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Good news! Lori is in training to lead the Chicktime movement in Summerville! If you are interested in learning more about you can help the hurting and forgotten children of Summerville, please contact Lori today at summerville@chicktime.com!

August Update

We had fun making paper masks today!!!
Can’t wait to see everyone at our next event! 

August Update

So thankful to Shannon Jones and her girls for bringing some
rescue pups and rabbits tonight to Callen-Lacey Children’s Home.
The kids loved being able to play and cuddle with the animals. Great therapy!


We just wanted to check-in to let you know we are thinking about you! We are working with Rio Grande Children’s Home and trying to coordinate some upcoming workshops with them. In the meantime~ we hope you know how much we appreciate YOU!
All our love,
Anissa and Lupita
Chicktime Mission RGV Leadership Team

Can we be honest? Our first workshop didn’t go down quite the way we hoped it would go. We are working out the kinks and although a little discouraged we are NOT defeated. That would mean Satan wins and we will never ever allow that. We believe in the mission of Chicktime and our purpose at David & Margaret Youth and Family Services.

So please join us in prayer as we pray for our chapter, our volunteers, our workshops to come and our relationship with the girls we serve in hopes that we can build a trusting relationship with them.
Stay tuned for September workshop details!
All our love,
Chickitme Rancho Cucamonga Leadership Team

August Update!

Our Workshop was canceled due to unforeseen reasons. We are gearing up for an awesome September workshop to make up for lost time with our kids!

Please join us!

August Update:

Splashing our way in summer fun! Our event was a good time under the August sun.

As hot as it was, we were blessed with a strong breeze, water balloons, squirt guns, and refreshing Italian ice!

Sharing our love for keeping cool and having a blast in the summer heat was the best. This is what the season is all about. We hope you can come enjoy us serving the girls next month while we focus on health with a game of health jeopardy.

August Update:

What a great August workshop!

Thank you Lee for educating he children at Family Time Crisis Center about outdoor survival tips .

This workshop was so informative!

August Update:

No matter the age, it’s important to make good decisions. Had a wonderful and informative time with the ladies of Krause House on making positive choices. Thank you Joy Lewis, for sharing your passion with us.

August Update:

What a wonderful August workshop with these fabulous ladies!

Thank you Nancy Myers for the love you poured into this workshop.

Spending time with the young women at Vista Maria and showing them just how special  and how truly loved they are makes the heart full!

#affirmations #sharingjesuslove

August Update:

The beautiful Chicktime Volunteers who showed up to be crafty with us at our August workshop!

Everyone worked hard at making their own firefly!

That just so happen to light up in the dark!!!

So cool!

See you next month.

August Update:

We had a great time wit our tiny friends this week. We made sensory bags with ziplocks, hair gel, and a variety of times to look at and feel.

We then tried them out with the dreaded tummy time by one of our littles. They were a big hit with both mamas and their babies!

Welcome Miss Gabriela!

August Update:

We had such a blast with our little artists yesterday! Our pool party got rained on but it didn’t stop the fun!

We made icees, played board games and got to create some sidewalk art!! I love hanging out with these kids! They’re so fun and creative! It’s never a dull moment at WCH!


August Update

The kids won the water wars. They enjoyed getting the leaders drenched.

We had a great time playing Dodge the Water Balls, badminton, and volleyball.

The gifts were greatly appreciated. Thanks for all of you that donated.
We would also like to thank our volunteers that barbecued our yummy lunch.

We ended our day with ice cream sundaes.

This event was one of our favorites.
Each person is touching the lives of these young ladies by donating gifts,
donating items or volunteering.
And for that, we can’t Thank You enough.


August Update

CHICKTIME ATLANTA Back to School Bash was a pleasant surprise for the girls.
Instead of paper, notebooks, etc; we decided to boost up their self-esteem by
adding some personable touches.
So, their Chicktime Atlanta back to school gift bag included
nail polish, lip gloss, hair accessories, mini clipboard reminders,
colorful pens and pencils, erasers, candy treats
and most importantly their own personal journal that promotes POSITIVITY.
The event ended with their favorite food (nachos)
and everyone danced to their favorite song.
Oh yeah, the Back to School Bash was definitely an event to be remembered.

August Update

Today was great!
It could not have happened without your clothing donations
or our amazing volunteer team.
I watched as each of our volunteers was interacting with the girls
and making special connections with them.

One girl, who has not spoken in almost two years, actually talked today!
It took that long for her to trust us.
We are in it for the long haul!
We hope you will join us for Taco Bar Fun in September!


August Update

❤️ “This is the nicest backpack I’ve ever had.”…
“You guys got nice clothes for us.”…
“I just want to thank you for doing this for us (insert hug).”…
“We get socks too!?” ❤️

Every minute of planning and preparation was worth it
to be able to watch these kids/teens fill their brand new backpacks
with so many supplies and clothes to start the school year out right.
Then to see that boost of confidence after their haircuts.
They looked SO GOOD!

The success of this event would not have been possible without
so many of you who contributed to the supplies list and
who took the time to volunteer today.
Thank you for seeing and supporting our vision for this event.
Your contribution brought lots of joy to the lives of kids today
that don’t feel that emotion as often as they should.

We are so excited to grow with Miracles OutReach
and continue bringing fun events for the youth in their care.

August Update:

What a sweet time with our young moms tonight,

We learned to do creative lettering to make cards, posters, whatever…the sky’s the limit!!

August Update:

Chicktime Boerne in action….
Girls decorated back to school backpacks, filled them with supplies, picked out healthy snacks, got toothbrushes and toothpaste…

and let us love on them for a few hours.

It’s a beautiful day at Chicktime New Braunfels!

Deborah Smith, the founder of Chicktime New Braunfels is transitioning out to start a new chapter~Chicktime New Braunfels Downtown~

How exciting!!

AND we  have  a new Managing Leader to take her place at Chicktime New Braunfels who has a deep desire to LOVE and spread JOY through Chicktime workshops and continue the legacy that has already been started!

God is moving in BIG ways in New Braunfels, Texas !!! Two Chicktime Chapters! Wow!!

Welcome Brittney!


Move in Day Part 2

Not many pictures today because we were non-stop (minus a quick lunch break).
More progress made and more work to be done.

Thank you so much for everyone who came out to help us today!

Our next event is Saturday, August 3rd
and we originally planned just for the Back to School Event,
but could use more help getting this room ready too. Stay tuned for updates.



We are excited to announce the launch of our brand new chapter, Chicktime Havelock! Check back soon for more details! :-)

July Update:

Another fabulous workshop!

We love serving our community.

July Update:

The ladies in this pic helped put on an awesome workshop!

Morning facials, lip scrub making, nail polishing, and gel soap making = a successful spa experience with the girls at St PJs!

Thank you to all the volunteers that turned out this morning. We hope to see you again soon!

July Workshop:

We got so busy we forgot to take pictures!

Our workshop activity was changed at the last minute and boy our time was well spent. We talked about all the produce recalls in the past couple of years. We talked about the basics on starting an indoor garden and  how to transplant outside. We then told them about taking gardening from a hobby to an actual lucrative career… farming!

Please join us next month! We will be learning how to build a budget!


July Update

“We should not teach children the sciences
but give them a taste for them.” -Jean Jacques Rosseau

We had a great time at our science workshop with the girls!
They learned about DNA strands and extracting DNA!
Big thanks to Youth Villages for having us and
Chelsea Cash for a great time with the girls! – Holly


July Update

Science, slime, and smiles all thanks to our workshop leader Mimi!! 🙂
Thank you so much for making the long 2 hour trek over to run this workshop!
We truly appreciate all of your efforts,
and the children receiving treatment from Shriners
definitely are grateful for you being here!
Are you interested in running a workshop?
Comment down below! 
🙂 #ChicktimeSpringfield

July Update:

We stayed out of the heat, but still channeled summer vibes with some painting fun.

Thanks Pink Velvet Studio!!

We can’t wait for August workshop!

July Update:

Thanks to all who came out to our July workshop. We are still figuring things out at our new Charity Partner and we so appreciate the help and patience.

We are doing Science Experiments next month. Hope to see you there.

July Update:

The girls were away at camp~ so no official workshop in July.

This month we start collecting Walmart, Target, and Visa gift cards for Christmas presents for the girls at Boysville. Message us if you can help!

July Update:

Giant Jenga…..Connect Four…..It was game day at Chicktime Cinncy!

July Update:

Thank you Ms. Alex for another wonderful Chicktime Carnival. The kids had so much fun bobbing for apples, playing Bingo and Chess, and all the other fun carnival games. The BBQ hamburgers and sausage were a big hit. Also, thanks to our awesome volunteers who come out to help support Chicktime and our charity partner, SJRC Texas every month.

If you want a rewarding experience, come join us on the third Saturday of each month at SJRC Texas. We guarantee a fun time for all!!

July Update:

Bingo and Love….Chicktime Empowered!

July Update:

Chicktime Galveston…..God joins us at every workshop!

July Update:

Our July Workshop was canceled. See you in August.

July Update:

Praise the Lord! All the residents at Bokenkamp Children’s Home had a blast with praise n worship!

A huge thank you to our event leader, Lyn! She did an amazing job getting a wonderful band to play for the youth. Check out our live videos and videos on comments below. Thank you to H-E-B for providing for these kids. We can’t say enough about all our wonderful volunteers as well – without you, none of this could happen. Thank you and Bless you from the bottom of our hearts! Until next month!!!!

July Update:

We had a fun time learning how to organize our drawers and how to efficiently put away our laundry!

Thank you Joanne for teaching our girls this awesome life skill!

Our first “official” workshop is here! Please come help us build a legacy of love in our community!

July Update:

July’s Chicktime workshop was called Summer Fun and it was fun!!!july pic4

Shawna led the Water Fun and the girls had a blast getting sprayed with the water hose and running relay races.

Corrina led Mini Edible Arrangements. The girls really loved cutting the fruit with cookie cutters and making beautiful arrangements that they could eat later.

Lindsay led the Bracelet Making station. The girls were very creative with the colors they chose and the bracelets were beautiful.

We had a great turnout of volunteers. Thanks to everyone who came out to enjoy the day with the New Life girls.

July Update

What an amazing time we had last night at Callen Lacey Children’s Home!
So thankful to have Dorchester County K-9 unit show us their beloved dogs
and demonstrate their training and expected behavior. So informative!!

July Update

Chicktime Atlanta’s Writing Workshop was one for the books!
Everyone participated in writing a letter to their future selves
and what we heard was nothing short of amazing.
Some of the future goals included college, marriage, & self growth.
Thank you to all of our volunteers, we look forward to next month’s event!

July Update

Another Great time with our girls.
Tacos, Brownies and Exotic Animals.
What more could you want?

July Update:

Oh my goodness! We had a fabulous turnout for today’s workshop! Twenty! Yes, I said 20 incredible volunteers!!! Thank you to everyone who showed up and showed love! 💕💗💕

And I can’t rave enough about the fun and creative workshop on DIY makeup. Karina taught everyone how to make homemade sugar lip scrub, and skin highlighter. The girls loved learning how to apply it too.

There was a lot of great interaction between the Krause girls and Chicktime volunteers. Such an amazing afternoon!

July Update:

We had an amazing time sharing our passion of giving back with the girls at Casa de Amparo through making blankets for Project Linus.

Serving others produces abundant joy and purposeful lives that lets us live outside ourselves; our issues, and circumstances. It transports our hearts, minds and souls into a state of peace, gratitude and joy.

This is what we do every second Saturday of the month. Please come join us in giving back at our August Event! We will be sharing our love for summer fun.

We Can’t Wait to See Everyone! We’ve missed YOU!

We are so thrilled! Corrina Green just joined our leadership team.

Greater things are still to come with Chicktime Canyon Lake at New Life and we believe Corrina’s leadership is just what we need to continue the work God has placed on our hearts.

July Update:

What a BE-YOU-TIFUL kind of Summer Day with some Vista Maria girls! Chicktime Detroit is honored to shine a little extra love from Jesus on them! Thank you precious ladies for volunteering so faithfully…you are really making a difference! #WaterBaloonToss🎈💦 #MusicalSquares#SoakerSpongeGame🏆🍉 #Watermelon #CookiePrizes #SnacksnWater#BlessingsonBlessingsofLOVEnLAUGHS 😍🙌

July Update:

Flip flop transformation…..

Don’t they look fancy???

What a fun workshop!

July Update:

A great way to cool down is to make homemade ice cream! At our super great Monday Funday, we played an M&M game to help us get to know each other better. We also talked about how important it was to talk & communicate with your babies. Then we made ice cream!

We would like to quote our amazing Jr. Chick, Pennie, when she said, ” This is the best thing I’ve ever had.” How cool is that?! We have 2 more baby girls coming in a few months & can’t wait to hold them! Stay tuned as the mamas have requested we make flashcards and/or games to play with the littles in the near future.


July Update:

Had an awesome day at Family Time Crisis Center with our Chicktime sisters today.

We taught the children and moms about creative ways to make art and how to think out side the box.

We created unique art pieces using all different kinds of medium such as glue, salt, food coloring and even shaving cream 😁💗

July Update:

Chicktime was so fun today! Alli and her friends from OU came out to SJRC to show the girls some science experiments.

They made apple pie without apples! It was amazing! Who knew?

And then we used fruit to produce electric currents. Alli and friends helped to show the girls how smart they are! The girls really enjoyed getting their scientific minds rolling.

The babies got lots of loving and snuggling. Thank you Alli for thus awesome workshop 💕.

July Update:

Another fabulous event Military Appreciation! These kids are great…We made thank you cards and filled four boxes that will be sent to our troopers overseas.

Thank you to all Military and their families! I hope these boxes find you safe. Our prayers are always with you! Thank you to our Military Veterans in attendance…

July Update:

Today we learned that just because something is broken doesn’t mean that it isn’t beautiful as the wonderful kids at MCYS expressed themselves with their Graffiti Wall!!

Join us next next month! We are going to have so much fun celebrating our 1 year anniversary!

July Update

Coloring, ice cream, and pizza! We had a BLAST today, thanks everyone for coming out! 😊


Moving Update Part 1

“Teamwork is the secret that makes common people achieve uncommon results.”

 Two rooms and a bathroom painted (accent walls to be done this coming week).
 Five dressers built (3 more to go).

Without this awesome team, I would likely still be taping up baseboards.
🤷🏻‍♀️ Our Chicktime crew even had some male volunteers who we will dub,
“Chicktime Bros”!

Our next Reno date is Saturday, July 27th from 9am-3pm.
More painting, furniture building, and decorating.

For everyone who spent their time with us today
and those of you that donated so we could purchase all of these supplies,
know you are loved and appreciated! Thank you times infinity! ❤️

Another big thank you to Miracles OutReach for letting us have
a giving and serving outlet through your organization!

July Update

Thank you to @thenewmanseriescatering_ for hosting our July workshop!
The girls had so much fun making dipped Oreos!!
Ms. Dana is one talented lady!
We ended the day with a game of Taboo.
We had so much fun with these amazing girls!


Thank you Deborah Smith for following your heart and bringing a second Chicktime chapter to New Braunfels! :-)

June Update:

Chicktime July was a blast!

Summer is here and what better way to cool off than with a Pool Party….

 and decorating your flip flops to have for the Texas Heat…

The girls could not decide  how to decorate their flip flops due to the wide variety of choices they had. Thank you @OlgaRamirez and Malena Sanchez for donating the materials and accessories
See you at our next month’s event Saturday August 3rd from 10:00-12:00

June Update:

We got slimed and it was soooooo FUN!
Our June workshop was pretty awesome and we promise our July workshop will be even better! Join us!!

Our workshop is canceled today, July 3rd.

We have rescheduled it for Sunday, July 14th from 4-6! Hope to see you then.



June Update

Another great time with the girls!

June Update:

We had a small group today, but that made conversations sweet and intimate. We played bingo and we enjoyed some scratch art and bubbles. Snacks too..

Always a blessed day when Chicktime SA Central has the honor of spending time with the girls at St PJ’s.

June Update:

Slime is every where!

Who knew it could be so fun to make it !

June Workshop:

Boo! Our June workshop was canceled due to unforeseen reasons! We will pick back up next month. Please make plans to join us!

June Update

We had a great time at Chicktime Park Circle’s Science Night tonight!!
Thank you so much to our event lead and volunteers 


June Update

We had an awesome time with our ladies of Chadwick Residence today!
They learned some essentials of planting,
and planted a special plant of their own to watch grow!


June Update:

Our Make Your Own Artwork Workshop was a HUGE success!

We had some new faces – both girls and volunteers! A great time was had by all!

The girls won’t be on campus for our Chicktime Workshop scheduled for Saturday, June 22rd.

It has been rescheduled for Sunday, June 23rd at 9:00am.

See you at St PJ’s !

Questions? Email carmenccernoch@gmail.com

Chicktime Grand Rapids Volunteers~
Our Charity Partner needs a few months off. We will keep you posted when our next workshop will be~ but it looks like we will resume our special time at D.A. Blodgett St. John’s in October! We appreciate your patience and look forward to seeing you in the fall.
All our love,
Chicktime Grand Rapids Leadership Team

June Update:

Ice cream and board games to kick off the weird weather summer months here in Michigan with the kids of D.A. Blodgett – St. John’s! 🍦🌤🥰

Volunteer opportunities are available every third Saturday of the month with Chicktime—the non-profit working to build connections and add value to our community by way of working with kids that have experienced severe trauma, abuse, and neglect.

They are light!! And it’s a minimal time commitment.

June Update:

June’s workshop kicked off summer with some beach ball fun. It was the perfect lead in to next month’s workshop! Stay tuned to see the fun we have next month!

June Update:

Our June BBQ workshop was just what our summer days needed!

See You Next Month!

June Update:

This weekend we had a great time making decorated letters, washi necklaces and hanging out with the girls. Always a positive and rewarding experience. 💕 #chicktime

June Update:

Thank you, Charis, for sharing your talents with us today!

The children had a wonderful time being able to tap into their creativity and make beautiful paintings!

Thank you to all our wonderful volunteers that spent their morning spending time with the children at SJRC!

See you next month!

June Update:

Jo Ann Lipscomb, the Brookdale South ladies and gentleman, and Lolly Caballero enjoyed their Chicktime San Marcos Empowered meeting on Saturday, June 15th. This month we did build-a-bear projects. Everyone was excited and had a great time! We enjoyed it so much that we forgot to take pictures until the end. Thank you Jo Ann for taking pics. We got creative in making the bear clothes and helping them to personalize their bears

June Update:

The kids had the BEST time at our event yesterday!!

We started our event with a prayer …
Then the kids enjoyed Icecream with tons of toppings …

And then the fun ensued with extreme games by the master Of games himself Devaughn Triad Paul!!


June Update

We had a change in events this month and had the BEST time!
Game Board Night was a hit!!!

June Update:

Every month, Chicktime San Antonio, has the opportunity to plant seeds of hope and love to the teen girls who live at Boysville. How fitting that this months workshop activity was painting flower pots and planting seeds in hopes they will grow and bloom into something beautiful, strong, and very special flowers.

Chicktime Co-Leader, Letty Rodella and workshop leader, Betty Fernandez, read a poem to the girls during the paint session, called The Best Flower in the Garden~ A tale about the flowers that become something special when they came together in a bouquet.

The girls made individual banana pudding cups for their snack and feasted on watermelon and strawberries!

One of the best things about our monthly time together is our traditional circle prayer to end each workshop. Watching the girls hold hands and wait for us to pray with them is honestly God using our chapter to build HIS kingdom here on earth. Today, one of our girls closed us out in prayer. God is sooooooooooooo good!

Thank you Betty for always saying YES!! to leading a Chicktime Workshop! Year after year we can always count on you!!

June Update:

Another fabulous morning spent with the girls decorating wooden butterflies and making friendship bracelets!

Thanks for hanging out Leah Kent😁

June Update:

Chicktime in June held a variety of activities that sparked the girls interest. Cora talked to the girls about creating a message that they would someday share with girls their age and showed them the joy of public speaking. Many of the girls shared beautiful testimony about their time at New Life and how it has impacted their lives.

Lori and Gracie showed the girls how to make their own ice cream and the science of how ice,salt and friction can turn cream and sugar into a delicious ice cold treat. Sandra shared more science with the girls by making bubbles from dry ice and soap. They really liked making their own slime from glue, water and a borax solution. Thanks to all the volunteers who showed up to spend precious time with the wonderful girls at New Life.

June Update:

What a great event today!Thanks to all of our fabulous volunteers for coming out and helping the girls have a wonderful



 The kites came out so nice and were so excited about flying them. It was priceless watching them have a fun time outside!

♡♡♡♡ Thank you H-E-B for all the drinks and snacks too!

June Update:

June Update:

We had such a wonderful time with our MCYS kiddos today!! The wonderfully talented Mrs. Judy Whitten Rollins taught the kids how to make no bake cookies! All the kiddos were super excited to have a hand in measuring, stirring and of course EATING the cookies!! They we gone as fast as the hardened! Then we played about 20 rounds of Bingo as the kids took turns being the caller! We are truly blessed to serve such an amazing group of children!! See you next month as we bring out our inner artist with Riley’s Graffiti Art!!