Wise Men…

December Update:

Today we had our 8th Annual Posada!
The children had so much fun with the piñata, they loved their presents and stockings.
We served smoked chicken from
Leo’s Cajun Corner (they were gracious to donate to our posada)
Baked beans Mac and cheese
Amazing tea cakes and cupcakes!
We were blessed with much needed sunshine.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to all of our ChickTime Angels who made this happen
I won’t name anyone bc if I do I will for sure forget someone.
Know that our goal was to see those smiles and that we did.
So, so many smiles and giggles of joy.
THAT is why we ChickTime!!
I received the most amazing blessing
My two girls and my three grandkids were able to be with me as well as my husband.