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Chicktime Winchester needs YOU! We are looking for a new children’s charity to partner with. If you have any ideas please contact Amanda. We are hoping to gear back up in a few months but at this time we don’t have any Chicktime Events on the calendar.


Spring is in full bloom with Chicktime Winchester 🙂  For our April event, the children painted clay pots.  While the pots dried, we played a game of tag.  Then we ended by planting a few seeds in the newly decorated pots!

March was egg-citing time for Chicktime Winchester! We had a day of egg themed activities-egg dying, hard boiled egg snacks, egg races, and egg tosses.  Happy Easter everyone 🙂

Chicktime Winchester took advantage of some unusually beautiful weather to spend some time outdoors.  We split into two groups to compete in a photo scavenger hunt.  The children had to photograph ordinary things like something orange or something round and some not so ordinary things like as many people upside down as possible. After a fun time, we ended with a competitive game of Monopoly 🙂

Chicktime was happy to resume activities with the Evan’s Home for our January event.  We helped the children create Valentine’s to share with loved ones. The children enjoyed showing their love for families, friends, and classmates. A couple of children even made a special Valentine for Chicktime  🙂

Unfortunately the December Chicktime event was cancelled due to snow. We look forward to working with the children again in the new year!

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For the month of December, the Grafton Leo Club led the children at the Evan’s Home in creating special Christmas gifts for loved ones. Children rotated between three centers in order to create gifts for the extraordinary people in their lives. In one center, children made cards in which they could express gratitude. In another center, the children made specialized ornaments. In the final center, they made jars of cookie mix.  This center encouraged the children to do their own measuring of the ingredients and ribbon. The children were very proud of their creations and excited to share them at Christmastime!

This month Amanda Smith led the children at the Evans Home in adding to their Halloween costumes. Children decorated customized masks. The creativity flowed which led to a variety of masks, from animals, to superheros, to flames, to feathers and sequins. Each child ended with their own cool addition to their costume 😎 The fun afternoon ended with a game of football on a beautiful fall day!

This month, Chicktime got in touch with fall 😉  Each child at the Evans Home decorated their own pumpkin. The kids were so creative with the paint. They made new colors and tried various ways of decorating!  Some were tie dyed, some were sports themed, some were polka-dotted, and the list goes on.  Each one of these wonderful kids ended up with a colorful fall decoration for their room 🙂 



Chicktime helped the children at the Evans Home decorate notebooks for the new school year. Patricia Hott led this creative August event. The children loved picking out their own paper, stickers, and ribbon. They then used the supplies to create their unique journals, which reflected their personal styles  🙂

Chicktime Winchester had an incredible first event with the Evans Home this past Saturday! The Evans Home was very welcoming to us (and our icing mess 😉 ). The children greatly enjoyed learning the basics of cookie decorating, led by Chicktime founder Amanda Hott. After learning to prep the materials and practicing for a while, each child decorated cookies to enjoy later.  There was a slight break in the activities, during which the kids made some hilarious icing facial hair on themselves.  After licking the extra icing off, the kids got down to business and made some very creative designs. It was especially touching to see how freely they shared their treats with each other and their house parents, during clean-up. This was a great way to start off Chicktime Winchester  🙂 


Chicktime Winchester has exciting news- we will have our first event with the Evans Home on July 27, 2013!
I will be leading a delicious workshop on cookie decorating. Please contact me for more information or to join. Chicktime Winchester greatly needs your help to make this successful!


-Amanda Hott, Chicktime Winchester Founder