Meet The Leaders

Shanai Inns
Chicktime Tallahassee Managing Leader
(352) 216-5749
Why I Serve A Leadership Role With Chicktime:

This past year, I had been on the search for a bigger purpose. I wanted to be a part of the community where I can build strong relationships and lasting friendships. This search led me to Chicktime. I chose to serve with this wonderful organization because they have given me the opportunity to invest my time in the youth of my local community with other like-minded women where we can have a positive impact on others’ lives.

My Passions & Gifts:

I am passionate about empowering and helping others.  When I was younger, I often helped my mom work in her classroom filled with students and I loved being a part of her making such a positive impact on their lives. I grew up wanting to do the same — empower and help others in a positive way.


My Hobbies & Interest:

I like to keep myself busy.  When I’m not working, I can be found enjoying the things I love most — my family, nature, and lots of DIY projects.  I also really enjoy staying fit and attending sports events.  


Berline Belizaire
Chicktime Tallahassee Chapter Co-Leader
Why I Serve A Leadership Role With Chicktime:
Being a part of like-minded females who wants to see the better in others. I want to give back what has been and continues to be given to me. That is guidance, support, education, and a foundation to build confidence and leadership skills to be the best that one can be. I have always been one to give back and support others including women, children, and families. Chicktime allows me that platform and the opportunity to give back in my community.


My Passions & Gifts:

I am passionate about giving back to my community. I am passionate over the young ones who sometimes don’t have a voice for themselves and need individuals like myself to be that voice. I love advocating and motivating.


My Hobbies & Interest:
I keep myself busy listening to music, reading, catching up on my favorite shows on Netflix, spending time with my family and friends, volunteering, planning/crafts and doing work with my Sorority. 
Chicktime Tallahassee Leader Roles :
Volunteer Coordinator- Shanai Inns
Facebook Manager- Shanai Inns
Website Monitor-  Berline Belizaire
Calendar Manager- Shanai Inns
Treasurer- Berline Belizaire
Rising Managing Leader- Berline Belizaire