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May Update:

Big thanks to Marina Griffin for leading our May event! The kids at My Sister’s Place had a great time making vision boards of their goals and eating strawberry shortcake 😊


April Update:

Our new co-leader Lis did a great job leading yesterday’s workshop at My Sister’s Place! The kids (and volunteers ) played musical chairs and hunted for Easter eggs filled with candy and toys. We all had a blast!


March Update:

Thank you so much to our Chick Leaders, Natasha Bethea and Safiya Allsop for leading our Dance Fitness & Nutrition workshop this month. The kids loved it!!! A big thanks to all our awesome volunteers as well

Join us for Chicktime March hosted by Emma Miller!

February Update:

Look at all the beautiful volunteers that came out this month for our Yoga and Wellness workshop, led by Taylor Hoverman!!! We didn’t have any kids show up tonight, but we were still in great company. A huge thanks to ALL of these ladies!


December Update:

Thank you to everyone who attended Chicktime January!!

We made snowman crafts, constructed icing igloos, and had an all around great time here at Chicktime DC! 😊

We hope you will join us for Chicktime February!!

December Update:


We had such a fun time at our December workshop tonight making ornaments and playing games (with some hot cocoa of course)! Thank you to all 13 wonderful ladies who came out to our event tonight!




November Update:

Chicktime Washington held our first workshop this month at My Sister’s Place and we had such a great time with the children! Thank you to everyone who came out to help us paint mini-pumpkins! We hope to see you at Chicktime December!