Chicktime St. Louis event.

You should join us!!

December Update:

We had such a great time Christmas Stamping with Carla Kay at Fontebella!

So much creating and friend making~

We have lots of great things lined up for the new year!

Please join us!

November Update:

Nothing says FALL quite like a good ole Carmel Candy Apple! Pretty sure we broke all kinds of records for the most “extras” on one too!

And if that wasn’t enough…..We decorated cups too! Here is just a small sample of them!

Our November workshop was simply perfect.

If we had you at Candy Apples….join us in December!!

October Update:

So much awesome happened at our October workshop at Chicktime St. Louis! We had our first event with our new charity partner and had some impressive and amazing young volunteers spend time with us! We enjoyed delicious food, fun crafts, and laughing! We could not have been happier about our flip flop decorating “kick off” with our new friends. Thank you to everyone that made our Chicktime fabulous!

September Update:

Thank you to all the awesome ladies that helped us celebrate our last event at Call for Help. It’s been a great time serving you for the past year & we will keep in touch!

We will tell you more about our  new partner soon,  but just look at the fun we had on our last night at Call For Help ? ???️

Thankful for Chicktime and the journey of serving it has allowed us to take!

Come join us as we begin a new chapter next month!

August Update:

The Kindness Rocks Project was successful at Chicktime St Louis!!

The ladies are always so creative! We created our kindness rocks to share all over town, hiding them in various places & bringing a smile to those who find them.

The little ones even got in on the decorating…. And then one rock made it’s way into the kool-aid. ?

If you are in the metro east area, look for our rocks & then pass on the warm fuzzies by hiding it for someone else!! A big HUGE ? Thank you!!! ? goes out to our amazing volunteer chicks Carla & Teresa for being awesome kid friendly rock decorators, to my friend Kathleen from Co. that sent supplies for our events & Sonnenberg Landscaping who graciously donated rocks. We are on cloud nine at Chicktime St Louis!!

Chicktime St. Louis recently set up an information table at a church vendor event in hopes of sharing about the ministry of Chicktime and obtain new volunteers for the St. Louis chapter.

The event led to meeting new people that are now “Chicks” and we even met a person that worked at another shelter and were able to exchange information. She gave us great ideas for monthly workshops!

It’s exciting to get in the “Vendor” loop as it’s a great way to get Chicktime out there and meet new people.


July Update:

We had a great time unveiling our new program & we decorated jars to use as piggy banks. The ladies are so creative!

You can see how happy Chicktime St. Louis makes people!

Come find joy with us and be part of Chicktime St. Louis where our volunteer “Chicks” are  super amazing & make the world a better place! ?


May Update:

We hope everyone had a great day yesterday! This month, we created 2 amazing gifts that are inexpensive but extraordinary that you can give anytime-but especially for mother’s day.

Next, we mixed up some body scrubs using sugar, Epsom salts, oils & essential oil. It leaves your skin silky smooth. We also made some candle designs that the ladies created themselves with markers. It’s a great way to personalize a candle with your own message. The chicks came up with some seriously creative designs!!

We must send a special thank you to Jerri who donated the candles for our project…You rock!!

Because of awesome amazing people who have donated items to our cause, we dropped off some much needed things to a young lady & her 1 year old son last night. She moved from the shelter into her own place, has a full time job & is doing well! Woohoo!

Kathy Stack Mondragon~ your generous donation will be making ladies super happy at our event this evening!! Stephanie Victor~ your table & dresser have a wonderful new home & the new owners could not be happier! Cassondra Christine~ Your basket of goodies/seat & toy box donation was awesome & so appreciated! Ashton Clay~ thanks for supervising the movers lol. Laurie Shannon supplied the son who donated a futon, 2 chairs & furniture moving muscle.

Now that we have created a little storage room, we can accept more stuff!! Message Chicktime St. Louis if you have things you’d like to donate to a great cause. Thank you everyone!!! ?

April Update:

A big huge ?THANK YOU? to Teresa Werner Reiniger for volunteering to share her talents with us at Chicktime this month! It was our DIY project night & she gave us guidance & inspiration from her amazing projects. We had so much fun!

We also had the pleasure to meet Tabitha Coburn as she volunteered with us. The kids loved her fabulous bubble blowing skills! Thanks Tabitha! You did a great job!

Thanks to Jamie (& Grin & dinosaurs), Ashton, Cassondra, Tina & Tish for being awesome Chicks (& chicklet) and making the evening so fun! And thanks Melissa for volunteering to stay late with us after working there all day. ❤️

March Update:

Wow! Another great event with our friends @ Call for Help Inc. Many thanks go out to Hannah for being our guest leader! She was AMAZING! Hannah is a trainer at Edwardsville Fast Fitness Boot Camp & she taught us a few moves we can do to get our bodies moving. Thank you for volunteering with us Hannah. Tish then taught us some belly dancing moves. So fun! Who doesn’t love teeny finger cymbals? Thank you Chick! (We decided everyone needs a jingly scarf in their life.)

We ended the evening sampling Teatopia tea. It was a hit! The Lapsang Souchong was said to taste like a campfire . Thank you Cassondra for donating tasty treats .

Can’t wait til DIY April!

February Update:

This week love was in the air @ Chicktime St. Louis! We had a spaghetti dinner and then dipped & decorated strawberries. I don’t know how many beautiful treats actually made it out alive but we had fun! Then we started on Chicktime picture boards to hang up at the center. We had pictures developed of our events & some of the ladies made individual picture boards for themselves. The creativity & talents are amazing! We also had 3 new awesome chicks join us & they fit right in! Everyone loved them! Thank you Cassie, Tina & Ashley for coming & cant wait to see you all again!!


January Update:

Last week we had a super fun time dressing up & taking pictures at Chicktime St. Louis in our DIY photo shoot! We had a skilled photographer there helping us get great pics. Thank you Tish for bringing your friend Deej to spend a few hours with us and show us the ropes! She had awesome advice and we had fewer pictures of thumbs! Great things happen when we share our friends and talents <3

*Is volunteering or being a guest leader for an event in your list of things to do in 2017? Contact Chicktime St. Louis for more info!


December Update:

Thank you to everyone who attended Chicktime December! Fun was had by all at the Transitional Living Center!

Stephanie is a dedicated volunteer chick and future public speaker

Nothing says “Merry Christmas” like some sweet & spicy wings! (No sauce was dripped in the making of this photo.)

Thank you Big Mama’s BBQ for supplying our delicious treats for Chicktime St. Louis. The chicks loved everything!

Cammi’s oreo shake concoction kicked in!

Big Mama’s BBQ has the BEST cakes!

We had a big ball of saran wrap that contained 25 presents & lots of candy. One person starts unrolling while another tries to roll a double. You keep all the goodies that fall out. When a double is rolled, the ball has to be passed. Fun!

We volunteering.


November Update:

We had an awesome Fashion Show & clothing donation event tonight at Call for Help, Inc. with the girls in the Transitional Living Center. We had a super special guest, Lori Rhodes- founder of Chicktime visit our amazing group all the way from Texas! So much fun! Thank you to all of our volunteers and we can’t wait to see you all in December!


October Update:

Thank you to everyone who attended Chicktime October @ Call For Help! Ms. Mary Ellen was our workshop leader this month and she had fabulous activities planned for us. Her pumpkin painting activity was so much fun and she is so talented with a paint brush! Miss Dee really tapped into her artistic side when she made a teenage mutant ninja turtle pumpkin! Konya made one of the spookiest pumpkins we have ever seen! For snack, we munched on creepy hot dogs… yummy!

Ms. Linda came all the way from Ms. Betty and our Kansas with a car stuffed with donations for the center from our Kansas friends. Thank you all for the items… They were greatly appreciated! Ms. Susan donated our pumpkins for this event and we can’t thank her enough for her kindness! Ms. Ginger and Ms. Linda created an adorable basket of bears made out of hand towels and wash cloths for our give away this month… the little ones loved it! We can’t wait to see you all at Chicktime November!!



September Update:

Chicktime St. Louis held our first workshop this month at Call for Help, Inc and we would like to thank each one of our “chicks” who came out to play! We had a wonderful afternoon with the kids decorating cupcakes and playing games! everyone got super creative with their cupcake decorating thanks to Mary Ellen’s awesome instructions and they were so yummy!

We then ended the evening with an awesome tour of Call for Help, Inc. It’s amazing how many people this organization helps and we can’t thank them enough for allowing Chicktime St. Louis to serve them! The children really seemed to love us and we are blessed to spend time with them.

We hope you will join us in October as we paint pumpkins and enjoy snacks with the kids!