About Our Chapter

All the wonderful volunteers

All the wonderful volunteers

“My commandment is this: Love each other as I have loved you.” ~John 15:12.


Love is what makes this world wonderful and everyone needs it! My name is Amanda Hott and I am an elementary school teacher. I live my life trying to love each and every child that walks through my classroom door. But I don’t want to stop with just my class, I want this philosophy to penetrate my community and the world around me. I truly have a passion for helping others, especially young children. I feel that God gave me a desire to volunteer in my community, which led me to Chicktime.

My wish is that through the establishment of Chicktime Winchester, a group of women will spread love to those who need it most. We will become a source of love, light, and encouragement for each child we work with! If this speaks to you the way that it did to me, then I would love for you to join me on this journey. Please contact me at chicktimewinchester@gmail.com to get involved or to learn more!



Amanda Hott

Chicktime Winchester Founder