Whew! Finding Rest!

July Update:

July was a busy time for Chicktime Smalltown!
Our planned activity was a swim party for the girls who are placed at Big Springs Ranch compliments of Tane! To say the gathering was WONDERFUL is an understatement!! It was so nice!
What a blessing it is when people share their blessings with others….especially the gift of time!
Thank you Tane!! The girls had a blast!!

Our 2nd gathering was originally planned for August, but we couldn’t get dates lined up so we doubled up in July!!
Fun was had at SWTJC thanks to the amazing Derik and Norma Jean Sandoval!
Pool time and lots of activities and games…
Like 6 hours of fun 🥰!!!!
Including snacks and bbq!! Can you imagine how good the kids slept that night!
We just couldn’t help ourselves….
Added more summer fun outing for July…
Norma Jean Sandoval, Mandy Sandoval and Kimberly Fulton Huffstutler took the girls from Big Springs out to dinner!!