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Good news! Lori is in training to lead the Chicktime movement in Summerville! If you are interested in learning more about you can help the hurting and forgotten children of Summerville, please contact Lori today at summerville@chicktime.com!

November Update:

Chicktime Conroe is truly blessed to have such an amazing group of volunteers but MAC truly goes above and beyond for our kiddos at yes to youth! MAC is a Mixed Martial Arts gym in Conroe. They come visit our kiddos twice a year to teach them self defense skills because our shelter only houses youth for 90 days and every group of kids is different.

That’s no problem for these AMAZING superstars though because they tailor each workshop to the needs of the kids we are serving at the time. We usually break up into boys and girls because of the differences in interests and each time they’ve come, MAC has brought more and more Volunteers so it’s easier to split up. 

nov pic

They are truly an amazing organization and we can’t thank you enough. Today the ladies learned how to escape surprise attacks and unwanted attention situations while the guys focused on protecting yourself in a fight, striking and kicking if needed in self defense.

November Update:

God is so good. This was such an amazing. Event with the girls full of connection, laughter and fun. There is nothing like sharing something that brings you joy with another.

We taught one of the girls how to play Spoons, the card game. At first she had to get pass the learning curve, but after that we kept playing round after round. The same joy that it brought me, blossomed in her. This is what Chicktime is all about. Come share something that brings you JOY .

Even through a small card game you can bring a memory of Joy for a teen who is need of these kind of memories <3

November Update:

We had a great first workshop learning about our new friends and sharing what we are thankful for.

We are so Thankful for this new partnership and our amazing volunteers.

Thank you Lorna, Emily and Sarah for your dedication to Chicktime!

November Update:


Chicktime Katy shared our blessings and multiplied our joys today as we made “Gratitude Pillowcases” with the young ladies at Krause Children’s Center.

See you next month!!

November Update

A very cold night made it the perfect opportunity to
huddle around a fire and enjoy some s’mores!
First time ever for some of the kids!

November Update:

Words Can not describe just how blessed we are at Chicktime Detroit! Knowing that things rarely go as planned it dose not matter because God is always in control!! #blessed #sisters #jesusislove

November Update:

Gooble! Gooble!

Fun times making pudding turkeys!

Our time with the kids is so special and our volunteers are THE best!


November Update

CREATIVE CREATIONS! This month, back by popular Demand,
Chicktime Atlanta did a work shop on Introduction to Entrepreneurship.
The girls did an essay detailing what they wanted their own business to be;
such as music producers, hair stylists, artists, physical therapists, animal trainer
and businesses that will help other young ladies to have a better and successful life.
Please zoom in to the pic with the drawings and writings and
read the dreams that these young ladies have.
Chicktime Atlanta

Thankful for our volunteers that come and spend time with our chicktime Boerne chapter 🙏♥️

Tara keeps our Pink color alive today the girls went home with a soft pink pillow💗 they devoured yummy fall decorated cookies 🎃👻🦄🍪 and cupcakes 🍁
each girl was gifted a pink Bible📖.

We will see you in the new year! No December workshop!

November Update:

We had a blast showing our single moms how to create their own fall-themed decorations.
They were all so creative and seemed to really enjoy the workshop!
And what kind of fall gathering would it be without chili, cornbread, Fritos, pumpkin-shaped rice crispy treats, and apple cider o such a cold and rainy night.
See you next month!


November Update

From this… to this! We are cleaned up, sorted and organized!

Next round will be cleaning floors and walls for painting
and then hanging everything up!

We hope to have the clothes closet at Miracles OutReach looking like
a boutique come the new year!

P.S. shout out to JoAnna Lynn for being a rock start today!!! 🙌

October Update:

Thanks to the ladies of the ACTS Lakeway Church who provided fun fall activities at this month’s workshops.

There were fall games, snacks, and crafts.

We are grateful for our volunteers who were there to show up and show love.

October Update:

Another Chicktime Little Rock Workshop in the books! Thank you to our Workshop Leader Meshunda for teaching us how to not sweat the small stuff! And of course thank you to our charity partner Immerse Arkansasfor allowing us to hang with them. Stay tuned for our November invite!!!! 💕💕💕💕


October Workshop:

Wow what a great turnout for our 1st official workshop!

We had a great time decorating masks and getting into the Halloween spirit @ Connections!

The kiddos, volunteers and staff enjoyed some Frito Pie and bonding time!

Just an all around good time!

Happy Halloween! Hope to see you next month!

October Update

Super fun time tonight at Callen-Lacey Children’s Home!
Pizza, breadsticks and Italian Ice!
Ended the night with some fun games of Uno and Spoons!
Love those kids!

October Update:

This month’s workshop was colorful, creative, and delicious! We played Scategories, painted pumpkins, and enjoyed yummy pumpkin treats.

This was the first time that every girl at New Beginnings chose to participate, and we were THRILLED to have a fun, lovely group of girls and women gathered together!


October Update

October was fun!
We did Halloween makeup and painting pumpkins
and had such a blast!!!
Plus, what’s a Halloween celebration without a little sugar??!!!!


October Update

We had a great Halloween party at CYDC!
Snacks, games, prizes, face painting & friends 

October Update

Fall is here!
We had a great time sharing snacks and carving pumpkins
during our October workshop.
Our kids are sure to have the best jack-o-lanterns on the block!
We hope to see you at our November event! 

October Update:

Thank you Liz and Cora for leading the children of SJRC through the “My Amazing Self” activity.

The Children are very inspirational and truly amazing. It was so wonderful to hear them share their  messages of what is important to be successful with each other…such amazing courage. They also enjoyed making their own Halloween desserts!

October Update:


Our October workshop was jammed packed with volunteers and the residents at Brookdale felt so special.

We decorated halloween masks.

All it takes is a couple hours on the 3rd Saturday of the month which leads to making the day of an elderly person who loves the attention and conversation. We hope to see you in November!

October Update:

Never think what you have to offer is insignificant. There will always be someone out there who needs what you have to give. This statement seems always to ring true at our Chicktime workshops and it wasn’t any different at this months event!!

Our workshop leader, Tara Johnson, showed the girls how to sew their own pillowcases!

Her passion for sewing was so evident as she led the workshop, but the love and grace she extended the girls by showing up with supplies to fill up a Saturday morning will for ever be etched in their hearts… and now every night before they go to bed they can lay their head on a pillow case they made at Chicktime and forever be reminded how much they are loved!!

Thank you to our volunteers who showed up with sewing machines and with loving hearts. We know your time is valuable and we are so grateful you believe in the mission of Chicktime!

It is in moments like this that God’s Love in us can change the world. May we continue to ask God to reveal himself to us and form us for a life of service.

Special thanks to Tara for also gifting each of the girls teen bibles and goats milk soap !! What a beautiful treat for them!!
We hope to see you next month!

October Update:

Due to some new volunteer regulations, our October workshop was canceled. We are praying that everything will be in place for our November event.

October Update:

What do you see when you look at this picture?

How about this one?

We hope you see a bunch of wonderful women who show up once a month to love on children who need it most!

We hope when you look at this pic you see children who are grateful for our monthly visits.

Halloween Fun!

Chicktime Mesa  would love for you to join us one month!

It’s a movement and we will never stop moving!

October Update:

🥰Special thank you to our leader Hema for giving us the gift of henna today.

Our girls had so much fun getting their henna designs…

Look at the details!

Our volunteers had so much fun learning and playing a new card game called bumper with the girls! So many smiles and laughs shared today. 🥰

October Update:

Chicktime Galveston’s October workshop was full of fun, laughter and a whole lot of Jesus.

See you next month~ Let’s give thank together!

October Update:

What a FUN Day at Bokenkamp today!

The girls did such a great job decorating their masks and truly enjoyed our conversations.

A huge thank you to H-E-B for all the drinks and snacks (cracker jacks, pringles, m&m’s and orange soda).

Many thanks to all of our volunteers for giving of your time and bringing smiles to all those precious girls. Enjoy their awesome masks!

October Update:

Create your own comic with Symone was a success!

It was so beautiful watching the girls really get into this workshop!

October Update:

Oh what a blast we had at our October workshop!

The girls got so creative with their halloween masks!

Just look at the yummy witch hat treats they created out of sugar cones, icing and sugar cookies.

The girls like the games we played too.

We just love our time together. Join us one month. We know you will too!

October Update:

We had so much fun today with the teens creating spooky cupcakes. They had so much fun and were very creative.

Some of them made multiple cupcakes because they were having so much fun. They will definitely be on a sugar high later!!!

If you are on the fence about volunteering please know these teens enjoy and are so appreciative of these activities and the time we spend with them. Please ask us more about volunteering! It’s only a few hours a month

We have a new Charity Partner and we couldn’t; be more excited!

Please join us as we bring Chicktime Sacramento to the children who live at St. Johns for Real Change!

If not us….then who?


October Update

What an awesome Workshop today.
Our Co-Leaders candidly and affectionately educated the ladies
of the Chadwick Residence about Breast Cancer Awareness
during our Pink Party!


October Update

Made some spooky skeletons and superhero masks today!
Thank you all who came to our workshop 
Stay tuned for next month’s invite!


October Update

The girls loved the goat farm.
They received and gave love to the goats.
Each goat had its own personal story.

October Update:

🧡💛 Chicktime Indy had an amazing time today!

Thank you Melody Warnock, the pumpkins 🎃 were adorable!! 🧡💛

October Update:

We had so much fun today at the Woman & Children’s Center!

We colored trick or treat bags and made stress balls with flour!!

So honored to bless these moms & kiddo’s every month!! The kids were so cute in their costumes it was hard to judge!

October Update:

Another Chicktime Halloween in the books!

The girls at Vista Maria never seize to amaze us with their creativity and uniqueness. They decorated their own masquerade masks and now they have a Halloween costume!

Vista Maria is a community that houses and supports young girls in need.

#chicktimedetroit #vistamaria #womensupportingwomen #helpeachother#volunteer @ Vista Maria

October Update:

Fun fall crafts with our volunteer crew and the amazing, creative young ladies at Krause!

The crayon craft was super fun, but what melted my heart was the great interaction happening throughout the workshop.

October Update:

Sharing Dias de Los Muerts with the girls was amazing!

oct pic 2

Remembering our lost loved ones on the alter and celebrating the day with a piñata, nachos, face painting, and a super cool lantern craft provided connection with our girls  and a whole lot of fun for everyone.

Please come out and join us for the next month.

We will be sharing the love of Thanksgiving through playing games and sharing some delicious dessert. 


October Update

Had a terrifying time at our super spooky Halloween party!
Face painting, creepy crafts, and LOTS of candy! 

October Update

What a cool experience today!
Dawn Harland (IG: @dawntheartist) set up a Halloween makeup tutorial
with paint, latex, and special effects-
sewing a mouth shut and peeling a face off were some of the favorites! 🤐🧟‍♀️🦹‍♀️ 🎃 👻

Such a fun time with the girls at Miracles OutReach! ❤


October Update

What an amazing day!!!
We had spooky snacks, fall games, prizes, slime making, and pumpkin painting!
We are so thankful to all of our volunteers for helping put this together.
Also, thank you to 
Xtra Mile Food Bank for their snack donations
and to 
Mitcham Farm for donating pumpkins for our event.
These girls had so much fun today and were able to just enjoy life
and not worry about the challenges they face every day.
They may not get to go out and participate in fall festivals,
so we brought the fall festival to them!
Join us next month for our Thanksgiving Feast!!


October Update

Chicktime Atlanta enjoyed a well needed free day with the girls.
We worked out a bit, played games, learned a dance, took a walk & enjoyed some food.
This month was the girls’ to lead and we must say they did a great job overall
 Always looking for what’s in store with these lovely ladies
🦋Peace & Blessings.

A New Chicktime Chapter has been established and there is a wonderful leadership team to grow it!

Meet the leadership team of Chicktime New Braunfels Downtown!


October Update

We had a last minute change in our plans,
but our team had it covered!
Getting ready for Halloween !
🎃 was a huge success.
We always have a great time with these girls.

October Update:


Thank you Volunteers and  workshop leadersConstance and Mia from the Patrick Heath Boerne Public Library for coming out and spending your Saturday morning with us.

At our October workshop the girls got to decorate, draw and color a pillow case using fabric marker.

Didn’t they come out beautiful!

Our tasty  treat was  witches hats with sugar cookies, waffle cones, m&m’s and chocolate frosting.

Hope to see you in November 2019!

October Update:

What a fun time tonight with our young moms learning to do Zentangles art form taught by Lindy Hargrave Art!

It looks really intricate but so simple When you follow the steps! I can see how one could get caught up for hours working on something like this!

And of course We can’t get together without food and treats!!

September Update:

A beautiful morning making flower arrangements.

Thank you Julie for sharing your gifts and talents.

September Update:

This is one of our favorite workshops. We had 18 beautiful girls who had a blast decorating their wooden crosses for this months workshop led by Sylvia Menchaca. A huge thank you to our volunteers who helped make this a joyful event for everyone. Thank you H-E-B for providing drinks and snacks too – you bring all the girls so much happiness as our exclusive donor each month.

Enjoy their beautiful crosses. Many of them told me that they would cherish them and remember us always. This makes it all worth it!

Those smiles and glimpses of happiness in their faces….

September Update:

Today’s event was so fun! We learned about all the activities that could be considered public speaking. Then we tackled the Heinz Dilemma and did some drawing. Great discussions all around!


September October

Look at all of the cute sculptures we made! 🙂
Are you interested in making someone smile?
Please consider joining our team!

September Update:

We are women of VISION and PURPOSE. Thank you to the six volunteers who came out to New Beginnings for our vision board party.

You are inspiring the girls to build a vision of growth, gratitude, and success for their new school year!

September Update:

Dinner and Bingo night is always a favorite of the kids each year.

We pray you can see how beautiful our time is each month

September Update:

We had a pamper time that included eye makeup, hand and arm massages and lovely polished nails. Mindy spoke on our physical beauty and the beautiful work God is doing in our soul. After all the pampering each one of our Chicktime ladies prayed personally for a girl until they were all prayed for. It was so sweet and tender. Our ladies were truly moved by their openness and willingness to receive.  

We give and give but there is no way to compare that with the enormity of what the Lord pours back on us!

September Update:

September’s workshop was a blast. We had the kiddos think about what their goals were after finishing school. They made envision board and/or notebooks, talked about career choices and even did some cooking. They enjoyed each other’s company while snacking on sliders, chips, brownies and cookies. Chicktime Bulverde is so blessed and honored to have such amazing volunteers who come out and love on these awesome kids.

Please come out and join us every third Saturday of the month from 9:00 am to noon.

We are also looking for volunteers to host a workshop in the year 2020. Please let us know if you are interested or have any questions. Your workshop is simply sharing your passion with the kids at SJRC. When you are excited about what you do, others will share along with your joy. Come try it out with us!

September Update:

We are  full of gratitude this morning.
We would like to give a BIG warm thank you to Jasmine Merrill, our wonderful speaker today for the positive words of encouragement and taking the time to speak with our bright young ladies at the Ozanam campus.

And to our Amazing volunteers, we couldn’t make Chicktime happen every month without your endless support and dedication!

And as we learned today:


September Update:

What a wonderful morning we had sharing fun and laughter as the girls proudly competed in Minute to Win It games.

Starting with face the cookie, balloon juggling, cup stacking and ending with water balloon toss and water relays, both the girls and volunteers cheered on and played to win king-sized candy.

As we usually do, we closed our time with snacks and prayer, looking forward already to our next time together. Thanks to our wonderful volunteers for leading and playing games.

Join us on October 19th for our next Chicktime actiivty.

September Update:

Since our September workshop was canceled due to flooding we do n0t have pictures to post. We ask that you pray for our charity partner as they regroup. We are going to plan a big workshop for October to make sure they all feel love from Chicktime.

September Update:

Party fun at Chicktime Canyon Lake this month!

Brenda and Lori led an awesome station where we taught the girls how to play the really fun dominos game, Mexican Train. Each cottage was given a game to keep so they can play during their down time. So much fun!

Kelly and Danette led the Party Food station where the girls decorated mini cakes. They were so creative and delicious!

And thanks to Riki and her enthusiasm with water balloons. The girls had a blast getting soaking wet, running around and having fun.

Riki also provided an opportunity for each girl to create a positive affirmation poster. With the girls from Chi Beta Delta there to play with the girls it was a perfect day of fun and friendship! Thank you to all the volunteers that showed up to love on the girls at New Life.


September Update

Last night we had so much with the girls making wall art.
They used stencils, paints and markers to make canvases to hang in their rooms.
They had so much fun showing each other what they thought would work well
and complimenting one another’s work!! 💖💖💖
We are so lucky to be surrounded by these beautiful, talented young ladies.


September Update

In September we talked about the power of words and
learned about two different kinds of poetry.
Holly brought some personal blackout poetry to share
and we made bracelets by choosing colors that represented us as individuals.

Chicktime Akron is having a fundraiser to raise money for our monthly workshops we put on for the homeless youth in our community.

Bring your dog out for a $5.oo dollar portrait and support our mission.

See you on October 6th!

Due to the area flooding and the conditions Tropical Imelda continues to impact around the shelter and roads getting there….we are canceling the September workshop.

Safety for our volunteers is important to us as well as the shelter staff and residents.

Please keep everyone in your prayers.

We will double up on fun at our October workshop.

Thank you.


September Update

We had such a successful multicultural day!
I want to thank all our volunteers for being so great
and giving their own time back to the community.
You all rock! 

September 2019 Update:

We had the esteemed honor and pleasure of having Dress for Success come today and talk to the young ladies about the services they provide and the resources they have! What a blessing it was to have them share the good news Dress for Success had to offer! What an amazing time had by all! 🤗

September Update:

Our September workshop was such a blessing to the kids we serve and the volunteers who came to lead it. God always shows up at our workshops!

See you in October.

September Update:

Everyone had a great time this month decorating makeup bags! 💄💅🏼👛

Thank you Cathy for being the Chick Leader this month! 💕💕

And a big thanks to all the volunteers who were able to make it this month!

September Update:

Another fabulous workshop at the Women and Children’s Center!

What a blessing….Next workshop can’t come fast enough!

September Update

What a fun time we had with the girls on Arts and Crafts day.
The theme was Sip and Paint.
The girls created their own smoothies with the variety
of fruits and vegetables that we provided.
As they sipped on their smoothies and began painting the canvases;
their CREATIVITY started to flow.
It was a fun, amazing and peaceful event.
I want to personally thank the volunteers that selflessly devote their time,
their energy, their talents,
and their compassion to help these monthly events be successful and memorable.

September Update:

The Karaoke Party was a #1 smash hit on the billboard charts! The girls at Krause are SO talented! Some of the Chicktime leaders not so much (🙋‍♀️). But everyone had a fabulous time!

September Update:

What an event! Thank you Jen for sharing your passion for health with us.

We are God’s masterpiece. He created us to do good things he planned for us to do. Ephesians 2:10

Without a healthy mind or body we would be unable to fulfill our destiny. Its our duty to take care of our bodies and minds so we can not only flourish in our own life, but show the next generation how to live a vibrant, valued existence. Growing up without guidance, or a misguidance as the youth we work with, have negative ramifications on their well being. It was Chicktime’s privilege to share with the girls some nutritious healthy treats and wisdom that can help them maintain good health.

Please come join us for our October event! We will be sharing the love and celebration for Halloween.

September update:

🍎📓 Back-to-School Personalized Journals for the girls!! 😎🤗 it always bewilders us how awesome God allows us to fill in a few short hours of time serving others. Truth is…its not easy for these girls to shake off the season of struggle they are in or for us to be able to meet them where they are but Oh Holy Spirit never fails!!!🙌

He softens their hearts just enough to us and gives us the supernatural love joy peace patience kindness goodness faithfulness gentleness and self-control to share with them!

🙌🙏#soblessedtobeablessing 🍉🍈🍇🍎🍊🍋 #tyLaineynWhitney Chicktime Detroit 💗

September Update:

An amazing time was had by all this morning. We did yoga with our kids.

Becky May was an amazing leader! The kids did an amazing job with the poses, they looked like pros.

 Enjoy the pictures of our day!

Spa Day Update

The long awaited Spa Day was A success.
These girls had a blast. We love our chick time girls.


September Update

Our first workshop was a success!
I think we as volunteers and, most importantly, all of the kids at MSP really enjoyed it.
We played in the play room and on the playground, had a drawing session and watched movies!

We’re excited for the rest of our workshops coming up this year!


September Update

Water Party time at Callen-Lacey Children’s Home!
What a blessing to spend time with these kids!

September Update

Out first official workshop was a total success!
Thank you so much 
Robyn Varino for making today possible for the girls.
You would have been so proud of the creative juices that flowed and the final products;
the girls absolutely loved painting their canvases and were proud of themselves.

For anyone wanting to host a workshop or contribute items for a monthly event
feel free to reach out as I have about 8 more months of the calendar year to fill with events.

A special thank you to our volunteers that made it out today;
this definitely was not a one woman show and I couldn’t have done it without you all!