Tree of Strength- Art Directive

Tree of Strength- Art Directive


Large sheets of construction paper of art paper (11 x 17 or similar would be a good size)


Watercolor paint




Trace your arm and hand onto the paper, leaving your fingers open

At the end of the open fingertips, extend the drawing to create more branches.

At the end of the branches draw several large leaves, making sure they are large enough to write in.



On each leaf write one thing that helps you get through a difficult time.

This can include personal strengths, coping strategies, enjoyable activities, and supportive people.


Color, paint, and decorate your tree as you wish
(not too dark over the leaves so you can still see the words)


The steps of this art process and the tasks of listing strength and coping tools helps to activate more cognitive aspects of the brain.
It also helps people to feel they are able to some things to cope with their situation
and realize they are not completely helpless.


Click here for the printable instructions.