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December Update:

Merry Christmas Chicktime Syracuse!
In our haste, we did not snap pictures of the gifts or the cookies we left for the Ladies, staff and the kids🥺 for Christmas… but we are confident they will all feel our love for each of them.
Bring on 2023 ! We have fabulous workshops planned and would love for you to join us one month.
Our community is counting on us!

November Update:

Our November workshop round table on Falling In Love with yourself was insightful and healing.
We are blessed to be able to spend this sacred time at Chadwick Residence.
We would love for you to join us one month!

October Update:

Our Donuts and Discussion workshop was a very intense moment of truth. We started the discussion with one question, “How are you?” Many of the ladies opened up and had a very candid discussion about how they were truly feeling. We enjoyed our time with the ladies.

September Update:

Our September workshop was just lovely ! It’s always powerful when women show up for other women.

August Update:

Together we make a difference. We have so much love to share and happy we have a place to spread it. Join us one month !

July Update:

The Leadership Team gathering together to plan amazing things for their chapter and charity partner. 


June Update:

Chicktime Syracuse loves to serve. We love to meet women who love to serve.

Join us in August as we encourage the women who live at Chadwick Residence. 



May Update:

The wonderful thing about being anointed women of God is that HE equips us for the missions HE sends us on. Chicktime Syracuse showed up for our monthly May workshop, but God needed us to serve Chadwick in other ways. It would of been so easy to walk away when we realized our Tea Party activity wasn’t going to happen and be angry about the time and money spent to put on this activity….but we allowed God to use us to listen and encourage instead. This was our May workshop!
If you have a heart for service….the kind of service that allows God to use you in ways HE needs you~ join us one month.

April Update:

We had a great time at Chadwhick on Saturday. Although most of the ladies were away on a weekend pass, we decided to make Easter Baskets and color eggs for them so they can have a few surprises when they return.

March Update:

We were blessed with a beautiful Saturday to drop off Bible Study Journals prepared by our Chapter Chaplin Minister Mae! 

She encouraged the ladies to Grow in their faith!!


February Update:

Chicktime Syracuse celebrated Valentine’s Day at Chadwick Residence!

All we want to do is spread love! Join our mission. 


January Update:

We know we can’t control things going on around us right now….
….sometimes we just have to step back and breathe in HIM.
Covid only makes things harder. Not impossible. 
We were not able to make January workshop happen, but this only makes us that much more geared up for February!


December Update:

Chicktime Syracuse dropped off a little Christmas love for our December workshop! With the resurgence of Covid/ new variant… we will still spread hope and love, but do it in a safe way.
Looking for a way to make a difference in the ne year? Reach out to us ! We need you!


November Update:

We had an awesome time at our cookie decorating workshop today hosted by our workshop leader, Meghan. 

Ministry went forth today as the women and children learned how to decorate cookies. 




October Update:

We had a very Blessed time today at our Annual Pink Party for Breast Cancer Awareness!
Ministry went forth as the ladies asked for prayer! A huge thank you to our Co-Leader and Chapter Chaplain, Minister
Williemae Davis for leading such an awesome Worksshop!


September Update:

We had the pleasure today of meeting a very sweet yet spirit-filled volunteer, Danielle Danielle asked if she could prepare self-care bags for the ladies at Chadwick! We enjoyed delivering the bags to the ladies today with Danielle!

September Update:

Special thanks to workshop leader, Daniele, for teaching us that self care is not selfish, but neccesary!

August Update:

Our ice cream social was rained out (since we are only meeting outside at the moment)…
so we left the ladies some goodies.
May their bodies be nourished.

If you are able to contribute any school supplies we would greatly appreciate it! We would love to drop off a basket full of crayons, glue, paper, pens/pencils, markers, rulers, pencil pouch, spiral notebooks and such! Wouldn’t it be wonderful to help the kids start the school year off with confidence that comes from having all the supplies they need for a successful school year.

July Update:

Due to Covid we had our Ice Cream Social planned for outdoors.

Rain put a damper on that…

So we dropped off pizza and beverages for Pizza party!

We hope they were blessed.

June Update:

We were so Blessed today to be back at the Chadwick Residence with our ladies! We missed them and their incredible staff so much! Our Workshop Leader today was an incredibly talented woman of God. Thank you Meghan for allowing the ladies to walk away with a piece of jewelry of their own that they crafted!

May Update:

We showed up this month to drop off a few things we think the ladies will enjoy!

We want to keep showing up! If you are seeing this  and want to help…

We need YOU!

April Update:

Prayer is important and powerful.

May all the ladies at Chadwhick Residence know we are praying for them constantly.

March Update;

We hope the women at Chadwich Residence have a blast hanging out and having a little puzzle time together!

February Update:

Hey Chicktime Syracuse! We just can’t sit still and not love the women at Chadwick Residence! We’ve decided we are going to drop off our monthly workshops since we can’t be there in person and miss the opportunity NOW to let them know we care! This month we dropped off Valentine’s Day boxes and goodies!! We sure could use your help in the next coming months ! We have several ideas for drop off activities we just need YOU to say yes to putting it together!


We miss our ladies of Chadwhick Residence so much.
Although we cannot provide workshops for them during this pandemic,
we can find other ways to bless them!
Our team made blessing bags for each lady!


October Update

What an awesome Workshop today.
Our Co-Leaders candidly and affectionately educated the ladies
of the Chadwick Residence about Breast Cancer Awareness
during our Pink Party!



August Update

We enjoyed ourselves today spending time in Fellowship
with one of our favorite residents!
We reminded her that she is Fearless.
When one or two are gathered he is there in the midst!


June Update

We had an awesome time with our ladies of Chadwick Residence today!
They learned some essentials of planting,
and planted a special plant of their own to watch grow!



May Update

We enjoyed our Tea Time with the ladies of Chadwick Residence.
Thoughts and concerns were expressed, feelings were shared and the Presence of God filled the room. 



April Update

It’s Not about the Bunny, but all about the Lamb!
We enjoyed the Easter Celebration today with the Ladies of Chadwick Residence.


March Update

Thank you ladies of Chadwick Residence for sharing in our real and candid discussion about the Emotional Baggage that many carry.
Our Donuts and Devotional Workshop today surely blessed us. 

February Update:

We would like to send a Huge Chicktime thank you to Sonja Rockett of the Purple Orchid Massage and Wellness for blessing our ladies of Chadwick today. Sonja provided some relaxation tips as well as provided massages to the ladies!


January Update:

Workshop was canceled due to winter storm! A foot of snow kept us away, but we are making plans for our February workshop! See you soon!

 misc feb image

December Update:

We enjoyed time with the ladies of Chadwick Residence today.

We celebrated the true meaning of Christmas, decorated ornaments and shared Christmas stories.

We are blessed to serve! We love Chicktime!

November 2019 Update:

Our November worksop was canceled due to chapter leaders being ill. Please join us next month as we celebrate the reason for season!

October Update:

She is Chicktime Syracuse’s youngest volunteer, but she serves with maturity and excellance.

Alexis stepped in today and helped the ladies of Chadwick Residence create some great Harvest decorations.

Grateful. Thankful. Blessed. We love Chicktime💗

September Update:

We were so blessed to have the opportunity today to share with the Women of Chadwick Residence and encourage them and remind them that they are Fearfully and Wonderfully made in the image of God.

Their honesty and testimonies blessed us today and has pushed us harder to Serve in Love. We are privileged and honored that the Lord trusts us enough with some of his favorite girls. Williemae Davis Stacey DavisKhamaia Jackson Monique Allen and Alexis Ahn let’s Serve harder! 💗


August Update:

Chicktime Syracuse had a great time with the women and children of Chadwick Residence today.

We provided back to school supplies while having a journaling session with the ladies.

We even said “see ya later” to one of the Residence who is transitioning from the program, but is joining our next workshop as a Chicktime Volunteer!! We love to Serve!!



July 2018:

Thank you Chicktime Syracuse for spending the afternoon with the ladies of the Chadwick Residence and teaching them about Summer Safety!

June Update:

It was a pleasure serving the beautiful ladies of the Chadwick Residence today! They blessed us tremendously with their hospitality! If you have a heart to serve, join us for our next Workshop! Let everything you do be done in love-1 Corinthians 16:14

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