About Our Chapter

My name is Annette Peters and I am the Managing Leader of Chicktime Tulsa. I discovered Chicktime when I volunteered in  2021. I was grateful for the invitation to come serve and the smiles on the children’s faces had me hooked. When I discovered that Kathy was wanting to step away from the managing leader role of the chapter and knew my teacher’s heart would be a good fit….I said yes to managing the chapter. I have two adult children who are in school working toward their careers so I have time to pour into other things. Helping women and children overcome hard times touches me and I hope it does you too. We all have a story and need help along the way. This is why God has called me to Chicktime Tulsa. 
If you are interested in volunteering for Chicktime Tulsa select the join a chapter link and click Ok-Tulsa.
Annette Peters
Our History:
Kathy Sluiter served as the managing leader for a couple of years. After she was faced with having open heart surgery, she re-elevated life. She realized she was just exiting not living life. She made a bucket list and spent five years checking so many things off…  trips to Europe, swimming with dolphins, ect. However, her soul was longing for more.  A day later she saw a post on Facebook for new managing leader for the Tulsa chapter. After reading about Chicktime on their website, she knew  she had to be apart of this amazing organization. When she was on the wrong path in life, people stepped in to encourage her on the right path. She calls them life savers! This is who she has been to the women and youth she has served. Kathy continues to support this chapter and charity partner, but just not as the managing leader of Chicktime Tulsa .

In 2018, Lana Harell became the Managing Leader of Chicktime Tulsa. Lana’s journey to leadership was a little different but we believe it happened that way for a reason! Lana loves to give and have always wanted to make a difference in the lives of others. Being involved with Chicktime allowed her the opportunity to participate in a group that is all about helping women and children feel some extra love and attention. Lana, herself, was once involved in a domestic abuse situation and she survived! It wasn’t easy, and she was also a single mother. She had a lot of support from friends which is why she was so willing to pour into others!

Chicktime Tulsa was founded by Shay Varner is 2017 on the idea that children deserve to enjoy life and have a fun childhood. Shay believed that her purpose was to help bring new smiles, new ideas, new found love through Christ Jesus, and to bring new hope that children have never discovered or may have lost due to past/current trauma. She founded Chicktime Tulsa with a vision to simply be a mentor for others. She enjoyed creating different events and empowering others. We are thankful for the time that Shay invested in building Chicktime Tulsa!