Trunk or Treat


September Update


Sweet treats and sweet words were delivered to the girls at Elks Aidmore today!!

We dropped off supplies for an ice cream bar which we know the girls will love.

We also were able to drop off 20 pieces of art created by Misfit Art
just for the girls at Elks.

My dear friend and talented artist, Kelley, prayed over each piece of art a

nd prayed for the girl that would receive that particular piece.

If you have not checked out Misfit Art, you definitely should.´┐╝

Kelly takes pieces of wood that have imperfections and she makes them beautiful.

Just like God takes us with our imperfections and makes us beautiful.

On the back of each art piece she writes a scripture.

What an amazing ministry!

I know the girls will feel so loved when they receive their pieces of art!