Thanksgiving Meal!

October Update:

Today was a great day. After some challenging weeks in the house the Chicktime Nashville volunteers got to attend and provide their planned workshop for the Girls of Wallace today. Dio de Los Muertos was taught again this year by Juanita. She is literally the best. It was fun to see the house decorated for Halloween already. Peep the van picture. 😆
As we waited for her to arrive, Mrs. Renee led us through an activity that helps develop appreciation, camaraderie, relationship, and respect between housemates and even staff. Each young woman was placed in front of a white board and her housemates had to write one positive attribute for her. Some were anxious as they don’t really like the spotlight. They had some good words to say about each other. And it was such a great exercise! It seemed to put the girls at ease.
We have a few new girls in the home. With disruptions and behavior challenges, the atmosphere can become tense. But we were able to push through and even though a couple didn’t participate we were able to make connections with them 1:1. Sometimes those are the best ones. We made beautiful tissue paper flowers, ate some super yummy Mummies 😂, got to know each other, and they all took their turn whacking the piñata for candy. Even though it fell in the first swing. 🤦🏼‍♀️ Juanita said it was too heavy and full. Oops! That was a sure fail but Mrs. Renee improvised and they still got to take some swings until it finally cracked all the way open. We had some GOOD laughs.
As the year is winding down we have two more workshops left. November is ALWAYS having volunteers serve and break bread with the Girls of Wallace on thanksgiving day. It’s sort of our tradition. Not all can be there and that’s totally ok! With as many volunteers that seem to be coming up it gives everyone a turn! Then we will wrap up with our annual Christmas party.
There going to be some workshops just for the volunteers coming up as we work to learn more about trauma informed care and the foster system. Our volunteers should be equipped with the knowledge of how trauma affects the kids we show up for. Let me tell you, the more you know, the more you want to show up for them. You can become a light of hope in their eyes. We want to delve deeper into ways of helping Youth Villages and not only the Girls of Wallace but spread the word about the need for foster homes, the needs of kids in the foster care system, and what YOU can do to help.
Because. It. Takes. A. Village. (Pun intended 😬)
Stay tuned.……..