Where We Serve

Chicktime Tulsa is proud to serve Pearl’s Hope. Pearl’s Hope provides housing and an array of support services for single mothers and their children. Most importantly, they assist in keeping families together. Because too many shelters cannot accommodate large families or boys over the age of 13, many families are forced to place their children with friends or relatives while mothers work to get back on their feet. Fortunately, the spacious living environment of the cottages at the Frances E. Willard Ministry Center allows them to accept families of most any size and children (boys and girls) up to age 18. Pearl Opel Thorpe had a vision, a hope really, that a shelter for homeless women and their children could become a reality in Tulsa. It was a need she saw, a need that she shared with Dr. Kathy Cook, then the Executive Director of United Methodist Circle of Care. While visiting a shelter that cared for homeless women but could not accommodate their children, Ms. Thorpe said to Dr. Cook, “My hope is that someday I will be able to provide for a place like this, but one that would be able to keep the women and their children together.” With the help of David Battles, Executive Vice-President of the Oklahoma United Methodist Foundation, Ms. Thorpe kept that hope alive and upon her death, her estate was placed with the Foundation to provide for just such a program. Circle of Care worked closely with Battles and the Foundation to ensure that Ms. Thorpe’s dream would finally become a reality. And it did!



Current Needs:

Chest of drawers
twin/full beds
vacuum cleaners
plastic hangers
Baby monitors
New car seats (convertible & infant)
Car booster seats
Toys, books, games for boys/girls, ages 0-17
New tote bags or backpacks
Bibles for all ages
Photo albums
Gift cards
Home decor
Household furniture
Bedding: crib, twin, full, queen
Kitchen appliances & utensils
Bathroom Items: Towels, rugs, etc.
Toiletry items
School supplies
Bicycles and equipment
Shoes for all ages
Infant clothing
Children’s clothing
Teen clothing
Women’s clothing
Ranch equipment
Grounds & maintenance equipment
Road worthy vehicles
If you would like to donate any of these items, please contact tasha.atcity@circleofcare.org or by phone at 918-402-3247. Visit them online at circleofcare.org today!