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The news for our chapter is that we don’t have a leader. We have women on the roster ready to volunteer, but no one to lead us. If you have ever contemplated where you fit in on the issue of child abuse, we encourage you to act now. The simplest solution is to join our chapter and add your name to the list of women ready to volunteer when the chapter is up and running! The more difficult solution is to go FIRST and contact us about establishing and leading this chapter.


Please watch this video and consider being the nut who brings the Chicktime movement to your area… and watch what happens to the radical love that will develop in your local community… one connection at a time.



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To explore Chicktime leadership, please click on the link to the left and read the free copy of our book, Chicktime. Pay special attention to chapters 4 & 5 to learn the nitty gritty of establishing a chapter and the responsibilities of the local leader. You may contact us at info@chicktime.com for more information (but we prefer that you read our very short book first!) ūüôā







Chicktime-Killeen gave back to our Seniors at the RoseWood Senior Community this month. Giving back is not a challenge for us, it is a blessing to see a smile on their faces. We must remember that one day we too will be senior and may be at a Senior Community and would love to see someone take time out with us.

47016_246286762173384_1999370581_nTalking to them while they get ready for their bingo was awesome. There conversations where clear and mono toned, well worth the conversation. All I can say is SMILES, SMILES, SMILES is what we got in return.¬† We will continue to bring joy to their hearts and faces as long as they welcome us. Seniors we will be back Love Ya’ll.








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Movies, Movies, Movies was our theme. We took our children  to see Thunderstruck and WOW what a great choice. That was an A in our book. Taking them out and seeing how polite, calm, and respectful they where was AWESOME. Our children know where they are and look forward to a brighter future. So we continue to bring a light into their eyes everytime they see 0ur pink ChickTime shirts. So come on out and enjoy the laughter, smiles, and love that we offer our children. Reach One, Teach One. ChickTime Killeen will be back.



July was Ice cream for our kids, smoothed but settled is how we arrived. Smiles on our sons faces this visit was settleing, When we first met our new sons last month they where withdrawn. But, pink shirts and ice cream made their day this month.  It is amazing how what we think is nothing means so much to our children. God has a way of sending ideas to us on how to bring joy to our children and  I SO THANK HIM FOR THAT.  We love our chilren with all our hearts. When we give our hearts WE LOVE HARD! We look forward to sharing this love with anyone that would love to give a little and receive a big reward in return. Chicktime-Killeen will be back!



JUNE NEWS   Giving from the Heart is what we CHICKTIME-KILLEEN DO and TEACH

We arrived at The Option House and the smiles made it worth it once again. We Killeen Chicks give from our hearts praying that¬† our children know that we do ALL that we¬†because we LOVE THEM.¬† We talked, painted pots, talked, and painted pots till we had to depart. Our children and our Chicks came together to bring a smile to our Elderly faces at Rosewood Assisted Living Community in Killeen with our individual designs on flower pots. The thought of one generation giving to another really completed me that day. While looking at the children and the Killeen Chicks I said to myself¬† “We come together to make a difference in these children lives, and it has spread like a virus because they too are giving back to someone in need. I can truly say that our Motto is in full effect “It’s not where you start, It’s where you finish”. Our Elderly need to know that they are not forgotten they are LOVED ALSO.

I think that giving our children the opportunity to give back really made a mark in their hearts. Chicktime-Killeen will be back we are just getting started.




Mayyyyyyyyyyy Chicktime-Killeen
Howdy from the great city of KILLEEN. We went to see our children which always places a smile on our faces and in our hearts. We arrived and spoke with our children about forgiving others for past hurt, allow others to accept you for who you are, and give one word that describes self. We always find ourselves learning from our children and not only that but, I find our children really have me search myself to see who I really am and who I long to become.
We educated each other once again. What I love so much about our children is their respect for us Chicktime-Killeen and their staff.¬† We informed our children that respect goes a long way and it is paramount that they remember that. And like one of our chicks stated before “It’s not where you start, it’s where you finish” and don’t you ever forget that. We had our 1st adult male to attend with us and it was a blessing to have him speak on his past and how he overcame his tribulations. I feel that it really meant alot to our male children to see a male take time out of his day. And so the ladies of Chicktime-Killeen THANK HIM (my brother you know who you are).
On another note I played basketball against one of my female children and WOW is all I can say. She showed her skills but, that didn’t stop me from going back to redeem myself. YEAH RIGHT LOL. It started out as one on one, then two on two, then one one on.¬† But, in the name of giving our children that extra love I took another beaten lol. My child you know who you are and one of these days I will redeem myself. But, I so look forward to cheering you on when you play on a team because through faith all things are possible.
Words can not explain the LOVE we have for our children at The Option House.
Children keep your heads up high because at the end of the day “God has you in his hands”. Everyone comes in your life for a reason believe that. We are not done yet Chicktime-Killeen WILL BE BACK!

Aprilllllll Killeen’s Break-Thru


Photo by: Delshateki Izquierdo


Chicktime-Killeen Showed up and Showed out!

Saturday 28 April 2012: When we arrived the majority of us where on motorcycles the staff worker heard us coming, she walked out side and her mouth was wide open when I spotted her.


We parked our motorcycles and I walked up to her and said hi CHICKTIME is here and ready to ROCK. She smiled and called the teens to the door. The looks on their faces where PRICELESS. I honestly did not think that the teens would open up to us but, they did. I asked them how did they feel about women coming to spend some quality time with them, one said I respect women more then men due to what he has been thru, another said I do not have a problem especially since you all are biker chics lol.  We all laughed and I went into my introduction and each lady followed. The teens opened up in ways we did not expect but it was AWESOME. We learned a lot about each of them as they helped us learn more about each other.
We allowed the teens to sit on our motorcycles while we talk about bullying, being bullied, social networks pros/cons, their hobbies, and their favorite foods. Then it really took a turn when testimonies began to explode. One after the other we informed the teens that what they are going thru is only temporary just hold on. When I say God was moving in our circle that day, his presence was felt.


One Core Chick came from Arkansas just to attend our kick-off she was a resident of the area but, moved last month. Another Core Chick came straight off a 12hr shift to take part in this special moment, and another Core Chick spouse had just return from overseas and she too came to share this special moment. I know that when two or more come together for a positive cause God is in the mist and I love it when he is.

Before we left the staff took everyone on a tour of the house and we got a list of things they are in need of. I know that we made an impact in those kids lives and we plan to continue doing that for all the kids that have to pass thru there.


I pray that Chicktime move mountains in Killeen because there are a lot of kids/teens that need that one person to show them that there current situation will not always be there present situation. The future will be brighter just have faith.
One of the Core Chicks left the teens with some powerful words and that was “It’s not where you start, It’s where you finish“.


Keep your eyes on Chicktime-Killeen because we will be back.