Summer Party!

May Update:

“I am the daughter of a king who is not moved by the world.
For my God is with me and goes before me.
I do not fear because I am HIS”
Proverbs 31
How often do we feel like we are not god enough, like we do not belong, that we are not loved, that we have been abandoned.
We wanted to remind the moms at the childrens center who they are in Christ.
Our first workshop back to the children center was truly amazing
You could feel God moving among us.
We laughed we cried, ok we cried a lot we had each of the moms give one another a crown and to tell each other something good about each other or a simple prayer over their lives.
We have to remind each other that I’m Christ we are loved
We are cherished
We are His
We will not allow ourselves to believe the lies of the world.
As women sometimes we have ri be the ones who hand another her crown, so she is reminded of the princess that she is, regains her strength and keep the faith.
We were blessed to have young girls who were also crowned by their mommies so that that cycle is broken. So that they too know who they are.
As one of them said” life can be hard and if you get to spend just a few seconds with someone, then make them better than they were”
Their resilience and love for one another was palpable.
My heart is full.
Extra thanks for the angels who prepared meals and delivered pizza in addition to our monthly gathering.
Thank you ChickTime Angels for making a difference in the lives of these mommies.