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All Chicktime volunteers must be 18 years of age.
Please take a moment to fill out Miracles Outreach Volunteer Survey before Chicktime day & email your completed form to tampa@chicktime.com when finished!


July Update:

What a day! As expected, the school supplies and backpacks 🎒 were a hit with the girls. They were all in for the skincare session with Brittany and yoga with Kimberly.
We had such a wonderful turn out of volunteers that are new to our chapter and several veterans that I can always count on… today wouldn’t have been possible without each of you!
Another HUGE thank you to everyone that pitched in to make today the success that it was!

Chicktime Tampa,

I just want to take a minute to highlight an amazing woman that Chicktime Tampa has been so fortunate to have as a volunteer turned leader for the last three years. Taylor Lauren has been with us since day one and has made a huge impact on not only our chapter, but the lives of the girls we serve.

During her time with us she has brought a mentorship program into fruition, organized our first ever virtual 5k that helped fund a clothing “boutique” for the foster home, recruited volunteers and donors to help us fulfill our mission, and SO MUCH MORE!

Taylor was offered a promotion within her company and will be relocating out of state. While we are incredibly sad to lose her, we are also so incredibly proud for all she has accomplished and what her future holds.



Managing Leader for Chicktime Tampa

June Update:


Today was a BLAST! Jen with Improv4lawyers planned a fun morning of team building, anxiety reducing, communication building and just all around fun improv activities.
We got up and moving around. We were loud and we were quiet. We learned how our our facial expressions and body language communicates with others, even when we say no words. And we learned some activities to do when our brains just won’t stop spinning.
We hope to have you again. The girls really enjoyed it!

May Update:

April Update:

Another fun activity today with the teen girls at

Miracles OutReach!

! Thank you to Heather for hosting such a creative event… and thank you to our community donors for sending items to fill the Easter eggs and Easter baskets!

We made choclate nests for peeps and their eggs.
They loved Easter egg hunting and all the goodies in their baskets!
See You Next month!

March Updates:

Thank you, Marcela, for leading today’s jewelry making event for the teens at

Miracles OutReach

! The girls were so creative (as usual) and really enjoyed making bracelets. We were impressed with their skills and designs!

Also, thank you to

Academy of the Holy Names – Tampa

for the beautifully knitted bags and washcloths. The girls loved them! We also appreciate the huge donation of crafts and books for them to enjoy!

February Update:

We had a really great experience with the teens at

Miracles OutReach

earlier this month. We created Valentine’s to share during a morale boosting exercise. It was really neat!

After the girls made their cards our volunteer leader read off statements like “someone who makes you laugh”…”someone you admire”…”someone who helped you when you needed it most” and they dropped their cards into the bag belonging to the person they wanted to acknowledge based on the statement.

January Update:

We had a BLAST playing Minute to Win It with the girls at

Miracles OutReach!!

They raced through cup stacking, paper air places and shook balls out of tissue boxes… hands free! 🤣

So much fun and lots of laughing to take our minds off the chaos in the world today and in these girls’ lives. Thank you to all our volunteers and our wonderful community that supports our efforts to have days like this!

December Update:

THANK YOU to all of our sponsors and community for helping to fulfil the Wishlists of the teens at

Miracles OutReach

!! We cannot wait to see pictures of their faces on Christmas morning!

                                                              Happy Holidays to all! 🎄🎁❤️🤍

November Update

Really fun time today with the teens at

Miracles OutReach!!
Thank you to all our volunteers, it was a team effort today!!
We also made a little bit of progress in the clothes closet…
lots of work to do there still.

October Update

Yesterday was such a fun SUGAR RUSH with the girls at Miracles OutReach!
We made Halloween themed chocolates and decorated cupcakes.
We were so impressed with the creativity and talent the girls displayed!
Don’t forget… this month is our VIRTUAL 5k!
We are raising money for these kiddos and hope to offer them a bit of normalcy.
Some of them come into the group home with nothing more
than the clothes on their back.
Having a place to immediately walk in and pick out clean
clothes, socks,undergarments,
and shoes for themselves is so important and gives them a little bit
of self worth during the hardest moments of their lives.


September Update

We hope everyone has enjoyed their weekend as
much as the girls enjoyed the water inflatables!
It was the perfect way to cool down from this heat! 🥵
Thank you to all of the donors who made this event possible.
We couldn’t have made this possible without your contributions.




August Update

Our first activity back with the teen girls at Miracles OutReach was a success!
We really enjoyed creating different tie dye patterns
and can’t wait to see how the shirts come out!
It was so great to be back working directly with the kids
after months of sending quarantine activities.
While we aren’t sure exactly when we will open up
for more volunteers to join us, (get it together Florida!! 😷)
we appreciate all the support we’ve continued to receive through the pandemic.
We are working on a BIG… like REALLY BIG… project in the coming months.
Stay tuned!! Hint: 👚 👟 🧦 👖👗👜🎒🧥🏠


July Update

Another Back to School event success!!!
The girls were treated to donuts, bananas, and orange juice.
Then we took them outside to pick out a backpack 
🎒 and purse 👜.

They were so excited to see what all was stuffed into the bags…
the biggest hit again, the makeup 
💄 (typical teenage girl) 💁🏻‍♀️😂.

We were told “thank you” so many times.
The girls were so happy and appreciative just like we knew they would be.

To everyone who contributed to the success of the event,
we hope you know that you just made their day, week,
and whole back to school process so much better. 


Prepping all of our Back to School donations!
We are so excited to be able to bless the girls with stuffed backpacks

In one day we have added:
26 pencil sharpeners, 40 flash drives, 20 binders, 26 packs of markers,
26 packs of colored pencils, 25 lanyards, 26 folders, 15 composition books,
16 scissors, enough deodorant for each teen, hygiene products…
Still to come from donors: spiral notebooks, pens, glue, loose leaf paper, dividers…
Our post has been viewed over 1k times. My heart is full.
I was already grateful for what we had to give them,
brand new back packs, body wash, enough funds for basic supplies.
Now, we are on track to give things like makeup, shampoo and conditioner,
loofahs, pencil pouches… those “extra” things that are easy to take for granted,
I know I do.
I cannot wait to stuff these bags and deliver them to the girls.
My favorite part is being able to see the them light up when
they get something that’s new
and something they can call their own. 💖
From the bottom of our hearts, thank you to everyone
who is making this event a success
even though it looks a bit different than last year.
Here is an update to additional items we need.
I have also updated our Amazon wishlist. ❤️
– 24 packs of loose leaf paper
– 26 packs of graphing paper
– 26+ Highlighters
– Makeup items
– Gently used purses (I have about 10, but need 15 more for all the girls to have one)
I would also love to add more makeup and hygiene items,
but that would be a lower priority at this time.

A lot of things have come to a halt, but we have all intentions
to get the girls what they need to start the school year out right
(no matter what education looks like this year).
We would also like to donate laptops,
so if if you find yourself upgrading
and not sure what to do with your old one – let me know!
Any donation helps. ❤️

So excited!!!
I found a local couponer with a stockpile of items we need!

Anyone wanting to contribute, $1.50 funds a deodorant, $1 funds a toothpaste, and $2 funds a box of pads/tampons.

Who could have imagined such excitement over these items?! 🤣

If you’d like to help we have Venmo (@Chicktime-Tampa)
or we are available in Tampa/Brandon if you’d rather make a cash or check donation.

Our friends are the BEST!
All of this will be taken to Miracles OutReach on Friday,
and we have more being picked up before then! 🤯❤

Thank you Dan and Missy!

Terry Overton , I was able to order loads of Chef Boyardee, jelly, snack stuff,
and ingredients for spaghetti with your donation! Thank you!!!

The girls at Miracles OutReach were able to celebrate Cinco de Mayo
with tacos, maracas, and sombrero headbands!
This wouldn’t have been possible without your donations.

A huge thank you for your continued support!

Donations for activities, groceries, and dinners like this one
are much needed during this time.
If you’d like information on how to help let us know.


Chicktime Tampa has been collecting groceries, making meals,
and even providing activities for the girls at Miracles Outreach.
Since they can’t have workshops, they are asking people to
sponsor activities for the girls there.
There has been a great response to this and
the bond with their charity partner is even stronger!



March Update


Though we didn’t work directly with the girls at Miracles OutReach this past Saturday,
we did get to spend time sorting and organizing the Clothes Closet
which was much needed!

This will be an ongoing project, so anyone that can help out next month
(Saturday, April 4th)
or any time in between when you have a free day please let us know.

A huge thank you to our volunteers; new and “old”.
A special welcome to McKayla McFadden,
we are so happy to have you part of our tribe! ❤

February Update

Carlson Gracie Lakeland hosted today’s event and was led by Andrew and Kelsey,
with additional aid from Regina and Sam.

Today was not just about learning self-defense skills,
but more importantly focusing on confidence and self-esteem!
The girls warmed up pretty quickly to the training, and I can see
several of them becoming very skilled in jiu-jitsu
(which may be possible as they have the option to continue working at
Carlson Gracie Lakeland if they’d like to at no cost (how amazing is that!!!!).

If you’re looking for your own stress relief and a
way to become less of a target for potential perpetrators,
I highly recommend checking them out.
They have a weekend class for women that sounds wonderful.

Another huge thank you to our volunteers today who made some long drives
just to work alongside the girls, compliment them, and ultimately show them that
there are people out in the community who enjoy spending time with them.


January Update

Another great Saturday at Miracles OutReach!
We are working hard on getting through all the donations
in the clothes closet and we hope to begin renovations next month.
Check out today’s progress!! 🙌

The girls really enjoyed making scrubs and face masks from scratch!
Thanks Martha Redefine Beauty Aesthetics!

We hope to squeeze one more trip to the clothes closet this month.
If you’re available on 1/20 (MLK Jr. Day) to join us we’d love the extra help
getting all these donations sorted and hung up!



December Update

We had such a fun afternoon making soap with Jocelyn from Tampa Soap Studio!
Look at how creative the girls at 
Miracles OutReach are!
They did such a great job!

Also, thank you to all of our sponsors for funding the Christmas gift baskets-
the girls loved them!


November Update

From this… to this! We are cleaned up, sorted and organized!

Next round will be cleaning floors and walls for painting
and then hanging everything up!

We hope to have the clothes closet at Miracles OutReach looking like
a boutique come the new year!

P.S. shout out to JoAnna Lynn for being a rock start today!!! 🙌

October Update

What a cool experience today!
Dawn Harland (IG: @dawntheartist) set up a Halloween makeup tutorial
with paint, latex, and special effects-
sewing a mouth shut and peeling a face off were some of the favorites! 🤐🧟‍♀️🦹‍♀️ 🎃 👻

Such a fun time with the girls at Miracles OutReach! ❤

September Update

Out first official workshop was a total success!
Thank you so much 
Robyn Varino for making today possible for the girls.
You would have been so proud of the creative juices that flowed and the final products;
the girls absolutely loved painting their canvases and were proud of themselves.

For anyone wanting to host a workshop or contribute items for a monthly event
feel free to reach out as I have about 8 more months of the calendar year to fill with events.

A special thank you to our volunteers that made it out today;
this definitely was not a one woman show and I couldn’t have done it without you all!


August Update

❤️ “This is the nicest backpack I’ve ever had.”…
“You guys got nice clothes for us.”…
“I just want to thank you for doing this for us (insert hug).”…
“We get socks too!?” ❤️

Every minute of planning and preparation was worth it
to be able to watch these kids/teens fill their brand new backpacks
with so many supplies and clothes to start the school year out right.
Then to see that boost of confidence after their haircuts.
They looked SO GOOD!

The success of this event would not have been possible without
so many of you who contributed to the supplies list and
who took the time to volunteer today.
Thank you for seeing and supporting our vision for this event.
Your contribution brought lots of joy to the lives of kids today
that don’t feel that emotion as often as they should.

We are so excited to grow with Miracles OutReach
and continue bringing fun events for the youth in their care.


Move in Day Part 2

Not many pictures today because we were non-stop (minus a quick lunch break).
More progress made and more work to be done.

Thank you so much for everyone who came out to help us today!

Our next event is Saturday, August 3rd
and we originally planned just for the Back to School Event,
but could use more help getting this room ready too. Stay tuned for updates.

Moving Update Part 1

“Teamwork is the secret that makes common people achieve uncommon results.”

 Two rooms and a bathroom painted (accent walls to be done this coming week).
 Five dressers built (3 more to go).

Without this awesome team, I would likely still be taping up baseboards.
🤷🏻‍♀️ Our Chicktime crew even had some male volunteers who we will dub,
“Chicktime Bros”!

Our next Reno date is Saturday, July 27th from 9am-3pm.
More painting, furniture building, and decorating.

For everyone who spent their time with us today
and those of you that donated so we could purchase all of these supplies,
know you are loved and appreciated! Thank you times infinity! ❤️

Another big thank you to Miracles OutReach for letting us have
a giving and serving outlet through your organization!

May Update

Hard to put into words the experience we’ve had today.
We took a leap and expanded into a third cottage at Children’s Home Network and ran three different events in each.

Maternity & Mommy and Me photo shoots for the teen mom cottage, 
complete with professional hair, make up, styling and photographers. 
These ladies looked stunning and we are so touched to be a part of creating a lifetime memory for them. 
Photographers: Kendall Gantous Photography, MShirley Photography, and Susanna Martinez Photography.

Inspirational posters with the teen girls and potted plant projects with the little kiddos.
So much going on today that we are so grateful to be a part of.
We couldn’t have done it without our amazing volunteers and those that donated their time and skills today!
So a big THANK YOU to all of you! ❤️


April Update

We had such a great time making empanadas today with the kids at the
 Children’s Home Network!!

Thank you Olan Yari and Sylvia Just-Pinero for sharing your time and talents with us!

Lots of amazing things happening next month,
please keep an eye out for upcoming posts.

With your generosity, we are successful!

February Update

Thank you Abbi Reeves _ Jamberry Independent Consultant for sharing your talent with us today!

We had so much fun making hand scrubs and doing our nails with the teens at Children’s Home Network! 💅🏻


January Update


What a fun way to kick off the new year!

We did rock painting and dirt cake with the kids at Children’s Home Network!

Thanks to our January contributors and an abundance of volunteers we were able to serve THREE cottages at CHN. ❤️🎉



December Update

We had a wonderful time again at Children’s Home Network today!


Santa came to visit with fun gifts!


We made ornaments and snow globes and, of course, you can’t do Christmas without decorating cookies!! 🍪🥛


THANK YOU again to all of our contributors and volunteers for helping us get Chicktime Tampa off to a great beginning. We are so excited for all that next year has in store for us and the kids at the Children’s Home Network. We would not be able to serve the way we do without YOUR help!
We are eternally grateful. ❤️

Please keep an eye out for our January needs and we have also set some big goals for 2019 that we will post about soon.

November Update:

Making fall crafts and pumpkin cheesecake with our girls at Children’s Home Network this month was a lot of fun!

We are already looking forward to December’s event! Our Volunteer list and donation requests are posted.

Thank you for helping us make an impact in the lives of these girls! ❤️

October Update:

THANK YOU for all of the donations and to all of our volunteers for helping to make today’s pumpkin painting at Children’s Home Network a huge success! These girls were very creative and talented and it was nice to spend time with them and provide some love and positivity in their day.

If you weren’t able to make it this time, we do an activity with them every first Saturday of the month. November 3rd is our next event. We hope you’ll consider joining us!


September Update:

We have officially partnered with Children’s Home Network!
We are ecstatic for the future of Chicktime Tampa and this partnership!

Good News! We are excited to announce that the Chicktime movement is coming to Tampa! If you would like more info about how you can bring joy to the children of our community, contact Angie at tampa@chicktime.com today and keep watching this page and our Facebook for more info!