About Our Chapter

“It is not the magnitude of our actions but the amount of love that is put into them that matters”  ~Mother Teresa


Chicktime Madison was founded in June of 2012 by Paloma Trygar. The first official Chicktime event was held in September of 2012. Chicktime Madison serves Coventry, a local all-girls group home, and a domestic abuse shelter via the Canopy Center.


Since founding Chicktime Madison, Paloma has now graduated from University of Wisconsin-Madison and will be attending law school in the fall.


Paloma founded the chapter on the belief that although we may not be witnesses, women and children continue to withstand unwarranted violence and abuse every day. In a perfect world, women and children would be free to live without worry; however, our world is far from perfect. This leaves us to help heal those who have been hurt, both emotionally and physically. Chicktime Madison is a way for women to share with those who have overcome abuse, something that makes them happy and thankful for life. From knitting to pottery making, whatever your passion may be, Chicktime Madison was formed to help you share your passion with those who deserve a happy glowing face.


We invite you to join us! To join our chapter and receive our invitations, click the ‘subscribe’ button below and select WI-Madison from the drop down menu. However, please be patient, we are in need of chapter leadership and until someone emerges to lead there won’t be any volunteer opportunities with our chapter.


To learn about Chicktime leadership, click the button in the left column to: Start a chapter.